Stacey Yudin

President @ NEP Services

    Stacey Yudin is a driven entrepreneur & business consultant with experience in diverse markets including non-profits, fundraising, sales, international medicine, and small businesses. She currently works for New Equity Productions as President, as well as Cofounder of Yantra Beauty.

    Stacey's passion is solving problems. She finds enjoyment in inspiring even the most skeptical client to examine a new modus operandi. She is driven for professional success and has a track record to prove it.

    Stacey is the epitome of GRIT: A determined display of Passionate Perseverance that will lead her and others to success and fulfillment.

    Stacey is a leader and has a proven track record of success. Before leaving UCLA Department of Medicine to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, she was a junior founding member of the Global Health Education Program (GHEP) at the DGSOM and was apart of the team that developed the Center for World Health at UCLA.