Award-Winning Secrets to Success from Previous Best Manager Recipients

For the past few years, Tech in Motion Events has encouraged local tech communities to nominate top tech managers from all over North America and celebrated those leaders at the annual Timmy Awards. Thus far, 16 have claimed the trophy as their region’s Best Tech Manager with another 11 looking to hoist the hardware later this year. From bridging the gap between employee and employer to keeping energy levels high, the secrets that these managers shared aren’t just the keys to their success, but also to keeping their teams engaged, eager to constantly improve, and excited to come into work every single day.

Do you have a manager like this? Nominate him or her as a 2017 Timmy Award Best Tech Manager.

Strong management in the workplace impacts every employee within the company. For instance, in a 2015 survey on Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement from The Society for Human Resource Management, 55% of employees surveyed rated the trust between employees and senior management as “very important,” the fifth-highest rated of any aspect considered. For Andrew Santorelli, Senior Development Manager at KANETIX SaaS in Toronto, giving feedback is one thing he has always valued, even from his days as a junior employee. “I always felt like I was doing a good job, but I never knew my manager saw the same thing. It’s hard to know where to put your energy or how to meet expectations when you are not given any feedback.” With the goal of providing more transparency and thus, more trust, Santorelli has implemented various checkpoints throughout the year specifically for giving employees feedback: how they’re doing in the workplace, what areas they’re excelling in, and where they need to improve.

CTA2Of course, there needs to be a balance between work and play. In the survey mentioned above, 53% of employees also rated work/life balance as “very important” to their job satisfaction. However, it’s not just change that has to come from the top: “they always make fun of me because I want to play games or take them to the park,” reflects Eva Pagneux, Product Manager of Hexo+ by Squadrone Systems, based out of San Francisco. She knows that her energy keeps her team motivated even if they do poke fun at her for it.

One of the most important points stressed by multiple managers was finding a style of management that works not just for you, but for the team as well. “Leadership is about responsibility, not authority” says Seth Dobbs, VP of Engineering at HS2 Solutions. Coming from a previous role that included a servant-master relationship with a previous manager, Seth adopted a style of giving responsibility to his employees, so he could lead as a mentor rather than a boss. Empowering rather than directing your employees will help them develop in the long-run.

Managers Blog Photo 1

And finally, for the advice they’d give all other managers? It’s simple: Venkat Rangasamy, Principal Software Architect at Equinix in San Jose, sums it up best when he says his managing style follows the mantra Do stuff, no bluff.” He suggests to be transparent and a part of the team rather than managing and directing from behind a closed office door. Understand your team members and their concerns, and focus on making others successful, because ultimately, their successes are your successes.

Managers Blog Photo 2

Ultimately, 2017 will allow 10 regions to crown a new “Best Tech Manager,” one that promotes career growth, ensures a great team culture, inspires innovation, and has a clear and communicated vision to produce a great product. The managers quoted above have embodied what it means to be a great manager by leading their teams to success through their many projects and initiatives and continue to do so year-after-year. To learn more about what it takes to become a Timmy Award-winning manager or to nominate a certain special manager in your life, visit the Timmy Awards’ website here.


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Top Tech Leaders in SF Announced at the 2nd Annual Timmys

After submitting 4,600 votes, the world’s biggest tech community selected the winners from the 30 notable finalists, including runner-ups Capital One, Metromile, and Minnie Ingersoll, Founder of Shift Technologies, to represent the best of technology work culture, management and startups in the region.

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“We are excited to celebrate the innovations and achievements of the city’s technology community through Tech in Motion’s Timmy Awards for a second year,” said Andrew Slepitza, Division Manager of Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates San Francisco. “Nominees, finalists and winners all embodied the ambitious spirit of growth and energy that makes the ever-growing and evolving technical talent of the Bay Area want to call San Francisco home.”


The 2016 San Francisco Timmy Award Winners are:

  • Best Tech Manager – Joanne Pons, Senior Director of Software Engineering, from MyVest
  • Best Tech Startup – PagerDuty
  • Best Tech Work Culture – AppDynamics


Stay tuned to check out the photos of the 2nd Annual SF Timmy Awards here!

“For our second year hosting the Timmys, the sheer variety of the 125 tech innovators nominated shows how the Bay Area continues to flourish as the biggest tech hub in the country,” said Betsy Martin, Regional Director of Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners SF. “We will continue to build relationships, connect the community, and develop the Timmy Awards to recognize the best workplaces for years to come.

The Timmy Awards are presented throughout the year in cities across North America, including Boston, LA, NYC, San Francisco and Chicago. Previous winners include innovators such as, LearnVest, Venmo, Trip Advisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper and Instacart.

Interested in speaking or sponsoring a Timmy Awards? Click here!

In addition to S.F., D.C.’s 2nd Annual Timmy Awards also took place Dec. 8. The next Timmys will take place in Boston and LA in April of 2017. Please visit for more information on the Timmys and to find out when you can attend a ceremony in your city.

More about the Timmy Awards:


Why These 30 San Francisco Tech Leaders Are Timmy Award Nominees

On December 8th, Tech in Motion is proud to present their 2nd Annual San Francisco Timmy Awards, which will be held at the Autodesk Gallery (One Market St., 2nd Floor). The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work in. After all the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for one celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) technology manager, (2) technology work culture, and (3) tech startup. Here are San Francisco’s impressive finalists.


Best Tech Manager

Ayori SelassieAyori Selassie- Senior Solutions Engineer of Salesforce

“Solve big problems both inside the workplace as it relates to diversity and inclusion and outside the workplace by applying their top professional talent”

Ayori developed a framework to promote Work Life Integrity called the Life Model Canvas® and has been very integral at Salesforce in helping employees understand the difference between Work Life Integrity and Work Life Balance.  She developed and delivers workshops on Work Life Integrity where employees use the Life Model Canvas® and the Work Life Integrity Assessment tool to develop alignment of their personal life, family and career goals. Her workshops have been requested throughout the company and have been delivered to many employee groups at Salesforce beyond her own team including Employee Resource Groups, Lean In Circles, the Women’s Technology Leadership group, Business Development group, as well as external audiences at Dreamforce and the Computer History Museum.

Ayori is a standout thought leader for Work Life Integrity who encourages employees to solve big problems both inside the workplace as it relates to diversity and inclusion and outside the workplace by applying their top professional talent to end violence in America with #ThinkDontSqueeze.

Cassy RoweCassy Rowe- Head of UX of Scoop Technologies

“Ownership over work and support in career building”

At Scoop, career growth is one of Cassy’s main focuses for her team. She collaborates with employees to discover what their strengths are and where they want to grow. She then identifies which projects allow her employees to leverage their strengths and watches out for ones that target their desired areas of growth. Her goal is to set her team up for success while allowing them to try new things, step out of their comfort zone, and learn and grow with the support of her expertise.

Scoop leverages today’s advance technologies to create commute relationships between neighbors and co-workers.

Eva PagneuxEva Pagneux – Product Manager of Hexo+ by Squadrone Systems

“Common values and vision are key to success”

Eva focuses her energy on empowering her team to deliver smart devices that simplify people’s lives, setting product vision and supporting their needs. She recently used the design thinking methodology on a purpose exercise where each of team member listed what defines them, what drives them, what the world needs, and then led the exercise to realign together on key themes for their future developments. She also organizes a lot of events – team games, contests, etc. where they have the opportunity to play together and spark ideas.  Because they’re about creating the intelligent systems that do not exist yet, it’s part of her role to stimulate out of the box thinking.

Hexo+ is the first self-flying camera, following and filming you automatically while you focus your energy on the action. After a very successful Kickstarter raising $1.3million in June 2014, they managed to create and deliver 3000 units within a year.

Joanne PonsJoanne Pons – Senior Director, Software Engineering of MyVest

“All should share their opinions, whether they have been with the company for years or they are on day one.”

At MyVest, all team members are paired with a mentor, so they have the opportunity to learn from more experienced team members and  peers. MyVest provides a very generous professional development budget for all employees, and Joanne strongly encourages her team to take full advantage of outside learning and  development opportunities, such as conferences and technical workshops, to build their domain expertise.

MyVest helped an existing customer take advantage of the emerging robo-advisor trend to quickly build their own automated investing offering through their enterprise software platform.

Karl ThomsenKarl Thomsen – CSO of Infuse

“Discussing career growth openly, both formally and informally”

Karl promotes career growth  by arranging formal and informal check-ins with every Infuser. The room in these conversations for the discussion of career growth is infinite. It is up to the employee to decide how deep into the topic of career growth they want to go into with Karl. Karl is known to be extremely easy to talk to about anything, especially career advice. He wants every team member to succeed in their role and his or her  professional career.

One of the products Karl and his team have created for clover is Charity Checkout: Clover’s first and only charity app. This app enables merchants to accept $1 on top of each transaction to donate any of the 60,000+ charities in our database.

Mark TowfiqMark Towfiq – SVP, Product Engineering of UserTesting

“Always looking for ways to improve”

UserTesting’s Engineering Team is based in many different locations (Mountain View, San Francisco, Atlanta) and yet the team is consistently engaged and productive in the company.  Every week the Product and Engineering squads sit down and talk openly with each other. This fosters a culture of comfortable and candid communication.

UserTesting’s Product and Engineering Team are working on perfecting transcriptions of user behavior analytics videos.

Minnie IngersollMinnie Ingersoll – Founder of Shift Technologies

“Striving to be a  role model”  

Minnie created a “management rotation” program for associates one to two years out of school modeled off of Google’s APM program. She leads both the Shift surf trip to Pacifica before weekly All Hands meetings, and  Shift’s running club (while pushing a stroller).

Her team has made it easy to sell used cars from the press of a button. Shift has a sophisticated pricing algorithm that can instantly price cars simply by scanning a car’s VIN from an iphone app.

Prathibha DeshikacharPrathibha Deshikachar – Director, Engineering of AdRoll

“Dedicated and open to hearing likeminded and different minded contributors”

Prathibha leads career growth for the engineering and product team at AdRoll by encouraging outside activities within the Tech community. She is an active member of the internal Tech Ladies organization.  As the company grows she strives to continue improving and sharing.

Adroll’s platform specializes in retargeting customers and works with 15,000 advertisers around the world.

Sebastian TronSebastian Tron – CEO of Hopsy

“Contagious vision”

Sebastian promotes growth through his ecstatic attitude. He pusheshimself beyond the limits of what a manager does in the workplace, and supports personal growth by taking weekly meetings to develop strategies for each employee’s self-growth within the company. He is very attentive to personal needs. He listens to his employees and takes care of them through rewarding them and letting them take time off at any point.

Hopsy has created an intersection in tech and craft beer. Sebastian has created a company that not only supports fresh product, but one that supports the local community.

Susan MernitSusan Mernit – CEO of Hack the Hood

“A framework of innovation and social justice/racial justice”

Susan and Hack the Hood developed two processes that have been huge in creating a strong team culture: a power-sharing process where an elected member of the staff serves a six month rotation on the lead/senior team which ensures that the perspectives of grassroots staffers are heard, and a program called circling up, or clean talk, where staffers can meet in a safe space to talk openly about conflicts and issues as an entire team, without worrying about retaliation or censure. These processes have helped make Hack the Hood a place where people like coming to work and feel safe, seen, and valued.

Hack the Hood connects low-income young people of color and local small businesses through technology, in order to create opportunities for all the people who live in the Bay Area, and beyond, to take part in and lead the change that is happening around them. In 2016, they worked with 9 partners and served 220 youth around the region.


Best Tech Work Culture


“Promoting creative growth by maintaining skillsets”

AppDynamics offers a mentorship program that allows higher level employees to train and work with newer employees that are eager to gain professional insight. Their WiT (Women in Tech) initiatives  launched a program targeting  women excited about tech positions, allowing for discounted coding classes and promoting cross function from within.


AppDynamics measures application performance management and IT Operations Analytics  for small to big enterprises.  Some clients include Microsoft, Salesforce, Glassdoor, and more.

Carbon Five

“A supportive, positive work environment which allows underrepresented groups to thrive in the company; namely women, LGBTQ and people of color”

Carbon Five hosts company summits twice a year featuring a “codeo” event.  At these events, team members are presented with a    theme or a set of projects from which to pick and then implement.  There is always a wide range of resulting projects, some of which are turned into real products. When team members are between projects, Carbon Five encourages its employees to make the most of their bench time, such as writing a blog post, working on an internal project, or researching new ideas .


Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy,  partnering with clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams.

Capital One

“Experiment and try new things”

Capital One has several programs in place that foster innovation and creativity in technology: from a yearly technology wide innovation challenge, to numerous hackathons, and other forums to experiment and display new ideas.


Capital One provides digital banking products that are continuously evolving and based on the latest technologies.  They were the first large national bank to start moving production workloads to the cloud.


“Applying design to create innovative and inspiring work cultures and redefining entire industries”

Cooper is a company that fosters technical creativity through a number of outlets, including their commitment to pair design, thought leadership, and overall work culture. Their practice is founded on striking the balance between championing designer autonomy and pushing pair design to foster a truly innovative environment for technical creativity.


Cooper is a design and business strategy consultancy, with the mission of helping organizations think big, create delight, and achieve success.


“Embracing a positive work environment and a work to live philosophy”

Each of the developers at CrossInstall get to own and design their projects end to end, bringing their vision to the development, implementation, and design of the product. CrossInstall gives its employees the freedom and they support the need to tackle hard problems.


Offering a holistic ad solution for mobile gaming companies, CrossInstall utilizes  PrePlay ads it creates with its programmatic, performance-based bidder to ensure that the ads hit the right target audience.


“Encouraging participation in a wide variety of emerging and creative technology learning opportunities.”

Stimulant’s environment is highly collaborative and creative. They hold daily company-wide “scrum” meetings where everyone is encouraged to share their feedback.  Each team member contributes creative ideas or technology solutions for all active projects. Aside from their daily meetings, they continually encourage open communication when it comes to technical creativity throughout the life cycles and in day to day activities in the studio.


Stimulant uses emerging technologies to transform static physical spaces into dynamic interactive environments. They craft human-scale, site-specific digital experiences that tell stories in unique ways, drive face-to-face interaction, and create lasting memories.

Treasure Data

“Constantly looking for ways to be more creative”

Treasure Data’s whole company is based on technical creativity. Treasure Data constantly encourages feedback on how processes are being run and management is always available to answer one’s technical questions no matter how small or large.


Treasure Data a cloud infrastructure for analytics at scale. They are able to collect data from most of a company’s inputs, store that data, and send it to a BI tool using SQL.


“Innovation is core of culture”

Employees of Trulia are always working together to create and build the next big thing, and they have a lot of fun along the way. For instance, Trulia hosts a quarterly “Innovation Week” as dedicated time for all employees to experiment with new product ideas or work on projects they’re passionate about. They postpone regularly scheduled meetings and encourage participants to instead work on big ideas and with new technologies and teammates.


Earlier this year, Trulia rolled out a brand new product for the online real estate industry, called Rent Near Transit. This new feature helps users find rental listings within a 15-minute walk of the transit stops.

WalkMe Inc.

“Fostering out-of-the-box thinking and crowdsourcing ideas”

At WalkMe technical creativity is highly valued. WalkMe has always promoted technical creativity, whether by hosting their annual hackathons or by encouraging collaboration between technical departments globally. They work to develop a customized solution using WalkMe in new ways to help clients improve their UX and reach their business objectives.


WalkMe’s platform simplifies the online user experienceby driveing users to action with an online experience that is personalized, effortless, and error-free.


“The importance of family and work-life balance is built into the culture.”

To get so much information at scale, Winnie engineers have had to be very creative — from building robots to collect some of this information to pulling in massive amounts of data from publicly available (but very inaccessible) data sources. Because Winnie is such a small startup, everyone is encouraged to understand and be involved with the entire stack. For example, the same person who works on the  website also works on infrastructure and backend. Winnie encourages employees to stretch and learn about new areas of the stack.


With a database of information on over 1 million places, Winnie gives parents the information they need to travel, explore, or even just run errands with their kids.


Best Tech Startup


 “Freedom and flexibility to execute ideas”

The CEO and co-founders of AppLovin employ an open-door policy. Team members can address their concerns or talk about sports with the co-founders. Everyone is trained and stimulated to grow and have a voice in the product.

Applovin’s  marketing platform provides marketing automation and analytics for brands to reach consumers on mobile.


“An open door to discuss ideas and challenges”

The founders of BlueCart give credit to their strong, intelligent, and supportive team as one of their main reasons for success. In the land of high-tech, forward thinkers are essential to the development of the company. Every year, the three offices (SF, NYC, & DC) gather together to conjure up new strategies and innovative ideas to take BlueCart to the next level.

BlueCart digitizes the back of house process for the hospitality industry. That includes restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, country clubs with cafes, and more.


“By nurturing the creativity, employees can  realize their greatest strengths and discover common goals”

Madefire recently announced the launch of its virtual reality comics platform at the 2016 Comic-Con in New York. The revolutionary idea to leap into the third-dimension was born of the late-night musings and tinkering of one of the company’s engineers. Inspired by some of Ben’s panoramic illustrations, Diego Medina engineered a GearVR prototype of comic panels whizzing through the blackness of space. They immediately recognized the potential of VR to propel the medium. Madefire provides an end-to-end digital comics publishing platform that is available free to anyone with a web browser, an Internet connection and a story to tell.


“Create fiercely loyal employees”

The Metromile office is open, welcoming, and collaborative. The leadership fosters a work environment that is all about enabling the team. They provide context and coaching, including clear goals, defined roles, and expected metrics. Leaders are sources of knowledge, conduits for effective communication, and great coaches.

Metromile is a car insurance startup that offers pay-per-mile insurance and a driving app.

Monday and Motorbikes 2Monday Motorbike

 “Cross-department brainstorming.”

 Monday Motorbike utilizes open seating to facilitate cross-department brainstorming. This helps to increase the company’s efficiency and the implementation of new solutions across the entire company. Currently, Monday Engineers in collaboration with Intel are developing cloud connectivity that will enable riders to connect their phone directly to their bike to get instant riding metrics, remotely unlock the M-1, locate their M-1, program Geo-fencing, and performance.

The M-1 is the only e-bike with the feel of riding a motorcycle to create a bridge between bicycle and motorcycle riders. Not only is Monday Motorbikes including the newest technologies, but main parts are made in house and patented.


“Show don’t tell attitude”

PagerDuty has a collaborative work environment with a “show don’t tell” attitude.  PagerDuty champions customer experience, and emphasizes depth in building markets, driving operational excellence, and cultivating high-performing teams.

PagerDuty is the enterprise incident resolution service that integrates with ITOps and DevOps monitoring stacks to improve operational reliability and agility. From enriching and aggregating events to correlating them into incidents, PagerDuty streamlines the incident management process by reducing alert noise and resolution times.

stitchlabsStitch Labs

“Six core values: be curious, own your impact, act with integrity, love your neighbor, grit – have it, and accelerate as one.”

One of the most important traits the Stitch Labs team looks for when interviewing prospective employees is curiosity. To be forward thinking, a person must be curious about how a product, team, or even industry could be different—and then think creatively and strategically about how to create change. The Stitch Labs team is constantly iterating and expanding their product offerings.  They’ve created an advisory panel from their  product and engineering teams to work with clients  to better understand the problems,  address them , and  drive their  product in the right direction.

By automating, centralizing, and streamlining multichannel inventory and operations into a single platform, Stitch Labs provides retailers with the visibility, control, collaboration, and insight needed to drive profitability and scale growth.


“Creating a foundational change in how business is done”

Tradeshift is  committed to transparency. Traditional all-hands meetings have been kicked to the curb. Instead, they have monthly “Big Syncs” that include a different set of executive speakers and last anywhere from one to two hours. Big Syncs are highly interactive. Forty-eight hours in advance of each one, a sheet is shared with the entire company for employees to post questions principally for the CEO, Christian Lanng, but he opens the floor for others to answer and discuss/debate.

Tradeshift is taking a fresh approach to buyer-supplier processes. They help companies transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the new digital reality that’s changing business worldwide.


“Concentration, stimulation, and productivity”

The environment at the Upload Collective has the feel of working at your best friend’s loft – a vibe of relaxed concentration in a stimulating space that’s also extremely productive with access to the most cutting edge equipment available. Upload VR is the product of industry development vision and work that started well before most people were even aware that VR was finally becoming a viable technology.

UploadVR’s  product supports the entrepreneurs of the future with deep emphasis in immersive tech. The unique blend of hardware and software support they offer helps to ensure that the companies in their ecosystem succeed.


“A work environment that fosters the passion”

At VoiceBase, it doesn’t matter whether you work from the office or home, if you travel often or even the number of hours you work. VoiceBase team members are all available when needed and are expected to perform on individual goals as well as team and companywide goals.

VoiceBase is an API solution for speech recognition and speech analytics.


The Timmy Awards ceremony will celebrate the local technology community and also recognize not only the winners, but the entire San Francisco community for creating a great business environment to thrive in. The event itself will be a great opportunity to network with finalists and other members of the tech community.

RSVP here to attend the SF Timmy Awards and meet all the finalists  in person!

How to Earn $200K+ as a Software Engineer

Over the last two years, Tech in Motion’s proud supporters, Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates, have worked with hundreds of thousands of engineers across the United States and Canada to find these tech professionals exciting positions. While the vast majority end up in positions that pay between $50,000 and $140,000, these agencies have also placed many engineers at the $200K-$300K+ range.

Many candidates wonder: “What qualifies an engineer for a $200K+ salary? And how can I get there?” Given the 27 years of experience that Jobspring and Workbridge have working within the technology industry, it is clear that there are some key factors that you should keep in mind before you go shooting for the stars. Here are the top four determinants that can help you map out your career as well as help you dream and achieve bigger:

Want to earn $200K working as a Software Engineer or check out other tech opportunities? Click here to view our Tech Job Board!

1. Location, Location, Location

You can be the greatest developer with a Ph.D. in Engineering, but a $200K position may not exist in the geographic region you live in. Are you willing to relocate? Most of the job openings in the $200K range that Jobspring and Workbridge often deal with are located in San Francisco, San Jose, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles. If you’re not open to relocating to a place where the pay is higher, you may be limiting yourself.

Graph 1 for Sergey's Blog

*Based on Jobspring and Workbridge Placements.

Check out what tech jobs are available in these US locations – click here!


2. Experience

Experience plays a critical role when it comes to salary negotiation. Over the last four years, there was only one person that these agencies placed at a just-under-$200K salary who had only two years of experience. (This person had some exceptional accomplishments and specialized in Front-End Development.) Most companies want to see at least seven years of experience before they even consider higher six-figure salaries. In fact, the majority of the agencies’ $200K placements were with candidates that had 11-28 years of experience.


3. Technology and Skills

Technology and skills are critical components to gaining a higher salary. Do you have the right skills? Do you need to learn a new programming language or move to a different field or niche? Your skills, and how you can sell yourself, are essential parts of getting the highest salary possible. Based on all of the placements done by Jobspring and Workbridge from 2013-2016, Java Developers were the leaders of the $200K club. Mobile, Network Security, Front End, Ruby on Rails, Product Management, and UI/UX were all among the top technologies when it came to highest salaries.

Graph 2 for Sergey's Blog

*Comparing Jobspring and Workbridge salaries by technology and experience with the average for Software Engineers.


4. Seniority and Leadership

The majority of people placed with a $200K+ salary are generally at a Senior Management or C-Level position working for a startup or Fortune 500 company. Often times, these people are placed with companies who were looking to hire “on the street” to fill their VP or C-Level positions. So if you think that a Ph.D. in Engineering and decades of experience will eventually guarantee you a big promotion to a Senior Executive level, think again. A lot of employers feel comfortable hiring experienced engineers working for other companies and don’t see the need to promote within the company.

As an engineer, you must prove that you are not only a talented coder, but also an effective manager who can lead others, take ownership, and make critical decisions. At the Senior Executive level, you need to demonstrate leadership acumen. An MBA (full-time, executive, online, or part-time) with a Master’s Degree in Engineering and a focus on Management, as well as courses and a certificate on Leadership, are all important aspects of becoming a candidate who can qualify for a higher six-figure compensation.


Start Your Future Today

Map out what experiences, technologies, stretch assignments, and leadership abilities you need to embody as you journey toward higher paying positions. An investment in yourself now is an investment in your future. Begin today and set yourself upon a course to earning your full potential.

Let us help you find your dream job! Contact a Jobspring Partners or Workbridge Associates in your city to kickstart the process.

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find a 200k tech job

OC Panel: What is the Future of DevOps?


UCI Innovation Campus was buzzing with energy when the local Tech in Motion chapter hosted their event Tech Panel: DevOps | Driving Productivity and Efficiency on August 25.

The panel was moderated by Max Schnepper, Practice Manager of Workbridge Associates and a subject matter expert on the local DevOps market. The evening’s focus was in response to the community requesting more education-focused events and to provide a space for members of the numerous Orange County DevOps Meetup groups to gather.

Schnepper began with defining some key terms.

what is

DevOps is a framework for identifying and eliminating constraints, so processes such as software development and deployment run smoothly at a high level of efficiency. Panelist Matt Chung, a Systems Development Engineer with Amazon Web Services in Seattle and founder of the OC DevOps Group said, “DevOps is both technical and cultural. It involves making sure teams such as software developers and the people who administer the resulting systems are co-existing and working together. Technical productivity and efficiency are also part of it. The goal is to eliminate waste and add value to the company.”


“Software is a key battleground and winners and losers are being defined by the way they ship software and interact with customers and users. Shipping software when you need it is key. DevOps is the realization that existing IT systems are too slow. The ROI on DevOps is pretty clear. All organizations can benefit from automation and tooling. Just look at the data. Put the right data in the right environment and you can improve release timelines and gains across all faces of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle),” responded panelist Jedidiah Yueh, Founder of Delphix and Avamar (sold to EMC).

Panelist Spencer Seebald, Senior Field Technical Solutions Engineer with Puppet, Inc., added, “People are starting to see software, regardless of the industry, as a competitive advantage for business and a way to drive it forward. DevOps people can help move things along more quickly, and that is an advantage. Data shows companies that adopt DevOps move faster in a more reliable and controlled fashion.”


The evening concluded with questions about the future of DevOps and how businesses at different stages can adopt this framework. Chris Ciborowski stated, “With DevOps practices outside of the US such as Europe as Australia; they are already working and running in the cloud, applying these strategies. As these markets see where improvements can still be made, they will also see where the trend moves.” Ciborowski added that, “You cannot buy or hire DevOps” and that businesses, whether they are a startup or enterprise, can benefit because DevOps encourages, “A real understanding of how your business is developing software and how the business maps into the process of future releases and testing. All of these processes go hand in hand.”

Original article  by Hai Truong, UCI Applied Innovation writer


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The Revolution: the Cloud & Multi-Channel Communication

Article written by Nick Newsom, Ytel CEO

As the world around us changes, we must adapt. The revolution of the Cloud has already changed the way companies do business, but it also applies to the most basic of human interactions for businesses: communication.

The way we communicate is enhanced and modified consistently through the technology, tools and resources made available to us. To satisfy the demands of consumers and new trends, businesses have to not only find their audience, but also communicate with them wherever they actively listen. Those using a multi-channel approach supported by cloud communications will be the front-runner of this exciting revolution.

Interested in finding a new role where you work with Cloud technologies? Apply now.

Let’s start with the Cloud.


Cloud communications are Internet-based voice and data communications, hosted by third party service providers, accessible over the internet. Because you only pay for the services you use, it’s a much more cost-effective choice for businesses. It’s a more reliable and secure communication environment, with the cost-savings appealing to many businesses in the market today.

Take my business, for example. Ytel specializes in cloud-based communications solutions that service businesses worldwide. My team of engineers, developers, support staff, marketers and sales know all about the power of communication on a granular level… they live it on a daily basis.

Personally, I found the power of communication as a middle schooler when I received my ham radio license (KE6CZD) and discovered the world of Bulletin Board Systems (old, I know…). All that led to a career in communications that I am incredibly passionate about. I’m also a member of several organizations and executive boards in Orange County that fuel innovation and communication through technology and discovery.

While my team at Ytel builds, maintains, and distributes the software our customers want, we also enhance the experience by adding features and add-ons for their unique business models. In order to provide this level of satisfaction, there has to be a strong sense of understanding about what our customers need. This comes from a deep knowledge of the industries we work in, from lead generation to marketing and sales, to solar and call centers; we are fortunate in that the Ytel team is made up of individuals who come from these different verticals, so they know what pieces are missing from the way those businesses communicate with their customers.

You’ve got the cloud infrastructure on your side, and you need a strategy to attract and keep those valuable customers.


Let’s talk multi-channel communication.

A strategy that businesses (the smart ones, at least) use to engage with their customers in a modern, efficient way. The multi-channel approach is simple; you exist where your customer exists, and the communication channels used are based solely on their preferences. Multi-channel is all about giving customers a choice.

What better way to align yourself with prospects and customers than through the communication channels they already use? The goal behind multi-channel is to actively listen and engage with your customers, prospects, and leads, and to turn that listening into a productive interaction with clear steps forward. You’re taking all the noise of marketing and sales and turning it into action, and action into customer loyalty.

Encourage active listening by practicing what you preach. Maybe your customer wants to be contacted via email. Maybe they love the chat feature on your website. Or perhaps they crave human interaction over the phone. Knowing these preferences, and being able to segment them appropriately, is multi-channel done right. Active listening packs a huge punch for your business; all you have to do is listen and take action.

Multi-channel communication can:

  1. Increase brand recognition
  2. Build customer loyalty
  3. Grow and scale your business

Introducing message360°

It can be difficult and stressful for businesses to keep their communication channels organized, updated, and cohesive with their brand. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all those channels housed in one central location?

With the new message360° API, we’ve removed the need for multiple communication platforms by offering the four core communication channels in one API. Voice, text, email and direct mail, easily accessible in one API. message360° integrates with any web application, and removes the complexity of building.


Check out, a current user of message360° and discover how they successfully interact with thousands of customers through voice, text, and email drip campaigns.

With cloud infrastructure on your side, your business can function at a lower cost with more efficiency and scalability. A multi-channel communication strategy is just the cherry on top; you’ve laid the foundation with technology and you’re simply polishing the customer experience and improving your bottom line. With message360°, you get the power and security of the cloud and the channels your customers prefer, under one roof. It’s communication done right.

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30 Tech Leaders Making Philadelphia a Better Place to Work

On June 9th, Tech in Motion is proud to present their first annual Philadelphia Timmy Awards, which will be held at The Chemical Heritage Foundation (315 Chestnut St).  The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work in. After all the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for one celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) tech startup, (2) technology manager, and (3) technology work culture. Here are Philadelphia’s 30 impressive finalists (who you can see at the event if you RSVP below):

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Philadelphia’s Best Technology Startup

biobotsBiobots, founded in 2014, builds 3D printers that print living tissues made out of human cells. Biobots’ revolutionary technology is set to cure disease, eliminate the organ waiting list, and even revert climate change.

boxterBoxter, founded in 2014, creates solutions for businesses to help them grow faster. Boxter’s main product funnel makes websites intelligent and answers questions that no one else can. Boxter hopes to help bring Philly’s tech scene to the next level with its innovative technology.

Curalate, founded in 2012, produces products that address curalatea marketer’s desire to attribute ROI to social media. Curalate provides the power to drive engagement, traffic, and revenue with images across every consumer touchpoint, empowering millions of people daily to easily take action on the products they want from the brands they love.

greenfish labsGreenfish Labs, founded in 2015, is a media production studio specializing in 360 Virtual Reality, helping brands thrive in a digital world with traditional media and VR products, services, and platforms that transform the customer experience. Greenfish Labs is one of the first ambassadors of VR in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

LeadiDLeadiD, founded in 2011, is a consumer journey insight platform that provides marketers with the highest-resolution view of the consumer buying journey. Seamlessly integrated with any consumer journey decision process, LeadiD enables marketers to shorten the distance between data and decision making.

MilkCrate, founded in 2014, built a mobile and desktop-milkcratefriendly platform which encourages, captures, and rewards socially and environmentally positive activity. MilkCrate guides communities to engage their members in a step-by-step process, crafting a culture around social and environmental impact.

relayRelay Network, founded in 2010, is a simple and secure way for businesses and customers to instantly connect and share private communications in real-time. Through a direct mobile interface, Relay allows consumers to quickly and easily complete transactions, access timely information, and get one-to-one support from the businesses and organizations that matter most in their lives.

roar for goodROAR for Good, founded in 2014, created Athena, a simple device with a big mission – to protect women with the touch of a button. Once pressed, it emits a loud alarm and messages friends and family with your current GPS location. Not only did ROAR for Good develop an awesome piece of wearable tech – but they are also working to make a difference in helping to reduce attacks again women.

swift capitalSwift Capital, founded in 2011, uses the latest technologies combined with a team of Business Funding Experts to get their customers the best of both worlds: fast funding and personalized service. Armed with a mission to provide funding to businesses underserved since the recession, Swift combines innovative data analytics with a relationship-focused customer experience.

veryaptVeryApt, founded in 2013, combines personalized apartment recommendations and a trusted community of apartment reviews to help people find their perfect apartment. VeryApt is the first company to empower renters to make truly informed housing decisions.

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Philadelphia’s Best Technology Work Culture

Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI)

AGILogoAlways striving to do more.

AGI encourages its developers to continue their education and participate in community events. They participate in professional software and aerospace conferences, publishing and presenting their research. AGI also provides a subscription to online training called Plural Sight that is a development specific training site.

AGI develops commercial modeling and analysis software for land, sea, air, and space systems.



AWeber“Dream big, fail fast, and iterate on what works.

AWeber HQ regularly hosts technically focused meet-ups and company hack-a-thons to encourage the team and the community to grow and learn new ways of doing things.  AWeber prides itself on a culture of respect and cooperation that doesn’t come from policy, it comes from treating people like people ‐ the way everyone should be treated.


AWeber develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 110,000+ small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs around the globe.


Comcast (CIM)

comcast cimFind the right tool, or create one.

Comcast promotes a “journeyman-style” exchange program called “Summer of Code” where, for several months, employees can trade their existing positions for opportunities within other technical departments within the company to both learn AND spread ideas, best practices, and technical skills.

While traditionally seen as a primarily service-based company, Comcast’s talented technical teams have been trying to move into the hardware and hybrid services realm for years.



coredialJudgement free zone.

CoreDial allows their employees to create the best solutions for its channel partners by allowing a free flowing range of solutions to be identified and deployed.  Implementing hands-on training, shadowing co-workers and teams with more experience, CoreDial fosters personal growth.

CoreDial provides unified communication services in the cloud and on premise.

coredial volunteers

eMoney Advisors

eMoneyCreating fun and a little weirdness along the way.

The culture at eMoney is driven by the pursuit of disruptive innovation, promoting creativity, advancing technology, supporting community involvement, among more.  eMoney’s development team regularly hosts highly-attended workshops in a faux garage, aptly named the “Innovation Lab.”

eMoney Advisor builds interactive wealth-planning technology for financial professionals and the clients they serve.


emoney (1)


linodeTeam-driven camaraderie.

Linode encourages all of its Linodians to enhance their technical knowledge and will pay for continuing education courses, such as Linux certification, PhotoShop instruction seminars, or subscriptions to’s online technical tutorials.

Linode provides market-best SSD-based virtualization for cloud hosting purposes, backed by steadfast support.



monetateBe both a Padawan and a Jedi.

Monetate believes very much that diversity is the mother of creativity.  For this and other reasons, Monetate formed a committee dedicated to the topic of diversity.  Monetate sponsors local events focused on diversity (e.g. LadyHacks), and employees frequently attend these events.  To encourage creativity Monetate hosts “hack days” once a quarter where its employees spend three days working on a project that is not on the roadmap.

Monetate makes it easy to create, deliver, and analyze personalized experiences across web, email, and mobile apps.

monetate (1)

Music Choice

music choiceCreativity and endless limits.

Music Choice has a program called Engineering Choice, where employees can pitch a project they feel would be beneficial to the company.  After presenting it to the entire department, if it gets approval they’re given the opportunity to work on that project.

Music Choice creates products that allow seamless movement between audio and video and provides easy access to a library of 20,000 videos.

music choice (1)

O3 World

O3 WorldInnovation through experimentation.

O3 World allows its employees to work on projects that would benefit the office is a positive way.   One such project – using custom-built iOS and Android apps, iBeacons, and a Raspberry Pi, makes is so that each employee is greeted by a song he or she has personally selected when he or she walks into the office. “Theme Music” a simple, but fun way to start the day off on the right foot.

O3 World specializes in digital product design and development, from conceptualization through implementation and support.

O3 World


weblincWork hand in hand.

WebLinc is a company this nurtures its employees by providing technical learning reimbursement and sponsoring local tech initiatives such as Girls Develop It.  Each WebLinc-er is very much a part of the creative process and is considered an expert in their field.

Weblinc provides an ecommerce platform for fast growing brands.


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Philadelphia’s Top Tech Managers

Anthony Romano, VP of Engineering at Leadnomics

Anthony RomanoGreatest project is his team.

Anthony makes an effort get to know each of his team members as people. You can tell by the way his team works together and enjoys each other’s company that they feel comfortable with each other, trust each other, and have fun together.

Leadnomics is a digital marketing company headquartered in Philadelphia.  Through its proprietary technology platform and expertise in optimization, Leadnomics has developed an industry-leading solution and partner network that creates more valuable relationships between consumers and service providers.

Chris Cera, CEO at ArcWeb Technologies

Chris CeraEmployee-to-employee mentoring.

Chris ensures a great team culture by listening to his team. He firmly believes that its the team that defines the culture.  Chris champions employee-to-employee mentoring and career development opportunities within Arcweb Technologies and believes that Arcweb exists to create new possibilities for Arcwebers and its customers.

Arcweb Technologies is a digital product development company focused on the finance and healthcare industries, and our mission is to build products people love.

Don Nawrocki, CTO at PeopleLinx

Don NawrockiCreates an environment of openness.

Don openly tells people in his organization that he knows that they look at other job opportunities and sometimes interview. Accepting this, he asks that if they find other offers that are attractive that they are in turn open with him, so that he can either agree that moving on is the right decision for the person, reply with a counter-offer, or offer career advice where he can. This helps people understand whether the grass is actually greener and recognize when they are being treated and compensated fairly.

PeopleLinx helps sales professionals create presence, networks, and engagement with buyers. Its technology integrates with your CRM data to deliver personalized sales guidance.

Felicite Moorman, CEO at StratIS

Felicite MoormanHuge advocate for women and girls in tech.

Felicite ensures a great team culture by giving back to the Philadelphia community.  She and her team participate annually in Philly Tech Week, as supporters and speakers for multiple events, to promote the growth of technology in Philadelphia. Felicite is an active speaker and recent advocate for TechGirlz, as well as mentor through BuLogics’ Girls in Tech Internship Program.

StratIS is an award-winning wireless access, energy, and automation platform for multifamily and campus communities, the commercial residential platform of Smart Cities.

Gabrielle Trotter, Linchpin at BuLogics, Inc.

gabrielle trotterCandid and consistent feedback.

Gabrielle is a clear cultural leader at BuLogics and beyond. From organizing company events and outings (such as an annual 100 mile bike ride and Dave & Buster’s blowouts) to being a shoulder to lean on for her teammates, Gabrielle steps up and in where it matters most, at the heart of the company!

From idea to shelf, BuLogics designs, builds, and certifies wireless solutions for the Internet of Things.

JD Albert, Director of Engineering at Bresslergroup

JD AlbertA kid with a new LEGO set.

JD will actively engage his team members and ask – what are your goals?  What would you like to spend more time learning about? After discussion comes action: You get assigned to work on a project in your interest area, or you get to sign up for a crash course in something new. JD gives you the option to blaze ahead into new territory.

Bresslergroup is a research-driven product innovation lab and consultancy whose employees work together every day to creatively solve meaningful design problems in unexpected ways.

Jody Hamilton, CTO at Zivtech

Jody HamiltonConsistent challenges and rewards.

Jody is committed to ensuring that employees grow into more senior roles through training and challenges. Under her guidance, Jody has brought many people to Zivtech who did not have previous developer training. One employee with a degree in architecture, got her first Drupal lessons in Jody’s living room.  This employee is now a technical documentation specialist at Zivtech, working with one of the company’s Fortune 50 clients.

Zivtech, founded in 2008, is a Philadelphia web design and web development shop that works with healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, publishing, government, startups, and nonprofits.

Mike Harris, CEO at Zonoff, Inc.

Mike HarrisEqual parts transparency, collaboration and results.

Mike is family-oriented and considers each of Zonoff’s employees to be part of his family, so he created a warm, comfortable company culture that inspires through a relaxing, enjoyable and productive environment. Creating a sense of community is one of Mike’s primary missions, so he created a large kitchen for the office to serve as a gathering area for the company, bringing in food and snacks for employees, having beer on tap for after-hours imbibing, and hosting executive breakfasts where the executive team makes waffles and omelets for the company.

Zonoff empowers the world’s leading brands to deliver smart, seamless living to the mass market through its Consumer Internet of Things software and services platform.

Natalie Hirsch, Director of Product Management at WizeHive

Natalie HirschRolled-up sleeves management style.

Natalie is always mentoring team members, and giving them the opportunity to lead, as well. She is diligent in providing educational resources …from holding a weekly class on the software solutions with recordings, case studies, homework and office hours… to showing others how to approach better agile project management techniques.  The newer and less seasoned team members respect her and try to emulate her professional and people-centered approach.

WizeHive makes it easier for grants managers, nonprofits and business teams to configure and deploy cloud-based solutions that help them organize, automate and streamline their business process management.

Ryan Lockard, Manager of Software Engineering at Elsevier

ryan lockardActively pursues increasing productivity.

Ryan cares about his teams and actively pursues increasing productivity and tackling our technical debt.  He actively walks his team through their career path and works with them to improve and reach their goals.

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, and deliver better care.

Vote for the Best Technology Manager here!

The Timmy Awards ceremony will celebrate the local technology community and also recognize not only the winners, but the entire Philly community for creating a great business environment to thrive in. The event itself will be a great opportunity to network with finalists and other members of the tech community.


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Did we mention they’re the finalists for a Timmy? On May 19th, Tech in Motion: NYC  presents their second annual Timmy Awards, which will be held at SubCulture located at 45 Bleeker St, Downstairs , New York, NY.

RSVP here to attend the 2nd Annual NYC Timmy Awards!

The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work in. The winners are announced at a ceremony crowning the best (1) tech startups, (2) technology managers, and (3) technology work cultures. Here are New York’s 20 most impressive finalists.


New York City’s Best Technology Manager

This award recognizes New York City’s Best Technology Manager who promotes career growth, ensures a great team culture, and leads their team to produce cutting edge technology products, services, and solutions.

karey.kyleKarey Kyle – Senior Director, Agile Practices of Weight Watchers

“Just enough guidance”

Karey Kyle encourages people to be proactive to get answers while providing just enough guidance to be successful and encouraged. She strives to be welcoming, enthusiastic and encouraging, while sharing her sophisticated understanding of the company’s operations and technology.

Karey’s team worked on huge releases in the winter season, deploying significant changes to the Weight Watcher apps and architecture.

Lisbi.AndelaLisbi Abraham – CSO of Andela

“Mentorship through societies”

Lisbi has created self-organized societies for developers to be able to bring their concerns and issues up to management, give people leadership opportunities, and allow for more senior developers to mentor new developers who have joined the Andela program. This promotes a strong culture of learning and mentorship, and empowers developers to speak up and have a voice.

Lisbi is responsible for a global workforce of over 200 people spread from the FlatIron to Nairobi that is delivering the best software development ever created in Africa.

MikeHenderson_InfluensterMike Henderson – CTO of Influenster

“Reward strong work”

Mike Henderson established a strong support system to give young employees responsibility very early on their careers and mentorship programs where the management team works directly with all employees of the firm to nurture their skills. And when an employee produces outstanding work? Trips to the spa or all-expenses paid vacations are given as gestures of appreciation.

Under Mike Henderson’s leadership, Influenster launched their app both on iOS and Android devices to resounding reviews from the tech community. In addition, Mike spearheaded a revolutionary widget that allows brands to harness the potential of user-generated content already made about their products on Influenster to translate the power of the consumer voice into sales for their products and services.

scott.kaminskyScott Kominsky – Product Director of Big Human

“Creativity is the product of collaboration.”

I ensure a great team culture by collaborating, not mandating, tasks and believe that creativity is the product of collaboration. Team members respond better when they feel that they’re part of the solution. By empowering my team members this way, they are more excited to solve a client’s problem and in-turn will deliver better work.

Scott oversaw the design of the new Jetsetter iOS experience – which now focuses around aspirational photo discovery.  Users create their own photo “Wanderlist” in order to research, plan and book trips. The new experience leverages all of the best qualities of the existing Jetsetter product while creating a level of simplicity that makes it feel easy to book a trip.

SeanMarchettiSean Marchetti – CTO of Embark Corporation

“Learn New Technologies”

At Embark Corporation, Sean is tremendous at promoting team growth. When new team members join, he immediately signs them up for educational programming subscriptions like pluralsite or He is always encouraging his staff to investigate and learn about new technologies.

Sean’s staff produces a full-fledged admissions and applications platform for colleges that enables student to apply through a custom built site for that institution. Institutions can then view their applicants through that site as well customize many parts of the applications and set up custom emails to send to the user among other functions. They have also created a matching platform that gives students conditional offers to schools based on a student’s core academic, financial, and personal preferences.

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New York City’s Best Technology Work Culture (Under 500 Employees)

This award recognizes New York City’s Best Technology Work Culture that promotes technical creativity, innovation, and learning. Finalists in this category include organizations with under 500 employees.


ab_logo_salesforce_300x55“Not just a job, a home.”

Appboy’s workplace isn’t just a “job” to its employees, it’s a home where everyone continues to learn, grow and challenge each other in a fun and collaborative environment. The company hosts Hackday’s multiple times a year, sponsors engineers to participate in engineering competitions and big tech conferences and encourages employees to volunteer at nonprofits like ScriptEd, Coalition 4 Queens and more.

Appboy is the leading company in smart marketing automation. Their powerful SDK coupled with an intuitive dashboard empower marketers by showing them who their users are, and enabling them to communicate effectively with them, thereby creating a personal relationship between users and their apps.


bitly logo“Scheduling Time to Learn”

Four times a year, Bitly hosts a Hack Week — a time for the design and engineering teams to collaborate, innovate and tackle projects that they wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to work on. During Hack Week the teams explore new technologies in configuration management & data analysis frameworks, improving Bitly’s development workflow and new ways to use the API. Employees are also empowered to explore continuing education opportunities with full support from managers & the executive team.

Bitly’s Deep Links product now supports Universal Links and Android App Links, which are the new standard for mobile deep linking on iOS and Android platforms. Through the updated functionality, Bitly clients with Branded Domains can now configure their links to support Universal Links and Android App Links, connecting mobile users directly to an installed app while still capturing all of Bitly’s click data from across the web and mobile.


kargo_horizontal“Sharing Knowledge Sessions”

Kargo’s culture is more than just free snacks and fun outings; they pride themselves on fostering a culture where every employee understands how their job impacts the goals of the company as a whole.  Kargo hosts “office hours” every other week where employees share knowledge by leading the company through training on their area of expertise. These sessions can cover topics from photography to marketing!

Kargo provides major advertisers with a single source solution for buying, designing and delivering engaging, customized mobile ad experiences across its high-end editorial alliance of 300+ world-class publishers. In addition to its award-winning mobile creative, Kargo is also known for the highest quality distribution–ranking in the top 1% for ad effectiveness (brand safety, viewability, fraud) according to Integral Ad Science and Moat, two of the leading verification vendors for advertising quality.


learnvest“Think Outside the Box”

Until recently LearnVest was a startup, and like most startups, were sometimes limited with the tools they could purchase. That pushed them to come up with innovative solutions to problems, both in the product development teams and throughout other parts of tech like infrastructure and IT/Helpdesk. Sometimes the best solutions don’t come from throwing money at the problem, but having the freedom to suggest novel approaches and being rewarded for thinking outside the box.

LearnVest provides fully customizable financial plans, which are supported by online tools and mobile app. They have created an innovative platform to support planners and clients which they believe is at the cutting edge of technology. Technologically speaking, what they have built is an AWS-based platform built on top of a Docker-based Kubernetes cluster, comprised of microservices and microapps, with infrastructure automation through Ansible.


ZEETO“Believing in the risk taker”

Zeeto prefers to hire a risk taker who is accountable and learns from their mistakes any day of the week over someone who plays it safe, because sooner than later, that person will impress the hell out of you. The engineers, sales-team, art department, etc. have the authority to fix, create, pursue clients any way they see fit, as long as it follows the best business practices and is in the direction of team goals.

As the first SaaS company in this space, Zeeto has created a proprietary ad platform that uses sophisticated algorithms to create a dynamic experience for each visitor’s sign-up process to best monetize the registration flow.



New York City’s Best Technology Work Culture (Over 500 Employees)

This award recognizes New York City’s Best Technology Work Culture that promotes technical creativity, innovation, and learning. Finalists in this category include organizations with over 500 employees.

jetdotcom“Exposure to all opportunities.”

Like most companies, Jet has an internal review board for process implementation, which requires feedback from all teams. However, they also hold weekly internal tech talks where employees vote for the subject they’re interested in learning about next. They’ve started a series of bi-weekly meetups at the office, covering a range of technologies and products that they’re interested in. They host book clubs where developers meet to read and discuss the content in question. On top of the opportunities offered, engineers are encouraged to sit with other teams in order to become better exposed to their products and what goes into creating them. Learning is THE staple of Jet culture. is an eCommerce company that is changing the way people think about online shopping. They work aggressively to discover and implement new ways for customers to make better shopping decisions and save more money on purchases than they could anywhere else.


LinkedIn“Investing in education.”

LinkedIn acquired in late 2015 to provide technical learning to the entire member base. hosts short online courses that cover a wide variety of topics from coding, product management, and UI/UX.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 400 million members in 200 countries and territories around the globe. Their mission is simple: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.


MongoDB“Recognizing the value of Passion Projects”

MongoDB recognizes the value of passion projects, and turns the best of them into official products and tools. For example, MongoDB hosts quarterly “Skunk Works” event: engineers devote three days to working with each other on passion projects outside their normal teams and responsibilities. It’s not a hackathon: there’s no emphasis on competing or on pulling all-nighters. Rather, during Skunk Works engineers learn skills or try experiments to advance their personal goals that don’t fit into their day-to-day routine.

MongoDB makes convenient, scalable database software with a unique data model and query language. MongoDB’s software is the main challenger to the decades-old dominance of the SQL query language. It provides developers a new way to store and retrieve data that better matches object-oriented programming languages than SQL does, and is better optimized to handle the scale of modern data applications. Its flexibility, scalability and performance make it best suited for today’s applications and wide variety of data they process. MongoDB is the database that MetLife, the City of Chicago, eBay, and others are using to build their mission critical applications.


Vizrt Logo rgb“Creating an educational system.”

Vizrt focuses is maintaining all of their engineers, developers and designers constantly working on new projects and workflows. They encourage learning through Viz University where employees can find full courses to all of their products in order to become technically better.

Vizrt’s software is behind the analysis touch screens used at Fox News, CNN and MSNBC used for US Presidential elections, Sports, and virtual and augmented reality projects.


Zocdoc“Creating outlets for technical learning.”

Zoddoc hosts bi-weekly demo meetings that are a great outlet for technical learning. This meeting is always well attended by team members across design, engineering and product (and not just because of the drinks and snacks). These meetings focus on new product and feature demos and always end with an open Q&A for productive technical discussions.

Zocdoc is the tech company at the beginning of a better healthcare experience. With a mission to give power to the patient, Zocdoc’s online marketplace delivers the accessible, seamless, and simple experience patients expect and deserve.


New York City’s Best Tech Startup

This award recognizes New York City’s Best Tech Startup that employs forward-thinking technology leaders, possesses a great working environment, and produces an innovative product.

3 Tech Startup Lessons You Need to Learn – from a Mark Cuban-backed CEO.


Canary_Logotype_WebCanary is an all-in-one security system controlled right from a smartphone. With HD video, night-vision, 90db siren, temperature and air quality monitoring, and the option to call local authorities if an alert shows an intruder, Canary is empowering people to live fearless lives.

Inspired by a burglary experienced while on vacation, Adam Sagar and Chris Rill immediately began building a new type of security system from scratch which eventually became the Canary device. This idea clearly resonated with consumers, who responded to Canary’s Indiegogo campaign by making it one of the most funded projects on the site in 2013. Within a year of retail launch, Canary is now available in more than 7000 retail outlets, has already expanded internationally and is continuing to increase its footprint globally at a rapid pace.

Canary’s offices reflect the company’s entrepreneurial personality. The spacious 27,500-square-foot office provides space for creativity to run free for designers and engineers alike with a variety of tools (tech, such as 3D printers and otherwise) to give team members the freedom to develop any new project, piece of code, or new design element that comes to mind. Canary’s People Team has made great use of the office’s open areas to host an initiative named “School Us”. This workshop series empowers employees to teach each other skills from outside of their focuses at work – including yoga, wood carving and table tennis.


ClarifaiClarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition, solving real-world problems for businesses and developers alike.

Founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, a foremost expert in machine learning, Clarifai has been a market leader since winning the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition. Clarifai’s powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced machine learning systems and made easily accessible by a clean API, empowering developers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.

Their customers range from large companies like Vimeo and Buzzfeed who use their API to automatically tag and curate their visual content, to individual developers who build amazing apps like A.I.-powered lightsabers, real estate photo evaluators, and autoswipers for online dating apps.

Hopscotch Technologies

HopscotchHopscotch is revolutionizing programming so that anyone with a smartphone can do it. It takes too much time, technology, and training to create software. Yet software is the most useful and widely consumed form of media today. Most of the reasons it’s difficult to create have nothing at all to do with programming. So at Hopscotch, they work to build a better way, and have created the world’s first mobile programming language.

Hopscotch’s founders, Samantha and Jocelyn, started Hopscotch as a way to change the face of programming and expose a broader demographic to the field. Understanding that the future is mobile, their product extracts programming from the command line and places it in the palm of team member’s hands.

Hopscotch is a mission driven company—everyone on the team is committed to making programming vastly more accessible. Everyone on the team has the opportunity to connect with users through joining a call with a classroom, responding to user questions or feedback, playing games made by users, and building their own things in Hopscotch.


InfluensterInfluenster is a product discovery and reviews platform that enables consumers to find new products and get advice to make informed purchases. Members visit Influenster to browse through products, pick up new tips and exchange opinions with others. This startup inspires a love for products and encourages discovery, conversations and reviews.

Influenster already has more than 2 million members who’ve written over 6 million reviews on over 1.5 million products. This startup currently acquires 500K new user-generated reviews every month and has doubled the size of its workforce over the past year.

There is a strong support system to give young employees responsibility very early on their careers and mentorship programs where the management team works directly with all employees of the firm to hone their skills. For further development, Influenster even sets aside a big budget to encourage every member of the team to take professional development courses outside of work. And when an employee produces outstanding work? A trip to the spa or an all-expenses paid vacation are given as gestures of appreciation.

Take the Interview

Take the InterviewTTI passion is solving challenges associated with the interview process and improving the way companies hire. The have produced a digital interviewing solution driven by user feedback. Historically, talent acquisition teams have struggled due to making hiring decisions based on instinct. They may not have necessarily standardized the interview process, communicated effectively with hiring managers or have given candidates a positive interview experience with timely feedback.

TTI’s digital interviewing platform is comprised of TTI On-Demand (one-way video interviewing) as well as TTI Live (two-way video interviewing) for both desktop and mobile applications. Within the platform, talent acquisition teams are given tools to improve collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters, deliver rapid feedback to candidates as well as promote data-driven decision-making.

Individual and team growth continue to guide TTI’s direction today. They expect that individuals challenge current practices and find innovative solutions to address them. The TTI environment encourages individuals to be accountable for what they accomplish. It’s also important to everyone that those accomplishments are recognized. They believe successes should feel shared, which motivates team members to resolve problems in diplomatic, intelligent and creative ways.


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Transportation Startups Talk UI/UX and Core Design

Last month, Tech in Motion San Francisco members got an exclusive insight into the world of UI/UX design from the perspective of transportation startups.

The discussion featured up and coming companies such as Metromile, Scoop and HONK. Metromile generously opened its doors for the night and welcomed more than one hundred attendees into their new spacious and trendy office. The transportation industry, coupled with technology, is a hot topic and among the top most disruptive in the world, according to Tech Crunch.

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The panel of design experts consisted of Matt Stein, Director of Design at Metromile, Cassy Rowe, Head of Design and User Experience at Scoop, and Jake Honig, Vice President of Product Marketing at HONK. Shira Abel, who is the CEO and Lead Strategist at Hunter and Bard, asked the group of panelists to discuss what their core design principles were for their respective companies.


Stein, representing the pay-per-mile insurance startup Metromile said, “We focus on making things ‘glanceable’, very clear, and the last would be an acronym we refer to as D.E.A.F. – delightful, engaging and fun.” Read more about these 3 UI/UX principles you need to know at a startup here.

For startup Scoop – an automated carpooling service – their main principles revolved around safety, user feedback regarding experiences using the service, and context, according to Rowe.

See more photos of the UI/UX event on Tech in Motion’s Facebook page.

HONK, the towing and roadside service company, focuses on delivery. Honig explained that HONK’s goal is ensuring that the process for its users will be fast, easy and deliverable since customers using their services are typically facing crises.


Kam Wong of Hong Kong, China was attending his first ever Tech in Motion event that night and said it was definitely “worth the drive.”

“It was interesting,” said Tiago Varandas from Amsterdam. “I liked when they explored the area of automated vehicles.”


Overall, the tech talk was educational and insightful, and our Tech in Motion members certainly did not leave empty handed thanks to Metromile! Upon arrival, each attendee received a Metromile ‘swag bag’ filled with amazing and useful branded trinkets, including a Tech in Motion card holder for phones.

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The 30 LA Timmy Awards Finalists You Need To Meet

On March 24th, Tech in Motion: LA is proud to present their first annual Timmy Awards, which will be held at Cross Campus (929 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, C.A.) The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work in. The winners are announced at a ceremony crowning the best (1) tech startups, (2) technology managers, and (3) technology work cultures. Here are LA’s 30 impressive local finalists (RSVP now to see them at the event):

LA’s Best Tech Startup

BrightenBrighten, founded in 2014, is a social app that lets you send compliments to your friends. It is the first social app to be based completely on positivity!


Shave ClubDollar Shave Club, founded in 2012, is a men’s grooming brand dedicated to helping men live smarter, more successful lives through high-quality personal care products, content and technology.


envi detailing on demandEnvi-Detailing on Demand, founded in 2015, is working to become the largest employer of deaf people in the USA and has created a patent pending process whereby employees clean and wax cars without using a drop of water.


Gum GumGum Gum, founded in 2007, is an advertising agency which delivers highly visible campaigns and rich insight to marketers by unlocking the value of connected images.


Hello SocietyHello Society, founded in 2012, utilizes Pinterest and social media influencers for seamlessly balanced, unique and compelling marketing campaigns.

Want to work for a startup? Check out these technology jobs from our job board.

naritivNaritiv, founded in 2014, is a creative advertising company that works with top influential ‘Snapchatters’, and then measures and tracks results in a custom-built dashboard.


RadPadRadPad, founded in 2013, is a rental marketplace that enables renters to find an apartment, apply and pay their rent entirely online.


RipMediaRipMedia, founded in 2007, has taken video production to the next level by developing interactive action within commercials and animations.


TisprTispr, founded in 2014, is the mobile marketplace for the freelance workforce. Tispr’s mission is to create a sustainable, reliable and safe ecosystem to instantly connect, collaborate and work., founded in 2012, has created the technology to enable global employers to offer student loan payments as an employee benefit.

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LA’s Best Technology Manager

Aaron Stibel, CTO at Dun & BradstreetAaron Stibel

“A Culture of Growth.”

Aaron is proud of the fact that one of his very first engineering hires was recently promoted to Engineering Director. In fact, all of their top positions (engineers, DevOps, PMO, Data, BI, and Infrastructure) have been promoted from within.

Dun & Bradstreet provides commercial data to businesses on credit history, business-to-business sales and marketing, counterparty risk exposure, supply chain management, lead scoring and social identity matching.

David EphraimDavid Ephraim, CEO at ATAK Interactive

“Let’s grow together.”

David sets aside half of his mornings to meet with his employees to learn and keep up with current digital trends in order to better offer the latest tech updates to their clients.

ATAK Interactive develops web-based tools for their customers utilizing open source code software, creating custom permissions and integrating independent pieces of software together where necessary.

Demetrius D HarrisDemitrius D. Harris, President at DragonFire Digital Media

“No idea is off the table.”

Demetrius empowers employees of DragonFire to be truly involved in shaping the company culture from the ground up, thanks to an active and open communication management style.

DragonFire takes pride in helping businesses optimize its mobile devices, social media and search engine presence.

Jen-BanJen-Ban Ho, CTO at TicketManager

“Learn and own your project.”

Jen-Ban Ho believes in collaboration and gives team members of all levels the opportunity to stretch and contribute at a higher level on their projects.

TicketManager is available on any connected device and enables companies to manage their sports, entertainment and special events tickets, and measure the impact on their business.

Lukas SilwkaLukas Sliwka, CTO at Grindr

“Cross-team pollination.”

Lukas promotes great engineering processes and giving everyone the chance to advance their careers either through specialization or cross-team pollination. The guild-meetings that he helped set up also do wonders helping team members get exposed to new areas and technology.

Grindr is the world’s leading mobile social network app exclusively for gay, bi and curious men.

Michael GeyerMichael Geyer, Director of Evangelism and Emerging Technology at Autodesk

“Hands on.”

Michael believes in getting his team the hands-on experience they need. His ritual team building task of choice: escape room challenges.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind. It connects the entire product development process in a single cloud-based platform that works on both Mac and PC.

Niall McSheffreyNiall McSheffrey, Managing Partner and Founder at Elementz Interactive

“Good to Great.”

Niall believes having the right people on the bus is more important than hiring for a specific job. If the person has a great skillset but doesn’t fit the position, they will encourage and help them to move into the right position.

Elementz Interactive is a Full Service Software Solutions Company Specializing in the Design and Development of Web, Cloud, Mobile and ERP Systems.

Phillippe LewickiPhillippe Lewicki, Captain at HTML Fusion


Phillippe has instituted a system of government called Holacracy, which grants employees authority over their roles within the company. This provides flexibility to propose changes and suggestions to improve and grow.

HTML Fusion uses innovation and Virtual Reality to enhance the way people interact with machines to work, learn, play and socialize.

Ross McCrayRoss McCray, CEO at VideoAmp

“Integrity, Passion and Mastery.”

Ross started a program called InnoVamp that sponsors a two-week trip for high-performing employees to travel anywhere in the world with some colleagues to work on an innovative idea and then return and demo for the team. He has also put aside an educational budget for every employee towards learning and developing new skills and perspectives.

VideoAmp is the first company to be solely focused on enabling advertisers and content owners to transact across all screens seamlessly in a total video/advance TV market.

Shawn BullockShawn Bullock, Lead Technical Mentor at MakerSquare

“Sharing knowledge.”

Shawn’s dedication to the student experience at MakerSquare, coupled with his deep industry knowledge, allows him to put people directly in a position to gain an accelerated start in the tech industry.

MakerSquare is a three-month full-time career accelerator for software engineering. By teaching computer science fundamentals and modern web languages, it prepares students to join top flight engineering teams.

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LA’s Best Technology Work Culture

Anders Innovations

“Learning with the Community.”

Anders is dedicated to the craft of developing with Open Source technologies. To help the Open Source community learn together, the company holds many different events and meetups. The team at Anders Innovations regularly hosts and sponsors meetups and events around the world in many Open Source subjects including Python, Django and machine learning, and invite people of all technical backgrounds to come out and learn with them.

Anders Innovations is an enterprise web and app development company taking their customer e-desires and turning them into reality.

andres 2

“Employee Beta Testing.” hosts internal ‘lunch and learns’, does employee beta testing, and organizes tech updates biweekly, where the employees are able to see and learn firsthand updates that the company is putting forth. Additionally, all tech team members have open-door policies and make a point of letting the team know that they are there to help and teach as much as needed. is an online catering platform that allows teams to customize their meals for one-off events or recurring calendar plans.

Cater2me 2


“Strong Mentor System.”

ChowNow offers a mentorship program, where outside industry leaders are invited in to help mentor high-performing employees. In response, these industry mentors get some equity in the company to help keep them motivated and involved with ChowNow employees.

ChowNow is an online ordering platform that specializes in branded mobile apps and a suite of marketing services for restaurants.

ChowNow 2

Cornerstone OnDemand

“A day dedicated to learning.”

Cornerstone OnDemand hosts Development Days every other month, in which all their employees take a day to learn and teach about anything they are interested in. They host sessions on a wide range of topics (things that are relevant to Cornerstone, and some that aren’t) and are available throughout the day. These can be technical (how to code in Python, Unit Testing, etc.), business related (how to understand earnings calls, competitor Intel, etc.), or fun (beer tasting, crafts, etc.).

Cornerstone OnDemand is the largest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise learning company providing talent and performance management solutions.

cornerstone 2

Cross Campus

“Multiple Work Zones.”

Cross Campus promotes technical creativity. Creativity and productivity require our brains to work in various modes of attention (focus work, multi-tasking work, mental rest, etc.). Any well-designed space needs to have multiple work zones that support these various modes.

Cross Campus is a collaborative workspace, meeting space, and large scale event space located in the heart of Santa Monica and Pasadena.

cross campus 2

Deloitte Digital

“Chasing Passion Projects.”

20% of billable time is given to teams to spend on a ‘Passion Project’. The teams collaborate in the studio to push ideas into innovation.

Deloitte Digital is a technical consultancy creating new and innovative experiences from Virtual Reality to Zero UI.

deloitte digital 2

Fishermen Labs

“Solving Problems.”

Fishermen Labs practices agile development. This process promotes technical creativity because it empowers engineers and designers to creatively solve the complex problems they face while building products and learn the best solutions to challenges as they build the product, and in the process enhance their ability to make the best decisions possible.

Fishermen Labs is a web & application development agency building cutting edge websites, mobile products, and e-commerce solutions.

fishermen labs 2


“Empowering Creativity.”

IRIS.TV empowers its engineers to introduce and implement new features of their own design. Fostering this creativity and initiative has allowed the company to grow by leaps and bounds in 2015 with even more growth already taking place in 2016.

IRIS.TV develops web and mobile videos on its personalized programming platform that are adaptive and make recommendations backed by analytics.

iris tv 2


“Creating the conversation.”

One of the most interesting aspects of KeyInfo’s technical learning development is its blog and content creation process. Everyone is a guest writer for the blog, and everyone (spanning multiple departments) contributes. Encouraging people from all different technical backgrounds to pick a relevant industry/company topic and give their unbiased two-cents creates a very colorful pallet of relevant content KeyInfo shares via online channels.

Key Information Systems (KeyInfo) is an IT system integrator utilizing a team of experienced and knowledgeable IT architects who implement and secure technology solutions that make their clients more competitive.



“Let’s Experiment.”

Twenty20 allows anyone with a mobile phone to showcase and sell their photos. Every day they run multiple photo challenges as sparks of inspiration to go out and create. The end result is aspiring photographers out capturing life as it happens and being rewarded for that creativity both in social currency and real cash earnings.

Twenty20 is stock photography for the mobile age. They connect photographers, most of which shoot on their phones, with brands and agencies interested in licensing authentic, real-life photos for their own creative projects.

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twenty20 2d

The Timmy Awards ceremony will celebrate the local technology community and also recognize not only the winners, but the entire LA community for creating a business environment to thrive in. The event itself will be a great opportunity to network with finalists and other members of the tech community. RSVP to attend the Timmys in LA, and see how you can get involved with the event and Tech in Motion Los Angeles in general. 

LA Vote 2

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