Third Annual Timmy Awards Now Accepting Nominations for 2017’s Best in Tech


Tech in Motion invites the tech community to choose the top IT employers in North America

(July 11, 2017) – Tech in Motion, one of North America’s largest tech event series, is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 2017 Timmy Awards. The Timmys recognize companies and managers that create the best places for technology professionals to work in 10 major cities, with past finalists such as Jet, Venmo, Facebook and Pandora. The awards program will accept submissions here today through August 14.

“While there are dozens of award ceremonies recognizing companies for technological advancements, the Timmy Awards aim to celebrate the employers and managers that make this growth possible,” says Mandy Walker, Director of Marketing at Tech in Motion and Motion Recruitment Partners. “Since the Timmy Awards were created in 2015, over 400 finalists have been celebrated for creating work environments that enable innovation in the technology spheres of various industries.”

For companies or managers in the communities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, LA, Orange County & San Diego and Toronto, the public can submit nominations for any of the four Timmy Award categories this year:

On August 21, Tech in Motion will announce the Timmy Award finalists for each region and kick off the voting period, which will officially be open to the public until September 8.  Winners will be selected through a combination of votes from the tech community and a panel of local judges. For a comprehensive description of the awards, nomination and voting process, please check out the Timmy Awards here.

Award winners will be announced at a live ceremony in each city during the month of September, with presentations from leaders in the tech community. The Timmy Awards Ceremony is a free event open to the public. To find out additional event details on the Timmy Awards nearest you, visit

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About Tech in Motion Events

Tech in Motion is an international events series that brings local tech community professionals together to connect, learn, and innovate. What started as a collaborative project between IT recruiting firms  Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates in 2011, grew into an organization of over 85,000 members across 11 chapters in North America including Boston, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, LA, Orange County and Toronto. Please visit for more information about our notable speakers, sponsors and events.

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UI/UX Design Principles at a Transportation Startup & Beyond

Written by Matt Stein, Director of Product Design at Metromile

I’ve been at Metromile for about ten months now. It’s my first startup and in short I love it. Previously, I led design for the Salesforce Community Cloud and was all things AutoCAD during my time at Autodesk. The biggest thing between the two previous companies and Metromile is size and maturity. They are big goliaths! Metromile is small and nimble. I joined Metromile as employee 65. There was an existing design team doing great work and my primary goal was (and is) to elevate design at the company, incorporate strong design processes, and be the champion for the user.

In my relatively short time here we have accomplished a lot; an app redesign, refreshing our quote and enroll flow (have you got a quote yet?), new processes, visioning weeks, new state launches, and hiring hiring hiring (which deserves a blog post unto itself). It’s been an amazing whirlwind that I could not be more proud to be a part of.

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Along the way I have learned a lot and have tons more to learn. Every day poses new and interesting challenges. Below is a little insider info into UI/UX design from me, and teaser of some of the topics we will be discussing at the panel event on Feb. 25 hosted at Metromile’s offices.

What are the three UX principles that are most important to a transportation startup? Why?

Three principles, beyond the core principles of intuitiveness, ease-of-use, and others, that we keep in mind are “Glanceable”, “Clarity”, and “D.E.F.”:

  1. Glanceable – People aren’t using our app like Facebook or Instagram. They open the app to see where there car is, view their last trip, check their fuel gauge, etc. That information needs to be at their fingertips.
  2. Clarity – Secondly, it needs to be clear. There is a lot of data about your trip. What do we show you, what do we not show you. What’s that sweet spot.  Don’t show information just because we have access to it. Less is indeed more.
  3. Delightful. Engaging. Fun.- This is kind of three in one, but how do we make using the app a delightful, engaging, and fun experience. How do we get the user to like the app so much they want to go and tell their friends. This comes down to both features in the app and how we go about design. Our street-sweeping feature is a great example. People are alerted to a possible ticket and are delighted that we have saved them money.

How do you delight and engage your users?

Taking a step back, we’re taking something like car insurance, which is typically dry, and making it fun and engaging. Our first goal is always to get you the information you need or enable you to complete a task. Many Metromile customers are actually delighted by our feature set alone. Street sweeping, which I already mentioned is a great example. The ability to see the amount of fuel left in your car is another.  Outside of specific features, the design team looks for touch points where we can add delightment and engagement. One opportunity we had with the Metromile app was our use of illustrations for empty and loading states.  These illustrations are fun, reflect our brand, and tie together the online and app experiences.


In an exploration of our dashboard redesign, we’ve been able to do some really fun stuff that infuses our brand with your car.  If you drive a Prius, you will see your Prius in our illustrative style above your policy info. If you have a Mustang, you will see your Mustang in our illustrative style. It’s not realistic that every car will have a specific illustration, but we are hitting the most popular among our user base. We could have just had a generic car avatar and left it at that – but in user testing, the look you see on people’s faces when they see their own car pictured is just awesome (that’s the delight factor!).

What is the most recent change you have made to your design process? Why?

The team recently read a great article by Scott Hurff about designing for the whole user interaction stack – basically every state of a user’s interaction. You might be thinking, “Yes, this is obvious,” but too often anything other than the base or ideal state is overlooked. It is an afterthought for design and development. Scott goes into great detail about many examples of Partial, Empty (Blank), Error, and Loading states.

We brought this idea into our design process for a new project and changed this around a bit. We call it BLEEP, which stands for Base, Loading, Error, Empty, Partial. It guides the designer and team to think about all of these different states from the beginning. Too often everything but the Base state is overlooked or an afterthought.  This puts it in the forefront. It has also helped to develop a common language between design and development. BLEEP is just part of our product development process now. Plus the name is cool.

If you’re interested in hearing more about UX/UI Design in the Transportation Space, join me at the next Tech Talk, Feb. 25 from 6-8:30 p.m. at Metromile (690 Folsom Street). RSVP here.

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MattAbout Author

Matt Stein, Director of Product Design, Metromile

Matt champions the user’s needs across mobile and web products as the Director of Design at Metromile. Before that, he was the Director of UX at Salesforce for the Community and Chatter products. Matt has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from University of California at Santa Barbara.

8 Tech Companies That Will Revolutionize Your Life

Are you struggling on the apartment hunt? Don’t know where to park? Don’t have a car? Don’t want to get off the couch to change the TV channel? Everyday life is full of hurdles, but tech companies in San Francisco are coming to the rescue, and locals got the chance to see how.  At Tech in Motion’s September event, more than 200 enthusiasts packed the coworking space Geekdom SF by Rackspace for a night of networking, drinks and demos from 8 startups that could revolutionize our lives. Check out some of the latest products and ideas from these hot tech companies; Ring ZERO, Stitch Fix, Metromile, Getaround, CurbNinja, Lovely, Nommery, AdtoApp, and GroovBooth.

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Demo Company Highlights of the Night:

    • Want a tech wearable where you can turn on your TV, change a presentation slide, and even control your game? RingZERO is a wearable input device that allows you to control almost anything! During the duration of the event, they kept score for one of the games and the top scoring techie walked home with their very own RingZero.
    • Stitch Fix showcased racks of hand-selected clothing that were made to fit specific lifestyle and body shapes based technologies built in-house by the Stitch Fix’s algorithms and engineering teams.
    • Another hit of the night was Metromile, who is revolutionizing the auto insurance world with its pay-per-mile model. They had a swag wheel at their booth constantly spinning, so a number of winners walked away sporting some new Metromile gear throughout the night.
    • Getaround, past winner of TechCrunch Disrupt and a “top startup to watch” according to the Wall Street Journal, is a local company based in San Francisco that enables peer-to-peer car sharing. Through their app, they’ve built a unique community where people can locate, rent and unlock great cars simply by using their phones, for as little as $5 an hour. Members can also rent out their whip for a maximum earn of $10,000 per year. Craving a BMW? A Tesla? Check, check.

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getaround curbninja

    • CurbNinja knows that parking in the city can be a nightmare for motorcycles and scooters, from tickets to damage to towing. Their platform helps motorbikers find free & paid parking nearby and share new spots with the community. Spots are easy to comprehend and include photos to reduce confusion. All spots tagged have been vetted by riders within the CurbNinja community. The app also conveniently displays all the motorbike-friendly businesses nearby.
    • Mobile app revenue tracker AdtoApp presents an innovative solution for better revenues. They aim to double your revenue based on an adjustable algorithm involving the on-going filtering of demand-side buyers by eCPM rate (effective cost per thousand impressions.) The eCPM rate is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. AdtoApp uses their automatic algorithms to mediate the highest eCPM and approach a 100% fill rate.
    • Lovely created a new solution to apartment hunting pitfalls. Their product gives users real-time data and innovative tools to help renters find and lease without breaking a sweat. According to Lovely, their work isn’t finished until they can help renters everywhere find the perfect place.

lovely sf tech in motion

  • An algorithm built by Nommery that matches members with fellow diners who are compatible based on interests, personalities and motivation (e.g. they joined Nommery to meet new friends, professional connections and/or romantic partners.) Each member will only see events catering to their specific wants and needs.
  •  A special appearance by the GroovBooth photo booth brought in attendees to take pictures with friends using cool props like wacky sunglasses and cartoon-staches.

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Instant Gratification with On-Demand Apps in San Francisco

This summer, Tech in Motion San Francisco gathered at Geekdom to celebrate the companies that make up a huge part of SF’s tech culture–on demand apps. In SF almost anything can be delivered–from groceries to cookies to in-home massages. Tech in Motion dove head first into the newest and hottest apps that give us instant gratification on a daily basis.

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Members flooded the space around 6 p.m. and began circling the room to explore the companies demoing. They were pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of apps ready to show off their products.

DU5C2258 - Copy

The Tech in Motion team made the rounds at the event to explore what each app had to offer. The companies were as follows:

Doorman – Doorman promises to make sure you never miss a package delivery again. They’re working to change the frustrating reality of mail delivery and ensure that you get your packages when you’re home and available. They gave out promo codes for delivery at the event and wowed members with their practicality.

Doughbies – On demand cookie delivery. Doughbies promises homemade cookies within 20 minutes. They deliver to the SF area and are looking to expand as they grow. The company brought homemade cookies to the event and they were quite a hit!

Interested in being a demo company? Contact a Tech in Motion organizer near you.

Heal – Heal is bringing back the house call. They deliver doctors to your home for $100 a visit. The best part? They can schedule appointments up until 8PM so you no longer have to miss work for a doctor’s appointment! They handed out coupons for first appointments at the event.

LiquidSpace – LiquidSpace is the Airbnb for office spaces. They provide on-demand rental for workspaces and have a wide range in size, price and location. They’re located all over the world and headquartered in the Bay Area. In a community of startups and small companies they impressed the Tech in Motion members by giving them an alternative to coworking spaces.

Scoot – Scooter rentals for the Bay Area. Scoot offers instant access to scooters that allow anyone to zip around San Francisco. Each scooter comes with a helmet and classes are offered to teach first timers how to drive their scooter. The highlight of their booth was the full size scooter displayed for members to admire.

Shuddle – Shuddle offers an Uber-like service for kids. The company provides background searched drivers to parents to drive their kids to and from activities. Rides are scheduled ahead of time, can be tracked in real time and each driver has prior experience working with kids.


Shyp – Shyp is working to make the shipping process easier overall. They will ship anything to any destination. They pick up items and pack and ship them to give a seamless shipping experience. The highlight of their booth was a promo code and exclusive Shyp SF bags.

Social Print Studio – Social Print Studio specializes in transforming Instagrams into printed materials. They give instant access to photo books, magnets and more. They make great gifts for the Instagram lover! Their booth had promo codes and colorful photos of cats in space.

VetPronto – The on-demand service made for pet owners. VetPronto offers house veterinary appointments for animals of all shapes and sizes. Rather than dragging sick animals into the car, the service is delivered to your house when it is convenient for you. The highlight of their booth was branded doggy bags.

Zeel – On-demand massages. Zeel brings hour massages to the home or the office. They do specials at work and home including group sessions and couple massages. They’ve become very popular with the startup scene in SF and even brought a massage table to the event!

DU5C2091 - Copy

SF Tech in Motion members were impressed with the ten demo companies present at the event. Each app proved to have a different purpose and idea behind them. When a handful of attendees were asked which table was their favorite, the answers were all over the board–every startup was mentioned at least once among the favorites.

As the night came to a close, members gathered up the last of the snacks, drinks and freebies. They traded contact info with the other members and left with new apps on their phone – and a renewed appreciation for the on demand culture. Don’t miss San Fran’s next event August 20th: One Giant Tech Mixer.

San Francisco Celebrates 5,000 Members

About a month ago, Tech in Motion San Francisco celebrated a huge milestone; 5,000 members! The chapter gathered at WeWork SF to celebrate together over drinks and networking. As the afternoon rolled around the venue was quickly transforming from a co-working space to a trendy party scene.

The night was filled with specialty cocktails, pizza, a 5K cake and a photo booth. Members mingled long into the night and clinked their drinks as a toast to Tech in Motion was made.

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In honor of this great milestone Tech in Motion gathered some memorable moments from our very own SF membership over the past few years. See what they had to say:





The SF chapter has had a fantastic few years growing and exploring the local tech scene with all its members. It wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous groups of people that attend each month!

It also wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Learn more about becoming one here.

As the 5K Member Celebration came to a close at WeWork, members finished up in the game room, had a last piece of cake and took one last round in the photo booth. They left with new connections, excited for the next event and milestone.


Sight and Sound Tech Unveiled: Demos with San Fran

Tech in Motion San Francisco kicked off 2015 by hosting one of their largest attendee and RSVP count to date! Located in the heart of SoMa, tech enthusiasts lined up down the street at SupperClub Lounge. These technology aficionados just couldn’t wait to get their hands on the cutting edge virtual reality and music technologies demoing at Tech in Motion’s Sight and Sound Tech Demo Night. With over 300 attendees this venue was pulsing with energy! Much of this hype was rooted from the high RSVP count on Eventbrite and Meetup totalling just shy of 1,000!

blogSF_demo Companies demoing consisted of Sixense, Wearhaus, Jaunt VR, Leap Motion, and the sponsor for the evening, Postmates. Each booth offered an undefined experience that left members reevaluating what the future holds for technology.

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First to demo was Sixense, who showed off state of the art VR Lightsabers. The lightsaber or sword is the true test for a one-to-one motion tracking system in VR. A first time attending member, Ali, said Sixense was, “really amazing, everything was so realistic”.

Wearhaus showcased wirelessly syncing multiple headphones that allow for two people to listen together. Wearhaus showed how fast music technology is moving and how they are re-imagining classic pieces of hardware to electrifying levels. Members enjoyed a syncronized music experience unlike anything they’d seen before.


Next up was Jaunt VR. They demonstrated a comprehensive toolset for creating cinematic VR that allowed users to film, edit and show off live virtual reality content. At the end of the evening one lucky Tech in Motion member was even awarded one of these devices for an Android phone.


Leap Motion showed technology that uses camera sensors, infrared LEDs and precise mathematical algorithms to translate hand and finger movements into dynamic 3D input. Members were blown away by the sensory tech shown at this booth. At the end of the night Leap Motion raffled off 10 controllers–one Tech in Motion member, Hassan, said “wow, I hope I win one of these! They are too cool!”.

Lastly, Postmates, often described as “everyone’s favorite delivery company” teamed up with Tech in Motion as the social sponsor for the evening. They had an exclusive $100 credit contest for Tech in Motion members at the event–one lucky member walked away with $100 in Postmates deliveries. In addition to the credit contest they gave away t-shirts, swag, buttons and one on one demos of their app.


As members made their way through the booths the chatter was living up to the event’s hype.

Rubi, a local SF engineer revealed that “I’ve heard about Tech in Motion but have never been. It’s really cool to see how many people come and how easy it is to talk to everyone”. In another corner of the space, Jaimie, a local tech professional said, “After coming to this one I would love to check out another”. The positive energy was flowing as swiftly as the VR experiences.

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As the event came to a close members began flowing out of the packed venue. One member Kevin, a local Data Analyst Engineer, exclaimed “give it 5 years and this [VR] will be the next way everyone does social networking.”

The proud creators of Tech in Motion;  Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners, continue to provide IT Permanent Placement & Contractor Staffing services within nine US cities.

Drinks & Data in San Francisco with Tech in Motion

Last winter, San Francisco techies flew through the industrial doors of Quid to begin a night of networking and data visualization. As the food and drinks flowed, attendees networked and looked forward to the speaker series following the cocktail hour, featuring Joey Hobbs of Quid, Mikko Jarvenpaa of Infogram and Alex Salkever of

Find a tech speaker series near you on Tech in Motion’s list of upcoming events.

One Tech in Motion member, Robert, who is a customer success manager from SF, said he was “excited for the panel to start and learn more about data visualization”.


As members began to fill the space they made their way through tea sandwiches and vegetable platters as well as the beer and wine bar. Guests mingled over the latest in data news and common interests. One member mentioned that she “wasn’t expecting so many people” and that it was “encouraging to see so many tech people in one place.” The crowd still quieted down easily in anticipation of the tech talk from the three tech experts of the night.


First on the microphone was Alex Salkever from Alex showed Tech in Motion how members can use Silk to take data and turn it into rich, interactive visuals that are easier to comprehend and can be helpful in business. He stressed the importance of communicating efficiently through visuals and using them to improve business strategy.

Next up was Mikko Jarvenpaa from Infogram. Mikko showed how Infogram’s product can assist anyone in making infographics for their personal and business uses. He also emphasized how prominent infographs are becoming amongst Internet searches and in business plans.


Last on the stage was Joey Hobbs from Quid. He brought up an interactive analytical map that showed different relationships between data visualization companies. This map could compare information between two companies, such as funding, to help formulate better business decisions. He dove deep into the technical side of data visualization and wowed the audience with his expertise on the matter.

Upon finishing the talks members were given twenty minutes to do a Q&A with the speakers. Questions were flying until the very end of the session and continued after the official presentation time was over. All three speakers were greeted with curious members that wanted to know just one more thing about data visualization. Greg, a member from SF, explained “although it’s not what I’ve done in my background, I enjoyed hearing about data visualization.”

Interested in getting in sponsoring a Tech in Motion event  in your city? Get more info here.


As the night came to a close members finished up last drinks and closed conversations with the exchange of business cards. They chatted about the speakers, what they learned and how they’d use data visualization in the future. The last members cleared Quid’s large doors around 9 p.m. with a group of people that had met that night. Attend San Fran’s next Tech in Motion event by joining the chapter there.

Oktober Tech Fest Sparks Friendly Competition

One day last October, Southside Spirit House in downtown San Francisco was bustling with anticipation as they waited to open their doors for Tech in Motion attendees. Sponsor booths were set up, drink tickets were prepared to be given out and tech trivia questions were awaiting worthy contenders. At 6’o’clock sharp, the first members began to arrive.

© Irina Bourova Photography

Tech in Motion members flooded the bar in what seemed like one swift moment. Within fifteen minutes, the place was packed as members mingled and networked over Oktoberfest themed beers and bar foods. Business cards were exchanged as pretzels and brats filled the room. However, the exciting part of the evening – tech trivia – didn’t kick off until 7 p.m. \

Members gathered in groups of five and created team names. The nine teams that played  got creative with names like “Sudo Win” and “Techmania.” As they settled in with score cards and a strong sense of competition, the emcee took the stage. He introduced the competition along with the sponsors for the evening, Jobspring Partners, Workbridge Associates and Bindle.

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The competition quickly got underway, and it was fierce for the get-go. Questions were flying like  “when was the first iPod sold?” and “what does HTML stand for?” Cheers and sighs were heard from the members as the answers were revealed.

© Irina Bourova Photography

As the competition continued it was clear that it would be a tight race. Eventually the game came to a close, and the winners were announced. A huge congratulations was extended to team “Logical Valacy” who won the game by one point. They cheered and collected their Target gift card prizes (below).


While the competition was over, the networking carried on through the evening. Members continued to mingle and exchange friendly, competitive banter. Eventually around 8:30 p.m., the booths came down and the emcee wrapped up his microphone as Tech in Motion San Francisco’s Tech Trivia came to a close. Members exited the doors of Southside Spirit House having learned new tech facts and made new connections.

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San Francisco’s Health and Fitness Demo Event

Earlier this fall, over 250 San Francisco techies gathered at WeWork SOMA to discover the hottest wellness technologies at Tech in Motion’s Health and Fitness Demo event. They weren’t disappointed as the night kicked off with a bang; Demo company, fitmob, started up the event with a Tech in Motion group workout. It got all the attendees moving as top 40 hits bounced off the WeWork walls. The workout got the energy in the room up – everyone was laughing and high-fiving strangers by the time the music stopped.


After completing the workout, guests were free to peruse the demo booths. There was no escaping exercise that night, because no matter what table members went to, all 12 companies were all about keeping it fit.

Two fitness companies, Vint and Tribesports took over one area with a jointly-led planking contest. The two had worked together before and definitely brought the energy, which is no surprise since they both specialize in community fitness. In addition to the plank contest, Vint and Tribesports handed out freebies to the Tech in Motion members together, all night long.

techinmotion-53 - Copy

The next table included SweatGuru and fitmob. Both companies connect people with workouts and trainers. fitmob showed members how they can make group workouts more fun than the gym while SweatGuru introduced their app and how it can connect members with trainers. The two companies wowed members with their exciting apps and brightly decorated booths.

techinmotion-67 - Copy

Next up was Lumosity and Spire. These two companies appeal to different interests, but together they pulled in a great crowd. Lumosity showed members how to use tech to improve their mind through brain testing activities. On the other end of the table, Spire, showed off a new type of fitness wearable that connects your body and your mind.

As members rounded the corner they were able to check out Fitbit and Fitt. Much like Vint and Tribesports, these two companies have collaborated in the past. Fitbit, a fitness wearable, showed how its different products gather health information like steps, weight and sleep quality. Fitt worked off Fitbit with an app that showed members how to set up challenges against their friends using wearables. The two companies drew a large crowd with their free swag – raffles and t-shirts.


Another duo of the night was Keas and Runtastic. Keas was the social sponsor for the evening and showed members how fitness can improve the work environment significantly. They gave away free vegetable shaped stress balls while Runtastic demoed their newest wearables.

The last table was Misfit Wearables and FYTNS. Misfit showed off their very popular wearable and got members excited about a raffle of five Misfit Shines at the end of the night. FYTNS introduced members to group workouts and handed out fruit and coconut water at their end of the table.

techinmotion-40 - Copy

As members finished their rounds in the demo room they stopped for food and drinks. They enjoyed a variety of wines, beers and cheeses as they networked with other members. Lighthearted debates over favorite demos filled the air.

The raffle kicked off around 8:15PM and huge prizes were given away. A large handful of lucky Tech in Motion members walked away with Fitbit scales, Fitbit wearables, fashionable Misfit Shines, numerous free workout plans with personal trainers and 3-year-long subscriptions to Lumosity!


Everyone was a winner that night! Whether it was sniping the raffle or just having a great time, members walked away with smiles on their faces and new apps loaded on their phones. Be one of them by signing up for Tech in Motion SF today!

Recap “Big Data: It’s a Big Deal”

On Tuesday, March 25th, San Francisco techies gathered at Tagged HQ with one common interest: big data. Tech in Motion’s “Big Data: It’s a Big Deal” brought San Franciscans together to network and learn about big data from two local experts, Dr. Konstantin (Cos) Boudnik and Jerome Banks.highres_346078872

Like most Tech in Motion events, the night began with networking and drinks. Tagged HQ provided a large, open layout for techies to mingle and network over drinks and pizza. While new connections were made guests were invited to explore booths from the sponsors Microsoft, Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates.

Presentations began midway through the evening with a compelling introduction to Microsoft’s OneNote from Orlando O’Neill. He gave a personal and thorough demonstration of how OneNote can be applied to everyday life. 2

Next came the big data experts. Dr. Cos Boudnik spoke first about his experience with big data and developing the software Hadoop, an open source framework for storage and large-scale processing. He discussed how open source can result in highly successful projects and is incredibly important for the future. He closed his presentation with a detailed demo for the audience.1965562_616075765153240_33412_oFollowing Boudnik was Jerome Banks, a data engineer working with Hadoop technologies and a primary contributor to the Brickhouse open source library of Hive UDFs. Banks explained how his work with the Brickhouse Library contributes to big data and functionality of projects. Upon finishing his presentation he opened the floor up for questions and discussion. Photo (3)

As the night came to a close, the speakers mingled with guests and answered lingering questions over glasses of wine. Attendees left with new contacts and a better understanding of big data as a whole. Don’t miss out on the next Tech in Motion event in San Francisco – join the group here.