DC launches into 2016 at Penn Social

Tech in Motion closed 2015 with a 3 month stretch of flagship events that included DC’s 1st Annual Timmy Awards and the nationwide 50,000 Member Celebration: a Big Party for a Big Thanks, which was celebrated in 10 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Last month, DC’s chapter of Tech in Motion welcomed its members to a laid-back mixer kicking off 2016, less than a week after the nation’s capital was buried under more than two feet of snow.

Starting around 5:45 p.m., members descended the stairs into the basement of Penn Social, a DC bar in the heart of Penn Quarter. Once downstairs, members found more than 30 draught beers, many childhood game favorites such as giant Jenga and Connect 4, an open floor for dancing (or cornhole) and their fellow Tech in Motion members! The bar advertises on their website that they “specialize in fun” and fun was certainly had by all.

Between rounds of shuffleboard and foosball, conversations were had and connections were made. Due to the snowy weather, many of the guests hailed from DC Proper, though that didn’t stop a few from Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia, and even one guest visiting all the way from Seattle!

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Agency tables for Tech in Motion sponsors Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners were buzzing all night, as guests seemed excited at the prospect of finding a new job – perhaps as a New Years’ Resolution.

The crowd showed no signs of dying down at 8 p.m. when the event officially closed, so the festivities proceeded unhindered. Although the check-in station was shut down and the agency tables were cleared, the conversations continued and Penn Social was more than happy to sate the guests with a wide variety of drink options, while the connections kept them mentally stimulated.

Upon the official close of the event at 9 p.m., there were lots of empty glasses and more importantly – smiles.

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Next month, Tech in Motion DC goes back to school with an Education Technology-themed Demos & Drinks event. To find more information about the event or to find another Tech in Motion chapter near you, visit the official site.

Brews, Views and Networking in NYC: January 2016

At the end of January, over 150 Tech in Motion NYC members gathered at The DL Rooftop Lounge for brews, views, and some world class networking. Despite impending Blizzard Jonas, the bar filled with technologists, tech enthusiasts, and job seekers.

Surrounded by The DL’s iconic greenery and center bar, the DJ spun an original mix to set the mood for some active networking. The moon shone bright through the glass roof as groups clustered around the bar and in the peripheral couches, networking and sharing inspiration.

A variety of motives had driven members old and new to the event. Some were there to network with like-minded professionals, while others arrived with what might be the next big idea, hoping to speak to potential developers. Innovation was in the air as ideas were exchanged on the tropical rooftop.

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On hand were professional tech consultants from Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates to offer insight into the current state of the market. With over 200,000 jobs in the tech industry in NYC—and over $1.3 billion in investment money to be had—having seasoned professionals on hand was invaluable.

“Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates are the proud creators of Tech in Motion Events,” said Sloane Barbour, the Regional Director of the two, “and as such, we strive to provide current insight on both the market and the art of searching for a job.”

At the close of the event, it was clear that members from a bevy of backgrounds had battled the weather to attend Tech in Motion. From journalists to investors, technologists to founders, connections were made across the board, and our attendees made their way to the after party down the block.

Check the event list for the Tech in Motion event coming to you this month.

San Francisco Celebrates 5,000 Members

About a month ago, Tech in Motion San Francisco celebrated a huge milestone; 5,000 members! The chapter gathered at WeWork SF to celebrate together over drinks and networking. As the afternoon rolled around the venue was quickly transforming from a co-working space to a trendy party scene.

The night was filled with specialty cocktails, pizza, a 5K cake and a photo booth. Members mingled long into the night and clinked their drinks as a toast to Tech in Motion was made.

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In honor of this great milestone Tech in Motion gathered some memorable moments from our very own SF membership over the past few years. See what they had to say:





The SF chapter has had a fantastic few years growing and exploring the local tech scene with all its members. It wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous groups of people that attend each month!

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As the 5K Member Celebration came to a close at WeWork, members finished up in the game room, had a last piece of cake and took one last round in the photo booth. They left with new connections, excited for the next event and milestone.


Drinks & Data in San Francisco with Tech in Motion

Last winter, San Francisco techies flew through the industrial doors of Quid to begin a night of networking and data visualization. As the food and drinks flowed, attendees networked and looked forward to the speaker series following the cocktail hour, featuring Joey Hobbs of Quid, Mikko Jarvenpaa of Infogram and Alex Salkever of Silk.co.

Find a tech speaker series near you on Tech in Motion’s list of upcoming events.

One Tech in Motion member, Robert, who is a customer success manager from SF, said he was “excited for the panel to start and learn more about data visualization”.


As members began to fill the space they made their way through tea sandwiches and vegetable platters as well as the beer and wine bar. Guests mingled over the latest in data news and common interests. One member mentioned that she “wasn’t expecting so many people” and that it was “encouraging to see so many tech people in one place.” The crowd still quieted down easily in anticipation of the tech talk from the three tech experts of the night.


First on the microphone was Alex Salkever from Silk.co. Alex showed Tech in Motion how members can use Silk to take data and turn it into rich, interactive visuals that are easier to comprehend and can be helpful in business. He stressed the importance of communicating efficiently through visuals and using them to improve business strategy.

Next up was Mikko Jarvenpaa from Infogram. Mikko showed how Infogram’s product can assist anyone in making infographics for their personal and business uses. He also emphasized how prominent infographs are becoming amongst Internet searches and in business plans.


Last on the stage was Joey Hobbs from Quid. He brought up an interactive analytical map that showed different relationships between data visualization companies. This map could compare information between two companies, such as funding, to help formulate better business decisions. He dove deep into the technical side of data visualization and wowed the audience with his expertise on the matter.

Upon finishing the talks members were given twenty minutes to do a Q&A with the speakers. Questions were flying until the very end of the session and continued after the official presentation time was over. All three speakers were greeted with curious members that wanted to know just one more thing about data visualization. Greg, a member from SF, explained “although it’s not what I’ve done in my background, I enjoyed hearing about data visualization.”

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As the night came to a close members finished up last drinks and closed conversations with the exchange of business cards. They chatted about the speakers, what they learned and how they’d use data visualization in the future. The last members cleared Quid’s large doors around 9 p.m. with a group of people that had met that night. Attend San Fran’s next Tech in Motion event by joining the chapter there.

“Kickstart” into 2015

When someone hears the word “Kickstart” it automatically sparks an interest and excitement. “Kickstart” embodies a vision, innovation, a dream, and the possibility of the next big thing in an industry.

High_Res_Logo_no_shield_Sm_400x400Tech in Motion: Silicon Valley wanted to start the New Year off with a bang and welcome 2015 with a “Kickstart” into the New Year Mixer held at Strike Brewery Co. in downtown San Jose.

This networking event was aimed with a goal to connect people and ideas together. Building off of one another made the theme of the night very inspiring whether you were new to the tech industry or a seasoned veteran. Conversations throughout the crowd, were of passionate tech enthusiasts who had their eye on what the future could possibly hold.

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The taproom for Strike was actually funded through Kickstarter making it the perfect venue to host this event. Located in an industrial environment with an open floor plan design, it was the ideal space to display their huge steel tanks for brewing. The mixer was packed with over 100 techies in attendance, ranging from Kickstart companies to founders in search of co-founders, and regular tech lovers interested in new products/designs.


The night was filled with plenty of perks for the early attendees including: free drink tickets, free group tours of the brewing facility, delicious food from Melts my Heart Truck, and a special promotion for members to come back between January 8th– February 28th to enjoy a “Buy one four-flight, get the second for a penny!”




Strike recently just released their new winter seasonal Stout. A crowd favorite for the event, it is definitely something to stop by and enjoy while relaxing and playing some games or watching your favorite sports team.


Keep the momentum going in Silicon Valley with Tech in Motion’s events coming up in spring: The Women of Influence Tech Talk on March 26th, the Social Tech Mixer on April 9th and more.

Not in Silicon Valley? Check out our list of events happening across the nation.

Year in Review Panel Discussion: Net Neutrality, Cyber Security and IoT

On Tuesday, January 27th, tech enthusiasts around the Washington metropolitan area braved the snowy weather to gather at 1776’s downtown location for Tech in Motion’s ‘A Year in Review’ panel discussion. Mike Chan, co-founder of local startup ribl and organizer of Startup Weekend DC, moderated the discussion. Panelists included Rob Pegoraro (Yahoo Tech), David Young (VP of Public Policy, Verizon), Lauren Maffeo (Aha! Labs), Patrick Merfert (9Lenses), and Mike Leurdjik (Core Capital).


Upon arriving, attendees were encouraged to enjoy some light networking before taking their seats to listen to the discussion on the biggest tech headlines of the past year as well as predictions for the upcoming year. Before the panel took to the stage to discuss the past year’s tech headlines, a few words were spoken by representatives from event sponsor companies Jobspring PartnersWorkbridge Associates, and Verizon FiOS.

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Mike Chan launched the discussion by making introductions down the line, and launched the conversation by asking each panelist to reflect on one big technology-related headline of the past year. With the annual State of the Net address having occurred earlier that day at the Newseum, Rob and David kicked things off seamlessly with a passionate dialogue about Net Neutrality, with each representing opposite sides and debating the pros and cons of net neutrality, title II, and Section 706. David finished the discussion by summarizing his stance supporting net neutrality rules, but asserted that implementation of title II would be a mistake.

Lauren then steered the conversation towards Fintech, a movement focused on disrupting the banking industry which gained tremendous momentum this past year. As an example, she cited the hugely popular Transferwise which has recently announced a 58M round of funding to expand their offerings internationally.


Almost inevitably, the dialogue turned towards the security breaches of the past year. Corporations such as Home Depot and Target fell prey to credit card hacks, the now infamous Sony hack revealed multitudes of confidential data, and the Central Command Twitter account (@centcom) was hacked while President Obama was giving a speech on the importance of cyber security–all of which served to highlight the growing importance of this industry.

“A scary trend that we have been seeing and will continue to see is data breaches. The size, volume, and sophistication of these attacks are increasing,” Patrick stated.

He spoke at length about cyber security and the seriousness of the problems that it’s presented. Despite these problems, Patrick also highlighted an upside to the issue.

“The silver lining about this is that it’s a great opportunity for security and defense startups,” Patrick noted. “[There is] a ton of opportunity for new entrants and agile startups to tackle these specific types of attacks.”

In a change of pace, Mike Leurdijk observed that the rate of change in the industry has continued to trend upwards over time. Resources are becoming more easily accessible and there is an increase in the amount of disruptors and collaboration occurring in the space.

“This [the rate of change] is something that’s increased from the past few years and it will continue to improve,” Mike stated. “It’s cheap, affordable to become an entrepreneur, there’s a huge amount of opportunity in the enterprise space, you see corporate VCs going further…it’s an exciting time to be here.

Predictions for trends and headlines to look for in 2015 covered a wide breadth of the sector in the conversation. Topics included technology in the enterprise space moving to the consumer level, wearables continuing to tailor their offerings to fulfill the market need for devices that specifically address and target consumer needs, a value shift in startup accelerators and the democratization of angel investing.

Lauren predicted that cyber security and the broader genre of privacy will only increase in importance and relevancy. A recent study by Cisco estimated that 25 billion devices will be connected to the Internet and make up the Internet of Things in 2015.

“Global governments will not able to keep up with growing technology demands, therefore it will be up to startups and corporations to promote privacy and trust,” Lauren predicted.


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A topic that was perhaps the most popular in its prediction of continuing to trend from 2014 in to 2015 was the theme of diversity in technology. Mike Chan started things off by discussing how the lack of diversity seen is the black eye of the industry. When speaking on the diversity reports that companies are feeling pressured to release, he asked if these reports were part of a PR stunt.

Rob was quick to point out that of the companies that have actually released reports; their findings don’t necessarily cast them in the best light. An example cited was Twitter’s diversity report that resulted in backlash for not having a single female on their board. The debate then morphed into how to bring about change and increase diversity.

“The idea is to let this diversity happen more organically,” Lauren weighed in. “Once you start talking about setting quotas or things of that nature, that’s when things start to get tricky.”

Mike Leurdijk kept things in perspective when discussing the amount of time that it will take to make that change happen.

“Change needs to start at the bottom. It’s a cultural change that needs to happen. It will take a long time, but keep encouraging that change,” he asserted.


After the discussion came to a close, there was a brief Q&A section. The audience, as ever, was filled with engaged and inquiring individuals who stayed long after the panel came to an official close to network with one another and speak with the panelists before the space, 1776, closed for the night.

1776 is a prominent startup incubator located in the heart of Washington. The startup incubator is a household name in the DC area, known for everything ranging from their Challenge Cup to visits by prominent figure includingg the British Prime Minister and President Obama. The space, which boasts an ultra-modern and comfortable interior, held the 120+ event attendees easily.

Interested in learning more about the DC chapter of Tech in Motion events? Check out the event page and join this rapidly growing membership base. The next Tech in Motion DC event will be a Demos & Drinks on February 24th at the WeWork WonderBread Factory.

‘Tis the Season for a Tech Mixer in San Francisco

Last December, over 300 SF techies joined together at Alchemist Bar & Lounge to celebrate the end of a great year. The bar was lined with holiday decor and lights as members streamed in.

Upon arrival members were greeted by the Tech in Motion team and given a name tag. Many huddled around the drink ticket bowl set up for a “Tweet for a Drink” contest and creative Tweeters started crafting 140-characters to describe the event.



As the bar began to fill up the conversations were flowing. Talk of the latest tech and holiday tech gifts were in the air. Members enjoyed the signature cocktails served by the Alchemist bartenders as they traded ideas for the holiday season. Popping up as the most popular gift in these discussions was the iPhone 6.

As members moved around the room they were constantly meeting new acquaintances. Members were excited to meet all different types of people–ranging from out of towners, new startup CEOs and recent SF transplants. As Tech in Motion member Bill roamed the space he stated, “I’ve never seen a Meetup with so many interesting stories! Everyone has something new to tell.”


As the event continued members flowed in and out of the sponsor booths from Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates. With the new year upon them, attendees were more interested than ever in the career advice the booths had to offer.

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One guest, Devin, approached the career booth and exclaimed “My new year’s resolution is to find a new job.” He gladly spent a few minutes at the booth.


As 8 p.m. rolled around, the SF members were not ready to leave. The conversation was flowing and what started as acquaintances had become new friends. As the sponsorship booths packed up and the check-in table closed, techies continued to inhabit the bar area. Upon closing the official event, the Alchemist was happy to keep the overflow of guests.

As one member left she stated, “that was by far the best meetup I’ve ever been to.”

To attend an event near you, find the closest Tech in Motion chapter here.

Thinking Big: The Evolution of Tech Ed

For the “Thinking Big” event in 2014, San Francisco techies gathered at Geekdom to discuss the evolution of tech education. They filed through the entryway and grabbed name tags as the networking hour began before the talk. People of all ages and from all different fields mingled over beer, wine and sandwiches. Discussion was flying and talks of startups, new tech and dev bootcamps filled the air.


After an hour of networking, the tech talk was ready to begin. A representative from Geekdom pulled the audience into the presentation room, the speakers were introduced and the night was off to a great start.

Network at a Tech in Motion event – check out this listing of upcoming events.

The first speaker was Vivek Ravisankar, the CEO and co-founder of HackerRank. HackerRank is a platform where developers solve challenges for games and jobs. Ravisankar discussed how when he worked at Amazon he felt that the hiring process was flawed. He realized the problem with hiring was that it was not geared enough towards skill when it came to programmers – and so HackerRank was born.

“The only thing that should matter is your skill when connecting people with companies,” said Ravisankar.  He left his job at Amazon and began his mission to change the hiring process forever. Ravisankar left the audience with a new perspective on hiring tech talent based on skills alone by the time his presentation was through.


Next up was Shaan Shah, co-founder of MakerSquare, a highly selective program that creates software developers by teaching software engineering fundamentals. Shah opened his keynote with a joke and captivated the audience captivated from the start. He dove into how education programs are changing the way the hiring process works and why he believes MakerSquare is a valuable program for aspiring tech talent. He explained that with the plethora of programs available these days, it is important to look into them with the same seriousness you would a university.

“There are so many schools you need to dig in deep,” he advised the audience. “Do your research.” Shah explained to the room that the market is growing so quickly, he has decided to take a leave of absence just to catch up on the newest technologies. It demonstrated to the audience just how important it is to stay current in this fast-paced market.


The final presenter of the evening was Duncan Logan, the founder and CEO of RocketSpace. RocketSpace started its bootcamp, RocketU a year ago and Logan was excited to speak about it to the Tech in Motion members about the reason why. He enthusiastically highlighted the growing importance of coding in today’s world.

“If your parents can type and you can’t code, you are taking your family backward,” stated Logan, to illustrate that knowing how to code is becoming a necessary skill to have. Comparing the evolution of coding to the growth of excel in the work place, he explained that excel used to be a skill that was taught specially in the workplace; now knowledge of excel is considered a requirement for almost all jobs.

According to Logan, this is what coding will evolve to be in the upcoming years. Eventually knowledge of code will be an absolute requirement to keep up in the workforce.


Upon the completion of Logan’s talk, the Q&A session began. Tech in Motion members fired questions left and right with passion and curiosity. One of the most heated debates was sparked by the question of how dev bootcamps compare to having a Computer Science degree. The speakers all agreed that while a CS degree is important and impressive, the unique aspect of a bootcamp is that it is state of the art and can keep up with the fast pace of the coding world.

As the Q&A wrapped up, guests got up from their seats for a final half hour of networking. They met with the speakers and discussed their favorite parts of the presentations. As the beer and wine ran out and the last attendees exited the building, it was clear that the night had left Tech in Motion members with new perspectives on the Tech Ed space.

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Happy Hour & Tech Talk: Email Privacy, Leaked Photos Take the Stage

Remember, remember the fifth of November, you would if you were a Tech in Motion member…Attendees gathered outside the glass doors of the new Yahoo! building in downtown San Francisco, waiting for doors to open for the “Happy Hour & Tech Talk” event. Featured speakers included Brad Kulick, the Director of Privacy Policy at Yahoo; Zouhair Belkoura, founder and CEO of KeepSafe; John Roberts, Platform Lead at CloudFlare and Dos Dosanjh, Head of Solutions at CipherCloud.

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Upon arrival, members were greeted by the Tech in Motion sign in crew. After checking in they made their way up the elevator and into Flickr’s exclusive event space for the networking portion of the night.

The room began buzzing with action as members mingled and grabbed name tags. Long wood tables were lined with over 30 Patxi’s pizzas and salads for the taking, as well as a full bar of microbrews and wines. Members were well fed thanks to Flickr’s generous donation of food. People bonded over the delicious flavors of deep dish pizzas and shared excitement of having vegan and gluten free options. For dessert, special Tech in Motion cookies were donated by Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates!


As members made their way around the space they were greeted by sponsorship booths. These included career booths by Jobspring and Workbridge as well as a booth from Flickr, the headline sponsor for the evening. Members grabbed Flickr swag and learned all about what the company was working on in their new office.

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By 7:15 p.m., guests around the room settled in for a tech talk on privacy and sharing in the age of the Internet. Perri Blake Gorman took the stage as the moderator and began the discussion off on the right foot. She introduced the panelists for the evening and got the discussion underway.


Members were on the edge of their seats as the panelists discussed hot topics including email privacy, Target’s credit card breach and the nude celebrity leaked photos. Questions were flying even before the Q&A began. Everyone had an opinion on what it meant to be secure.

Check out what KeepSafe’s Founder & CEO had to say about security in his guest blog post, “O Data, Where Art Thou?”

As the discussion wound down, Tech in Motion members asked their final questions to the panel and were given the opportunity to mingle with the speakers. They networked over a final slice of pizza and beer. As the last members of the audience filed out, they exited the large, glass doors with new perspectives on how their information is being used, shared and protected. Join Tech in Motion SF to be in on their next event.