“Purchase With an Impact” Brings Clean Cooking, Energy Worldwide

Back in January 2015, the New York City (NYC) chapter of Tech in Motion welcomed Brooklyn startup BioLite to come demo at their “Demos & Drinks: Travel & Adventure” event. Not only did the demo company knock it out of the park, but NYC members are still talking about what an engaging and revolutionary product BioLite presented while in the process of launching.

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Since then, BioLite has grown into a dynamic social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and markets consumer energy products for off-grid communities around the world. While it still utilizes patented thermoelectric technology that makes cooking with wood as clean, safe, and easy as modern fuels, it has rapidly expanded its line of products from three to 15 unique items that simultaneously aid in outdoor activity while charging small electronic devices.

The beauty of BioLite’s line of products lies within their versatility and simplicity of use. Once the initial investment is made into the hardware, materials to put the product to work are nearly ubiquitous and costless. Take, for example, Biolite’s classic CampStove. By using wood to produce a smokeless fire, users can cook over kitchen-grade heat while the energy produced through fire is simultaneously able to power small electronic devices, like phones and USB flashlights.

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Additionally, BioLite is a “purchase with an impact.” At the heart of the company is desire to do good through a sustainable, eco-friendly product. As such, a portion of each sale goes toward bringing clean cooking and energy to in-need communities across India and sub-Saharan Africa.

BioLite recently received $5 million in funding from six investors, and is working on launching a new line of cookware, solar panels, and small lights. For more information or to keep up with BioLite’s growing success, please visit http://www.biolitestove.com/.

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6 Apps to Help You Maintain Your Health & Fitness Goals

If you’re like the better half of America, last month you made the resolution to get fit and stay healthy. With January coming to an end and 2016 beginning to feel like old news, chances are you’ve conveniently forgotten or have given up completely on said resolutions. With the help of the following mobile apps fittingly compiled below, you don’t have to look any further than the palm of your hands to find the guidance you need to help stick to your health and fitness goals.

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  1. VitFitvitfit, $19.99/month (HQ in Philadelphia, PA) – VitFit aims to take the “work” out of your workout by helping you stay inspired and committed to your goals. If you don’t have the time, money, or confidence to head to the gym or use a personal trainer – but still want to get fit – VitFit may be the app you’re looking for. Based on your individual fitness goals, VitFit creates a personalized program and allows you to download an MP3 with your own trainer motivating you in real time. Cool fact: all workouts are created by certified personal trainers, so you’re sure to work up a sweat.
  2. Vea Fitness, Free (HQ in Philadelphia, PA) – Sometimes you need a little motivation to get off the couch and out for a run. Lucky for you, the folks behind VeaFitness agree! While it’s still in beta, when released you can complete runs to unlock rewards through the mobile app. Run 2 miles? Receive 20% off of your next purchase at Nike. Added bonus: Vea Fitness has its own built-in GPS tracking system and logs all of your runs, so no need for multiple tracking apps. Hit the pavement…then the mall.
  3. Fooducate, Free + in App Purchases (HQ in Bay Area, CA) – Fooducate takes theguesswork out of eating healthy. It doesn’t just track the quantity of calories you take in, but also the quality of your caloric intake. Navigate confusing product nutrition labels by scanning a barcode and receiving an easy to decipher A, B, C, or D letter grade. You’ll even get offered healthier alternatives.  If that’s not enough, Fooducate has its own community for feedback and support.foodcuate
  4. FitBliss Free (HQ in Bay Area, CA) – What better way to achieve your fitness goals
    than to promote some healthy competition? FitBliss brings fitness into the workplace with team competitions and challenges while promoting a happier, healthier work environment.
  5. yogaYogatailor, Free in app store and 15 day trial (HQ in Mountain View, CA) – Yogatailor is your custom yoga workout designed to tailor to your health needs. Do you want to sleep better? Do you want to get rid of that back pain? Just put your preferences in the app and let your custom yoga workout magically appear.
  6. DietSensor, $249 handheld molecule scanner + free app (HQ in Boston, MA) – DietSensor is a handheld scanner that can read the molecules in your donut and tell you how many calories are in that bad boy! The sensor sends information directly to an app on your phone. The mobile app not only tells you your pending calorie intake but also offers real-time coaching, a DietSensor community, and an optional scale. The only downside to this phenomenon? It only reads individual food items – so don’t try scanning your chimichanga.


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Your quest for a healthy life is a little more fun when you have a handy gadget or new technology to guide you. Whether it be a customizable fitness app or a calorie scanner, there is something technical out there to try this year. Maybe if you revisit your health and fitness goals with the aid of these helpful technologies, you’ll get the motivation you needed all along.

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8 Tech Companies That Will Revolutionize Your Life

Are you struggling on the apartment hunt? Don’t know where to park? Don’t have a car? Don’t want to get off the couch to change the TV channel? Everyday life is full of hurdles, but tech companies in San Francisco are coming to the rescue, and locals got the chance to see how.  At Tech in Motion’s September event, more than 200 enthusiasts packed the coworking space Geekdom SF by Rackspace for a night of networking, drinks and demos from 8 startups that could revolutionize our lives. Check out some of the latest products and ideas from these hot tech companies; Ring ZERO, Stitch Fix, Metromile, Getaround, CurbNinja, Lovely, Nommery, AdtoApp, and GroovBooth.

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Demo Company Highlights of the Night:

    • Want a tech wearable where you can turn on your TV, change a presentation slide, and even control your game? RingZERO is a wearable input device that allows you to control almost anything! During the duration of the event, they kept score for one of the games and the top scoring techie walked home with their very own RingZero.
    • Stitch Fix showcased racks of hand-selected clothing that were made to fit specific lifestyle and body shapes based technologies built in-house by the Stitch Fix’s algorithms and engineering teams.
    • Another hit of the night was Metromile, who is revolutionizing the auto insurance world with its pay-per-mile model. They had a swag wheel at their booth constantly spinning, so a number of winners walked away sporting some new Metromile gear throughout the night.
    • Getaround, past winner of TechCrunch Disrupt and a “top startup to watch” according to the Wall Street Journal, is a local company based in San Francisco that enables peer-to-peer car sharing. Through their app, they’ve built a unique community where people can locate, rent and unlock great cars simply by using their phones, for as little as $5 an hour. Members can also rent out their whip for a maximum earn of $10,000 per year. Craving a BMW? A Tesla? Check, check.

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getaround curbninja

    • CurbNinja knows that parking in the city can be a nightmare for motorcycles and scooters, from tickets to damage to towing. Their platform helps motorbikers find free & paid parking nearby and share new spots with the community. Spots are easy to comprehend and include photos to reduce confusion. All spots tagged have been vetted by riders within the CurbNinja community. The app also conveniently displays all the motorbike-friendly businesses nearby.
    • Mobile app revenue tracker AdtoApp presents an innovative solution for better revenues. They aim to double your revenue based on an adjustable algorithm involving the on-going filtering of demand-side buyers by eCPM rate (effective cost per thousand impressions.) The eCPM rate is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. AdtoApp uses their automatic algorithms to mediate the highest eCPM and approach a 100% fill rate.
    • Lovely created a new solution to apartment hunting pitfalls. Their product gives users real-time data and innovative tools to help renters find and lease without breaking a sweat. According to Lovely, their work isn’t finished until they can help renters everywhere find the perfect place.

lovely sf tech in motion

  • An algorithm built by Nommery that matches members with fellow diners who are compatible based on interests, personalities and motivation (e.g. they joined Nommery to meet new friends, professional connections and/or romantic partners.) Each member will only see events catering to their specific wants and needs.
  •  A special appearance by the GroovBooth photo booth brought in attendees to take pictures with friends using cool props like wacky sunglasses and cartoon-staches.

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Sight and Sound Tech Unveiled: Demos with San Fran

Tech in Motion San Francisco kicked off 2015 by hosting one of their largest attendee and RSVP count to date! Located in the heart of SoMa, tech enthusiasts lined up down the street at SupperClub Lounge. These technology aficionados just couldn’t wait to get their hands on the cutting edge virtual reality and music technologies demoing at Tech in Motion’s Sight and Sound Tech Demo Night. With over 300 attendees this venue was pulsing with energy! Much of this hype was rooted from the high RSVP count on Eventbrite and Meetup totalling just shy of 1,000!

blogSF_demo Companies demoing consisted of Sixense, Wearhaus, Jaunt VR, Leap Motion, and the sponsor for the evening, Postmates. Each booth offered an undefined experience that left members reevaluating what the future holds for technology.

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First to demo was Sixense, who showed off state of the art VR Lightsabers. The lightsaber or sword is the true test for a one-to-one motion tracking system in VR. A first time attending member, Ali, said Sixense was, “really amazing, everything was so realistic”.

Wearhaus showcased wirelessly syncing multiple headphones that allow for two people to listen together. Wearhaus showed how fast music technology is moving and how they are re-imagining classic pieces of hardware to electrifying levels. Members enjoyed a syncronized music experience unlike anything they’d seen before.


Next up was Jaunt VR. They demonstrated a comprehensive toolset for creating cinematic VR that allowed users to film, edit and show off live virtual reality content. At the end of the evening one lucky Tech in Motion member was even awarded one of these devices for an Android phone.


Leap Motion showed technology that uses camera sensors, infrared LEDs and precise mathematical algorithms to translate hand and finger movements into dynamic 3D input. Members were blown away by the sensory tech shown at this booth. At the end of the night Leap Motion raffled off 10 controllers–one Tech in Motion member, Hassan, said “wow, I hope I win one of these! They are too cool!”.

Lastly, Postmates, often described as “everyone’s favorite delivery company” teamed up with Tech in Motion as the social sponsor for the evening. They had an exclusive $100 credit contest for Tech in Motion members at the event–one lucky member walked away with $100 in Postmates deliveries. In addition to the credit contest they gave away t-shirts, swag, buttons and one on one demos of their app.


As members made their way through the booths the chatter was living up to the event’s hype.

Rubi, a local SF engineer revealed that “I’ve heard about Tech in Motion but have never been. It’s really cool to see how many people come and how easy it is to talk to everyone”. In another corner of the space, Jaimie, a local tech professional said, “After coming to this one I would love to check out another”. The positive energy was flowing as swiftly as the VR experiences.

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As the event came to a close members began flowing out of the packed venue. One member Kevin, a local Data Analyst Engineer, exclaimed “give it 5 years and this [VR] will be the next way everyone does social networking.”

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Say you’re out to drinks with some friends and you’re ready to get home. How do you know if you are safe to drive or better yet ensure you are making the smartest, most responsible decision? The answer, know your number—your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) number.

Now lets be honest, who actually knows their BAC after a night of drinking? Nobody. Fortunately there is a device that can calculate your BAC within a matter of seconds! It’s called an Alcohoot.

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Alcohoot is a smartphone Breathalyzer that uses police grade fuel cell technology to measure an individuals BAC and it’s easy as 1-2-3 (literally).

  1. Plug your Alcohoot into the headphone jack of your iPhone or Android and launch the free accompanying application.
  2. Blow into the Alcohoot.
  3. Within seconds your BAC will appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.


While there are a number of smartphone breathalyzers on the market, Alcohoot delivers you the most important thing of all, accuracy. So, start making the right decisions by being informed of your BAC. Remember, Know your number, know yourself, and know your limit. Let Alcohoot Help.

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About Christopher G. Ayala, Chief Executive Officer of Alcohoot

alcahootChris has 14 years of diverse professional experience, most recently as an operations and business development executive in the consumer and enterprise software industry while at ALK Technologies, Inc.  Prior to that, Chris served as General Counsel for private equity sponsored Native American Resource Partners LLC, and as a senior associate practicing private equity, and mergers and acquisitions in New York at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.  His experience and knowhow has helped build Alcohoot’s corporate vision while also managing the day to day execution and growth of the business and its team.

The Future of Virtual Reality

1097723620Written by Arthur van Hoff, CTO at Jaunt

Virtual reality is something many people have heard of, but few have experienced. Yet trying to put it into words is, as one blogger stated, “like trying to take a picture of your favorite song.” Poised to disrupt the way we see, live and engage with the world, the fully immersing experience of VR has the potential to change the face not just of gaming or entertainment, but has implications for education, travel, healthcare, real estate, and more.

Today, you can put on VR goggles and have an immersive experience beyond your imagination – with high-definition 360-degree, 3D video and binaural audio, you can feel as though you’re in the world’s most spectacular places, on stage next to your favorite musician, or on the field cheering on your home team, even when you’re thousands of miles away.


The truly exciting part about virtual reality is that this is just the beginning. The potential applications for this technology is something that excites us tremendously and we are continuously exploring.

Much of the content that is currently being developed for virtual reality goggles is simulated or digitally produced, along the lines of video games. At Jaunt, we’re building the full-stack technology to create cinematic VR. This includes the camera, software editing, and content production. Instead of exploring a simulated world, you can be transported to other places in the real world.


This also means exploring new means of storytelling beyond the current capabilities of traditional film-making. We’re discovering new ways to use the technology, and it’s opening up huge new doors for writers, directors, actors, artists, and other content creators.

We shared some of what we’ve discovered and created at the Tech In Motion event this week. We enjoyed sharing the experience of cinematic VR with you and you’ll see some action photos in an event recap posted later in the month.

Tech in Motion Silicon Valley is also proud to announce their September event, Security & Technology: BYOD, Home, & Mobile {Sponsored By Microsoft & Appvance}. You can RSVP here.

arthurAbout the author: Arthur van Hoff is serial entrepreneur and was most recently CTO at Flipboard. He started his career in Silicon Valley at Sun Microsystems where he was an early developer of the Java programming language. Since then he has started several successful companies. Arthur has expertise in machine learning, big data, mobile applications, 3D printing, and computational photography. He is originally from the Netherlands and has a master’s degree in Computer Science from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Socialie Lets Startups Test Their Strategy

Socialie: the Startup program allows for free trial.

Guest post by Kristin Adams, founder and CEO of Socialie

Hi friends and colleagues. I would like to start off by introducing myself; my name is Kristin Adams, founder and CEO of Socialie. My team and I could not be more excited to take part in the upcoming Tech in Motion Philadelphia event: Entertainment Tech Drinks & Demos. We love any opportunity to rub elbows with the best and brightest of the tech world, and from what we’ve heard, there’s going to be some serious talent at this shindig on January 30th. We view this as an opportunity to not only discover what our fellow tech companies have been working on, but to also educate you on the platform we’ve been building with the hope of getting some feedback from Philly’s finest. In exchange for your honest opinions and expertise, we’d like to offer you our platform for a 3-month trial at no cost. Now that I’ve hopefully reeled you in with the whole “free” thing, allow me to tell you a bit about who we are and what exactly it is that you’d be getting.

We believe people are the most important element of social media, so my team and I created a tool that helps companies leverage the people behind their brands by building a connected network of their social accounts and then allowing them to easily send network members suggested content for approval, editing and publishing via SMS. Our platform helps you manage and leverage your non-owned social media marketing strategy and drive your brand message to wider audiences (Click here to find out what is non-owned social media marketing is).

The idea for Socialie came about back when I was running social media for the UFC. One of the biggest pain points while working with sports and entertainment clients was seeding content to very busy and mostly mobile brand influencers. The 400 athletes on the roster were a huge social asset, but it wasn’t easy to consistently get them to share brand content across their social channels and then for us to track it. I wanted to solve this problem. So I left my job, moved to Philly and built a small team of people who believed in my idea and were willing to work their butts off to help me bring it to life.

Now, back to the good stuff; how you’ll be getting this for free. We decided to put the Socialie tool into the hands of the smartest, most creative and passionate group of people we could think of: startups! For a limited time only, we’re offering the Socialie platform at no cost, and all we ask in return is that you share your feedback and help us spread the word. We want to learn from you what’s working, what’s not working and where we can improve. So give your marketing budget a break and try out a new word-of-mouth marketing tool that makes it easy to promote your company’s mission. Did you just roll-out a new feature? Published a great blog post? Get everyone promoting your stories and content.

In order to sign up for the program, head over to socialie.com/startups and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Once you sign up, we’ll be in touch to schedule a demo. The signup deadline is January 31, so hurry up and get on it!

And don’t forget to RSVP so you can get entertained at the Tech in Motion Drinks & Demos this Thursday!

Recap: Tech in Motion LA’s Demos & Drinks

Last Tuesday, Tech in Motion LA hosted a Demos & Drinks event featuring three unique companies and their products. Total immersion, cyPOP, and Slim Surveys were the featured companies! The event had a laid back feel, allowing guests to mingle and check out the demos at their leisure. Each company presented their product simultaneously at their designated stations.

D&D 11

Tech in Motion guests were offered a wide variety of beers, and the dessert tray was a sweet success! The event not only gave the companies a chance to show off their applications, but also allowed guests to network and get inspiration for whatever projects they may be working on.

D&D 13

Total Immersion provides the world’s most widely used commercial augmented reality platform. Through its patented D’Fusion® software solution, Total Immersion blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream. They had a popular demo station, seeing as how their product is very interactive. Their app allowed users to virtually “try on” Ray Bans® and project animated images of themselves on a projector screen!

D&D 9

CyPOP is a uniquely designed online destination where meaningful content, engaging conversation, and vibrant images are all centered on like-minded people with similar interests. The co-founder and CEO were on-hand to show guests their site and walk them through how one would utilize it.

D&D 10

Slim Surveys is a micro survey tool that allows users to quickly take a survey in 30 seconds or less. Mobile optimized and perfect for anyone that needs an effective survey tool. They explained how their surveys work, why they work and why their product is a better option than their current competitors. They showed test surveys so guests could experience it firsthand.

D&D 8

The LA Demos & Drinks event was great fun and a huge success! If you missed out, check back soon for our next one. And of course, join to stay up-to-date on all the cool events happening in YOUR city!