Orange County & San Diego’s Timmy Awards Winners Announced

Tech in Motion Orange County hosted its inaugural Timmy Awards at Applied Innovated (formerly UCI Institute for Innovation), on October 15, 2015. The awards recognize Orange County and San Diego’s top employers for technology professionals with a ceremony crowning the best work culture, technology managers, and startup leaders. More than 130 nominations were submitted and 5,971 votes counted from local Tech in Motion community members.

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“We were delighted to host our annual Timmy Awards in one of the most innovative tech hubs and honor Orange County’s top technology employers and managers,” said Matt Najera, Vice President, IT Staffing Solutions of Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners. “These companies have proven to be the top workplaces for technology professionals and deserve recognition in their community.”

The 2015 Timmy Award Winners for Orange County and San Diego are:

First runner-ups were also awarded certificates, as the voting for all three categories was extremely close! The first runner-ups are: Illuminate Education (Best Technology Work Culture), Phillip Pham – Chief Technology Officer at Cypher Genomics (Best Technology Manager, pictured below middle), and Zadara Storage (Best Tech Startup). View the full list of 28 Timmy Awards finalists here.


Tech in Motion honors the best technology employers in Orange County & San Diego on an annual basis at the Timmy Awards. The Timmy Awards first debuted in Boston in February 2015 and are presented throughout the year in tech hub cities across North America, including New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Previous winners have included innovators such as Venmo, Trip Advisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper, and Instacart. The next awards ceremony will take place in Washington D.C. on November 4, 2015.

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The Orange County event featured demos from EZDrone and PUSH while members entertained themselves with the FoxTales photo storybooth. Sponsors for the evening included IBM, Veritone, LearningFuze, FoxTales, Eureka Building, Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates.

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foxtales booth

The Timmys will soon be hosted in all ten Tech in Motion cities. Please frequently visit for more information and regular updates.

Adapting Cyber Security in a New Era of Corporate Destruction

Corporations suffered more cyber attacks in 2014 than ever before, causing the loss of business intelligence and personally identifiable information at an alarming rate. As a result, confidentiality issues and privacy concerns have fueled discussions in the media and become top of mind among corporate executives.

Then, at the end of the year the conversation changed. A major attack aimed at corporate destruction served as a sobering wake-up call. It’s not only the frequency of cybercrime that is escalating – it’s the severity of damage.

Adversaries that commit cyber crime for personal and financial gain could soon be the least of our worries. The world has now seen an activation of foes that are likely well-funded by nation states or driven deep ideological motivations — taking innovation and persistence to new levels.

This evolution in the threat landscape sparked rare warnings from the FBI and Europol in late 2014 urging organizations to prepare for new types of campaigns aimed at destruction. Seems that our adversaries have upped the ante, and we are now facing sophisticated attackers determined to delete data, tamper with control systems and even cause physical harm.

How do corporations mitigate these devastating risks? Are there any precedents for these types of attacks? How can we adapt our cyber security thinking and tactics?

In this January’s Security Magazine Steve Chabinsky, CrowdStrike’s General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer, explains that in addition to protecting data privacy – corporations need to maintain a focus on the integrity and availability of essential data, systems and services. Using examples from destructive breaches in the last few years, he explores lessons learned and tactics that can help us prepare adversaries aiming for corporate destruction.

To read the entire article as featured on Security Magazine, click here.

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