The Future of Virtual Reality

1097723620Written by Arthur van Hoff, CTO at Jaunt

Virtual reality is something many people have heard of, but few have experienced. Yet trying to put it into words is, as one blogger stated, “like trying to take a picture of your favorite song.” Poised to disrupt the way we see, live and engage with the world, the fully immersing experience of VR has the potential to change the face not just of gaming or entertainment, but has implications for education, travel, healthcare, real estate, and more.

Today, you can put on VR goggles and have an immersive experience beyond your imagination – with high-definition 360-degree, 3D video and binaural audio, you can feel as though you’re in the world’s most spectacular places, on stage next to your favorite musician, or on the field cheering on your home team, even when you’re thousands of miles away.


The truly exciting part about virtual reality is that this is just the beginning. The potential applications for this technology is something that excites us tremendously and we are continuously exploring.

Much of the content that is currently being developed for virtual reality goggles is simulated or digitally produced, along the lines of video games. At Jaunt, we’re building the full-stack technology to create cinematic VR. This includes the camera, software editing, and content production. Instead of exploring a simulated world, you can be transported to other places in the real world.


This also means exploring new means of storytelling beyond the current capabilities of traditional film-making. We’re discovering new ways to use the technology, and it’s opening up huge new doors for writers, directors, actors, artists, and other content creators.

We shared some of what we’ve discovered and created at the Tech In Motion event this week. We enjoyed sharing the experience of cinematic VR with you and you’ll see some action photos in an event recap posted later in the month.

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arthurAbout the author: Arthur van Hoff is serial entrepreneur and was most recently CTO at Flipboard. He started his career in Silicon Valley at Sun Microsystems where he was an early developer of the Java programming language. Since then he has started several successful companies. Arthur has expertise in machine learning, big data, mobile applications, 3D printing, and computational photography. He is originally from the Netherlands and has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Meet our techies: Tech in Motion LA’s Elixir Mixer, co-hosted with General Assembly


This past winter, Tech in Motion LA, alongside General Assembly LA, hosted a successful and very social networking mixer in Santa Monica. The space was packed with tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs drinking, eating and conversing – and Tech in Motion would like to introduce you to a few of them.

Three guests of the evening were surveyed about their involvement in the LA tech scene.

Saman, an insider in the music industry, stated he’s looking for next big thing in music technology: “I’d like to foresee the second Napster so I can be involved in it, so I can facilitate it”.


“I’m involved in the tech community by working, contributing, and trying to make the community grow larger and more important,” said David Pearl, who is a frequent Tech in Motion guest.matt

Saif Rahman, CEO & Executive Producer of Mobile First Entertainment mentioned that for him, “It started from an entertainment background….actors & producers got into tech and realized entertainment is going mobile…trying to create original entertainment to be seen on mobile devices”.


The attendees represented all different areas of the LA tech community, connecting with one another over a shared industry interest. Among all the tech chatter, a highlight of the evening was also the connection made between a guest seeking a Python developer and one of our sponsors, Jobspring Partners.


This networking mixer was one of the most popular events Tech in Motion LA has had to date. Join the meetup group here to stay up to date on all things Tech in Motion in LA!

The Future of Online Video Entertainment

steven spearDigital video is on the rise…and U.S. audiences are demanding content whenever and wherever they want it.  By bringing a new platform technology to market, companies like Orange County-based start-up DeskSite are revolutionizing the way viewers consume their favorite sports video content.

Most technologists will agree the concept of an “app” came long before Steve Jobs was around, since applications are as old as punch card programming.  However, we can thank Jobs for bringing the word “app” to the forefront of mainstream consumer attention through his cornucopia of “There’s an App for That” campaigns.  Nearly a decade later, apps have become so commonplace, most of us can’t even imagine a world without them!  With apps like Shazaam that can tell you the artist and title of any song, or Maps that can guide you to any destination, the landscape of our digital experience has been dramatically enriched through technological innovation.

But what about an app designed for “Big Screen” devices, such as tablets, laptops or desktops instead of smartphones? What about an app you can use to watch hours upon hours of exclusive HD-video content directly from desktop or laptop rather than streaming videos from websites? DeskSite has picked up where Jobs left off and is redefining how mainstream consumers will process an “app” – from exclusively associating apps with small screen devices like smartphones, to understanding their place on larger screen devices like home computers and smart T.V.’s.

DeskSite uses a carefully-crafted brand of thick-client technology to enhance the viewing experience of online sports video content.  Acting as a DVR for the Internet, your DeskSite will automatically download and store HD-videos from your favorite sports team directly to your hard drive when you’re connected to the Internet, notifying you with a “You’ve Got Videos” AOL-type audio alert upon completion. Once the videos have been downloaded to your big screen device, viewers can watch your favorite sports content whether online or off.  With a personal DeskSite, sports fans can even have a laptop or tablet connected to an airport Wi-Fi connection downloading up to the minute videos in the background while waiting for their flight to take off, and then catch up on exclusive HD sports video content with no buffering and zero delays on the plane – where airplane Wi-Fi speeds would never support streaming of HD content.

DeskSite also brings value to the out-of-market super fan.  NFL teams typically broadcast hours of highly produced television content to their local area market.  But a lover of the New England Patriots, who doesn’t live within the 75-mile wide Boston area broadcast radius, is likely missing out on Patriots-produced T.V. shows – unless he or she has installed a Patriots DeskSite.  Each week, the DeskSite will bring these television shows from Boston to anywhere in the world, placing them on fans’ desktops for playback at their leisure.

Over the last couple of years, founder and CEO Richard Gillam has turned this simple concept into a scalable solution for a new kind of online video entertainment network.  Starting with the most popular entertainment brand in America, the National Football League, DeskSite has partnered with more than a dozen of the most valuable NFL teams and plans to expand into other major sports leagues and entertainment brands in 2015.

So if you’re an out of market fan, or sick and tired of buffering and streaming delays, or simply want to access brand new exclusive sports content from your favorite team, just remember, there’s an app for that…

Tech in Motion Orange County hosted author Steven Spear, Engineering Manager at Desksite, at one of their Drinks & Demos events. For more information about seeing companies like Desksite at Ocean County events, please join the group.

Recap: Technology Effects on the Entertainment Industry

This past January, Tech in Motion: LA teamed up with Maker Studios to host its biggest meetup yet, a panel discussion exploring the effects of technology on the entertainment industry. The panel featured Maker Studios professionals, as well as entertainment industry insiders, and was graciously moderated by Geoff Plitt, a Comedian and Engineer at Maker Studios. The Maker speakers included Sam Wick (Senior VP), Ryan Lissak (CTO), Ben Collier (VP of Product), and Chris Williams (Chief Audience Officer). The other four panelists weighing in were John Elerick (YouTube Personality, Actor), Kent Speakman (Co-founder at Engageia &, Producer & Entrepreneur), Chris Gore (Writer & Comedian) and Taz Goldstein (Award-winning Filmmaker & Author, creator of Hand Held Hollywood).

Maker panel ppt

Maker offered to host the event at their amazing space in Culver City. Their space is open and massive, a must-see venue and one of the best that Tech in Motion has had the pleasure of using. If you haven’t heard of Maker Studios, they are the number one producer and distributor of online video. They develop talent, create premium programming and build brands with engaged audiences.

maker panelists

Like all of our events, the night started off with networking alongside some great food and drinks. The guests at this event ranged from technologists to content creators, which made for a lively discussion.The panel touched on various topics, keeping the diverse crowd interested; however, much of Maker Studios’ work is focused on YouTube, so that is where a chunk of the night’s conversation laid.

The panel explained how consumption and creation of TV and film is increasingly changing due to advancements in technology and the internet. Video monetization and the changing idea of “celebrity” were also hot topics. The general consensus from the panel was that with all the technological advances we’re seeing, more and more content will be uploaded and consumed via the web. Traditional media will have to continue to compete, as there is a new, tech-savvy generation that prefers web-based entertainment.


This event was one for the books, with a record turn out and a knowledgeable panel. Most importantly, the attendees took something important away from the evening. If you missed this panel, don’t you worry – Tech in Motion LA hosts monthly events that you can RSVP for today. Make sure to join the group to receive updates, invites and more!