Shelton Banks

CEO @ re:work training

    Every day, Shelton Banks tackles one of the biggest challenges of today head-on: closing the diversity gap. Shelton is particularly focused on improving DEI in the tech sector and encourages inclusion regardless of age, gender, color, abilities, disabilities, or health care needs.

    Shelton has been the CEO of re:work training since 2018, a national diverse talent development network that works within the communities it serves to create space in tech for untapped potential. As the leader of this rapidly growing and unique non-profit, Shelton is dedicated to changing hiring trends for communities that have been overlooked in order to make the tech industry as diverse as the Chicago neighborhood he comes from.

    Believing a sales-driven approach can boost the long-term value of nearly any organization, Shelton brings this mentality to every experience, whether in his current role as CEO, in past roles in finance and technology, or while serving on various advisory boards.

    Under his direction, re:work candidates on average jump from making around $19,000 to $55,000/year base salary with full benefits - not including commission and bonuses - and the non-profit has helped create over $4M and counting in earned income that empowers not only alumni, but their families and neighborhoods as well in the last 2 years.

    Shelton is passionate about using his time, talent, and treasure for philanthropic efforts. He listens to Alexander Hamilton when he needs to be creative, Drake before business meetings, and Jay-Z after he closes or gets a win. Shelton lives in Chicago with his supportive and beautiful wife and two wonderful girls.

    Connect with him on Linkedin to learn more about how you can help others "Get This Work."