The Future of Virtual Reality

1097723620Written by Arthur van Hoff, CTO at Jaunt

Virtual reality is something many people have heard of, but few have experienced. Yet trying to put it into words is, as one blogger stated, “like trying to take a picture of your favorite song.” Poised to disrupt the way we see, live and engage with the world, the fully immersing experience of VR has the potential to change the face not just of gaming or entertainment, but has implications for education, travel, healthcare, real estate, and more.

Today, you can put on VR goggles and have an immersive experience beyond your imagination – with high-definition 360-degree, 3D video and binaural audio, you can feel as though you’re in the world’s most spectacular places, on stage next to your favorite musician, or on the field cheering on your home team, even when you’re thousands of miles away.


The truly exciting part about virtual reality is that this is just the beginning. The potential applications for this technology is something that excites us tremendously and we are continuously exploring.

Much of the content that is currently being developed for virtual reality goggles is simulated or digitally produced, along the lines of video games. At Jaunt, we’re building the full-stack technology to create cinematic VR. This includes the camera, software editing, and content production. Instead of exploring a simulated world, you can be transported to other places in the real world.


This also means exploring new means of storytelling beyond the current capabilities of traditional film-making. We’re discovering new ways to use the technology, and it’s opening up huge new doors for writers, directors, actors, artists, and other content creators.

We shared some of what we’ve discovered and created at the Tech In Motion event this week. We enjoyed sharing the experience of cinematic VR with you and you’ll see some action photos in an event recap posted later in the month.

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arthurAbout the author: Arthur van Hoff is serial entrepreneur and was most recently CTO at Flipboard. He started his career in Silicon Valley at Sun Microsystems where he was an early developer of the Java programming language. Since then he has started several successful companies. Arthur has expertise in machine learning, big data, mobile applications, 3D printing, and computational photography. He is originally from the Netherlands and has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Back to the Future: Exploring Drones, Robots and Tesla with Tech in Motion OC

Last month Tech in Motion OC hosted their biggest event to date, featuring high-flying drones and futuristic robots taking over Eureka Building’s high tech outdoor venue! As members arrived, they were struck by the sight of a DeLorean and a Tesla side by side on the helipad, before the realization hit that there were drones flitting about overhead.


Featured companies Allied DronesAerial GurusEZDronesTeam Think TankAB Controls and DryWired came out to show the Orange County tech enthusiasts an impressive array of drones and robots.drone2 drones

Local Orange County mobile rechargable power pack company, XPAL Power, graciously sponsored the event and were a huge hit with the attendees. XPAL Power offers power pack cases for all the top smart phone brands and showcased all their innovative products among the motorized tech gadgets.

xpalpower spareone

Tesla Motor Company representative brought a Model S to the event and parked it right next to an actual DeLorean, compliments of the DeLorean Motor Company of California.  Seeing the two cars side by side really gave a great comparison of the past, present and future of motor vehicles!

tesladelorean tesla

Drone company Allied Drones had some amazing stationary UAV’s. The company filled attendees in on how these drones are being used in regards to cinema, photography and law enforcement use. Seeing these large drones up close and personal is a thrill that they won’t forget.

allieddrones2 allieddrones

San Diego-based EZDrones has a wide variety of quality brand-name multirotors that ranged from small micro-drones to a large multi-copter, which took flight directly off the helipad! They were selling some of their smaller models and the variety of drones available amazed the crowd.

ezdrone2 ezdrone chrisdrone

Aerial Gurus, a local Huntington Beach company, uses drones primarily to perform aerial video and photography for use by the real estate, vacation rental and special event industries. The diversity of their drones and extent of their usefulness in regards to marketing purposes caught the interest of even the techies in attendance.

aerialgurus aerialgurus2

Team Think Tank brought some robot pieces fresh from fighting to join the party. The owner, Bradley, builds many weight classes of combat robots using unique techniques and materials to employ his diverse methods of weaponry. He then travels around the country and uses his robots in combat competitions. Sounds like a great career, right?


AB Controls is an automation robotics company.Their representatives gave guests a comprehensive look into where their specific type of robotics is useful in different markets. They design and integrate robotic and automated instruments for various applications in a number of industries.


If you were at the event, you might have even seen bursts of water flying toward the drones at some point. DryWired decided to use Super Soaker water guns to give viewers a first-hand demonstration of how their advanced protective nanocoating technology waterproofs their drones! Along with the demonstration, they were giving away swag bags with tons of fun stuff inside for those lucky enough to snag one.

drywired3 drywired2 drywired

Needless to say, this event was the perfect place to be if you happen to find drones, robots and Tesla to be very exciting! We can’t thank Eureka Building, Jobspring Partners, Workbridge Associates and XPAL Power enough for helping put together this fun, informative and high tech event.

deloreandrone people2

If you’d like to learn more about Tech in Motion: OC, join our group and be sure to check out our upcoming events!