Justin Michela

Vice President, Architecture @ Fidelity Investments

    As a technical and business operations leader, Justin offers a substantive background in small to large team management, budget and vendor management, effective use of resources, project direction and management, and global infrastructure and enterprise software experience. His stellar management record is augmented by comprehensive Project Management using Agile methodologies; along with dual degrees in Computer Science and Engineering Management.

    Justin leads the charge for improving efficiencies and increasing profits through diligent oversight, customer service, and unparalleled prowess in directing technical business operations. His driving passion is to ensure significant improvement in all processes followed by expert implementation and execution. Working with diverse firms has enabled Justin to be a passionate contributor with a laser-focus on the bottom line. Being an astute senior director with the ability to analyze processes, increase efficiencies, and resolve customer issues, he revels in the challenges of accomplishing goals where others have failed. He understands the importance of results and effective team management.

    During his career, Justin has sought opportunities to accomplish cost-reduction goals, meet and exceed production targets, and motivate co-workers to perform at a high level. He has successfully worked with stakeholders across a diverse array of platforms in challenging environments while earning a reputation as a strong, empowering technology leader.