Why Nominate for the Timmy Awards?

Hopefully you’re as excited as we are that the show will go on for the Timmy Awards this year – not only going digital but also adding in some new twists and turns for 2021 specifically… Check out everything that’s new this year here. We’re still looking for the best places and people to work for in tech, and you’re thinking this might be you and your team, or even your whole company. But is the juice (nomination) worth the squeeze (time + effort)? What does a company really get out of being a part of the Timmys? What do you get out of submitting a nom?

So, first off, the community (your community) gets to vote for local finalists; You get to be involved as the organizations and managers vying for the title of best in tech in six major award categories compete in each of our cities (minus one of our new awards, more on that later). Participating in the Timmy Awards offers companies and tech leaders an opportunity to be showcased locally for their commitment to inclusion, diversity and innovation. Simply by being chosen as a city finalist, it raises brand awareness as you were selected to be shining examples of what a tech employer should be like in your region.

With this year’s Timmy Awards pivoting to a completely virtual experience, the awards are more prestigious than they’ve ever been with both local and national opportunities. Not only will your company have the opportunity to join the ranks of regional winners such as Audible, Oracle and TripAdvisor, but to display the unique qualities that got you recognized as a finalist or winner on a national platform. But don’t take it from us – let’s hear from your peers in the tech industry:

The Timmy Awards provide the opportunity to distinguish your organization from others in the tech industry, while being highlighted alongside other innovators like Venmo. For instance, our 2019 Boston Best Tech Workplace for Diversity winner, ActBlue, uses their platform to enable donors to contribute to and support the racial injustice movement. Unless you’re operating in stealth mode, these are the types of companies you want to be in the company of.

So… want your company to get nationally recognized as the best in tech? Filling out a nomination takes an average of 5-7 minutes. Still not convinced? Need to convince HR or your boss it’s a good idea? Let’s not forget… a Timmy Award is more than just a trophy.

Didn’t check all the boxes for you? Let’s dive in to exactly what you receive from submitting a nomination for the Timmy Awards. Keep reading for five big benefits that will convince the toughest critic that it’s worth the squeeze.

Expand Your Network

Expand your network with the Timmy Awards. Assuming your company’s reputation is already notable, an award can propel it from good to great. Whether your company takes home the trophy or finishes as a finalist, your brand is being showcased to hundreds of finalist companies across the country and over 250,000 members of the Tech in Motion community.

Strengthen Your Reputation

A Timmy Award offers an opportunity to generate more publicity for your company. We’re going virtual this year, thus expanding our network, reach and audience. This year’s Timmy Awards winners will receive recognition locally and nationally. In addition to national media coverage, Tech in Motion has a national audience of 250,000 people and ~10,000 locally, depending on your region – showcasing your brand to tech professionals and companies from across the country.

Emphasize Your Commitment to the Community

Our awards celebrate tech companies that are adapting and innovating in response to today’s biggest challenges. Show the local community how your manager or company has been making a positive impact on society by nominating for one or more of our categories. Specifically, our new Tech for Good Award celebrates companies that are producing a product or service to organize solutions, improve quality of life, and help others adapt to our current reality.

Showcase Your Employer Branding

Elevate your brand as a leader in the tech industry by not only showcasing your innovative product or service, but highlighting your inclusive work culture. High employee morale is important to the health and productivity of any business. Awards are a great way for team members to not only feel good about the work they’re doing, but also create positive buzz around the office. By highlighting your employee satisfaction and positive work environment, you’re able to attract top tech talent to your team.

Attract Top Talent

The marketing and PR opportunity that comes with the Timmy Awards accentuates your brand and lets people know who you are and what you do. By nature, people tend to want to hire the “top” service or use “the best” solution or work with “leading” professionals – all of which are designations earned through awards and accolades. This opens the door to new opportunities and business partnerships with tech companies from different regions across the nation.

Nominations for the 2021 Timmy Awards have been extended through Wednesday, September 8th – get yours in today! Nominate your company or manager for one or more of our six award categories. Visit our nomination page below for more information.