When is a city near me hosting the Timmy Awards?

All remaining 2016 Timmy Award Ceremonies are outlined on the Timmy Awards homepage. Each city has their own Timmy Awards website which outlines the time frame for nominations, voting, and the ceremony. Please visit the Timmy Awards homepage to find the city closest to you!

When do nominations open?

Nominations officially open approximately 10 weeks before the Award Ceremony takes place. They remain open for six weeks. During that time, applicants complete a two step nomination process.

How do nominations work?

We encourage you to nominate the company or tech manager you work for in any of the three award categories (Best Tech Startup, Best Tech Manager, and Best Tech Work Culture). Nominated companies and managers must be located in the city associated with the Timmy Awards you are nominating for.

Each city has a webpage which includes links to the first step in the nomination process. After filling out the preliminary nomination form, you will be contacted to fill out a second and final form. Please note that the second form must be filled out in order to be considered for a finalist slot.

What happens after I submit this first nomination form (Part I)?

The initial nomination form is the first step to becoming a Timmy finalist. Once you complete the nomination form, you will then receive an email directing you to complete the final form. This form asks more specific questions as to why you feel you deserve to win the award and what sets your company or tech manager apart from the competition. Again, this must be completed in order to be considered as a finalist.

When is the deadline for the second nomination form (Part II)?

The second nomination form must be completed by the end of the nomination period.  Please see the nomination timeline on the corresponding cities’ webpages.

How are finalists selected?

All nomination submissions are reviewed by our Tech in Motion committee. Finalists are deemed eligible based on their location in relation to the respective Timmy Awards city they applied to. Eligible finalists are selected based on their ability to provide examples and thoroughly answer the questions on the second form.

How many times can I vote?

Once voting begins, you may vote once every 24 hours.

Will I know if I win before the awards ceremony?

No.  The award winners and runner-ups will be announced, Grammy style, at the ceremony itself. You will be notified if you become a finalist. However, the winners will remain a surprise.

What happens if I win?

At the ceremony, winners will receive an award with their company name (as submitted on the nomination form) engraved on it.  You will be invited to the stage say a few words. The runner ups in each category will also be recognized with the opportunity to speak when accepting a certificate. We will release a post-event press release the morning following the event. Each winner, across all three categories, will be featured in the release.

Who should attend the award ceremony?

Anyone interested in local tech communities should attend the award ceremony. The Timmy’s are the only awards series recognizing companies that create a great place for technology professionals to work. Whether you are part of a company nominated for an award, a loyal fan of a product, or a tech enthusiast, this is a great event to network among like-minded individuals.

What is the attire?

Business casual.

Do you recognize the finalists and runners up or just the winners?

All finalists will be recognized at the event. Both winners and runner-ups will be called up on stage to accept their awards, as well as to say a few words to the audience.