Award-Winning Secrets to Success from Previous Best Manager Recipients

For the past few years, Tech in Motion Events has encouraged local tech communities to nominate top tech managers from all over North America and celebrated those leaders at the annual Timmy Awards. Thus far, 16 have claimed the trophy as their region’s Best Tech Manager with another 11 looking to hoist the hardware later this year. From bridging the gap between employee and employer to keeping energy levels high, the secrets that these managers shared aren’t just the keys to their success, but also to keeping their teams engaged, eager to constantly improve, and excited to come into work every single day.

Do you have a manager like this? Nominate him or her as a 2017 Timmy Award Best Tech Manager.

Strong management in the workplace impacts every employee within the company. For instance, in a 2015 survey on Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement from The Society for Human Resource Management, 55% of employees surveyed rated the trust between employees and senior management as “very important,” the fifth-highest rated of any aspect considered. For Andrew Santorelli, Senior Development Manager at KANETIX SaaS in Toronto, giving feedback is one thing he has always valued, even from his days as a junior employee. “I always felt like I was doing a good job, but I never knew my manager saw the same thing. It’s hard to know where to put your energy or how to meet expectations when you are not given any feedback.” With the goal of providing more transparency and thus, more trust, Santorelli has implemented various checkpoints throughout the year specifically for giving employees feedback: how they’re doing in the workplace, what areas they’re excelling in, and where they need to improve.

CTA2Of course, there needs to be a balance between work and play. In the survey mentioned above, 53% of employees also rated work/life balance as “very important” to their job satisfaction. However, it’s not just change that has to come from the top: “they always make fun of me because I want to play games or take them to the park,” reflects Eva Pagneux, Product Manager of Hexo+ by Squadrone Systems, based out of San Francisco. She knows that her energy keeps her team motivated even if they do poke fun at her for it.

One of the most important points stressed by multiple managers was finding a style of management that works not just for you, but for the team as well. “Leadership is about responsibility, not authority” says Seth Dobbs, VP of Engineering at HS2 Solutions. Coming from a previous role that included a servant-master relationship with a previous manager, Seth adopted a style of giving responsibility to his employees, so he could lead as a mentor rather than a boss. Empowering rather than directing your employees will help them develop in the long-run.

Managers Blog Photo 1

And finally, for the advice they’d give all other managers? It’s simple: Venkat Rangasamy, Principal Software Architect at Equinix in San Jose, sums it up best when he says his managing style follows the mantra Do stuff, no bluff.” He suggests to be transparent and a part of the team rather than managing and directing from behind a closed office door. Understand your team members and their concerns, and focus on making others successful, because ultimately, their successes are your successes.

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Ultimately, 2017 will allow 10 regions to crown a new “Best Tech Manager,” one that promotes career growth, ensures a great team culture, inspires innovation, and has a clear and communicated vision to produce a great product. The managers quoted above have embodied what it means to be a great manager by leading their teams to success through their many projects and initiatives and continue to do so year-after-year. To learn more about what it takes to become a Timmy Award-winning manager or to nominate a certain special manager in your life, visit the Timmy Awards’ website here.


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The 2017 Timmy Awards: What to Expect

timmy header

Two years ago, Tech in Motion set out to recognize (and celebrate) the best employers for tech professionals in North America through the Timmy Awards. In 2016 alone, the Timmy’s saw more than 2,000 companies nominated and over 83,000 votes cast to name each city’s “Best Technology Manager,” “Best Tech Startup,” and “Best Tech Work Culture.” The Timmy Awards has featured national household names such as Dollar Shave Club, TripAdvisor, Instacart, and Venmo, as well as dozens of local heroes that make each community successful. In pursuit of the same level of success, this year, Tech in Motion is making a few changes to improve the entire award series from the nomination process all the way through to event night. To learn what these changes are, check out the 2017 Timmy Awards FAQ below!

cta facebook (002)

When will the 2017 Timmy Awards take place?

In the past, the Timmy Awards were spread throughout the year in 10 different regions. This year, the award ceremonies will all take place in the month of September, bringing together our cities in a unified effort to showcase the best employers for technical employees. Every one of the 10 cities will hold a Timmy Award ceremony within a few weeks of each other.

Who can attend? The Timmy Awards is still a free event that is open to the public, not only to attend, but also to submit nominations for. This award series is an amazing opportunity to gain exposure for any companies or individuals in the tech community, and in order to keep it in the local community, we want anyone who is invested in the future of tech in your city to attend, including tech professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and founders.

FAQ photo

Which awards are presented?

Tech in Motion began with three award categories: Best Tech Manager, Best Tech Startup, and Best Tech Work Culture. This year, Tech in Motion decided to add an additional award category: the Best Tech Workplace for Diversity award. The goal of the original Timmy Awards categories was to recognize companies not just for their use or development of technology, but also for their investment in the people that make technology possible, which the new award category rewards.

cta 1 timmy award winners

Below are the criteria by which each of the Timmy Awards winners are selected in each category:

workplace diversity (2)
startup 2manager work culture

How will the nomination process run in 2017?

Nominations will be open from July 5th to August 14th for 10 regions (Toronto, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, Orange County, LA, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco). Nominations will be open to the public to nominate a company or person that creates the best work environment for technology professionals to work in 1 or all 4 award categories. Additionally, as previous years, nominations will continue to be a two-part process. To be eligible as a finalist for any category, it is required to fill out and complete Part 1 and 2 of the nomination forms. However, we are now automating this process, which means that once you complete Part 1 of the nomination form and are eligible to become a nominee, you should receive an automated email within 24 hours prompting you to complete Part 2.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the 2017 Timmy Awards, as a sponsor, MC, venue host, etc., please contact your local Tech in Motion chapter.

Read about the 2016 Timmy Awards held in various regions by clicking the links below:

Top Tech Employers and Managers Recognized at 2nd Annual D.C. Timmy Awards

After tallying close to 5,000 votes, Tech in Motion officially announced the winners of the 2nd Annual DC Timmy Awards, honored at a ceremony held December 8 at 1776 Crystal City Campus in Arlington. The local tech community selected the winners from 25 remarkable finalists, including noteworthy first runner-ups InnovatorsBox, SkyBitz and Philip Schmitz of CharityEngine, to represent the best of tech work culture, startups and management in the region.

Join Tech in Motion Boston at their Timmy Awards Launch Party and nominate your favorite company!

“We were thrilled to bring together the technology community last night for the 2nd Annual DC Timmy Awards. Tech in Motion is honoring companies that help solidify the region as a place for technology to flourish,” said Del Crockett, Regional Director of Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates D.C. “It was a night of celebration with over 200 technical leaders that claim DC as home base.”

2016 Timmy Awards (9 of 13)

The 2016 DC Timmy Award Winners are:

  • Best Technology Manager: Andrew Willis, Vice President, eCommerce, at CustomInk
  • Best Tech Startup: Senseware
  • Best Technology Work Culture: Leverege

2016 Timmy Awards (13 of 13)

“These 25 finalists epitomize what the technology community of Washington DC stands for: innovation, leadership, diversity, and creativity,” said John Howard, Division Manager of Workbridge Associates D.C. “We’re proud to recognize local leaders like these, and by hosting Tech in Motion’s Timmy Awards, we hope to help foster continuous innovation within the region for years to come.”

Stay tuned to check out more photos of the 2nd Annual DC Timmy Awards!

For the first time, last night’s Timmy Awards ceremony also included a keynote address to kick off the ceremonies, given by Shawn DuBravac, the Chief Economist of the Consumer Technology Association. The keynote touched on both 2016 and the future and served as a transition into the awards ceremony.

2016 Timmy Awards (2 of 13)

Interested in speaking or sponsoring a Timmy Awards? Click here!

The Timmy Awards are presented throughout the year in cities across North America, including Boston, LA, NYC, San Francisco and Chicago. Previous winners include innovators such as, LearnVest, Venmo, Trip Advisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper and Instacart.

In addition to D.C., San Francisco’s 2nd Annual Timmy Awards also took place Dec. 8. The next Timmys will take place in Boston and LA in April of 2017. Please visit for more information on the Timmys and to find out when you can attend a ceremony in your city.

More about the Timmy Awards:

2016 Timmy Awards (3 of 13)

Why These 30 San Francisco Tech Leaders Are Timmy Award Nominees

On December 8th, Tech in Motion is proud to present their 2nd Annual San Francisco Timmy Awards, which will be held at the Autodesk Gallery (One Market St., 2nd Floor). The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work in. After all the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for one celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) technology manager, (2) technology work culture, and (3) tech startup. Here are San Francisco’s impressive finalists.


Best Tech Manager

Ayori SelassieAyori Selassie- Senior Solutions Engineer of Salesforce

“Solve big problems both inside the workplace as it relates to diversity and inclusion and outside the workplace by applying their top professional talent”

Ayori developed a framework to promote Work Life Integrity called the Life Model Canvas® and has been very integral at Salesforce in helping employees understand the difference between Work Life Integrity and Work Life Balance.  She developed and delivers workshops on Work Life Integrity where employees use the Life Model Canvas® and the Work Life Integrity Assessment tool to develop alignment of their personal life, family and career goals. Her workshops have been requested throughout the company and have been delivered to many employee groups at Salesforce beyond her own team including Employee Resource Groups, Lean In Circles, the Women’s Technology Leadership group, Business Development group, as well as external audiences at Dreamforce and the Computer History Museum.

Ayori is a standout thought leader for Work Life Integrity who encourages employees to solve big problems both inside the workplace as it relates to diversity and inclusion and outside the workplace by applying their top professional talent to end violence in America with #ThinkDontSqueeze.

Cassy RoweCassy Rowe- Head of UX of Scoop Technologies

“Ownership over work and support in career building”

At Scoop, career growth is one of Cassy’s main focuses for her team. She collaborates with employees to discover what their strengths are and where they want to grow. She then identifies which projects allow her employees to leverage their strengths and watches out for ones that target their desired areas of growth. Her goal is to set her team up for success while allowing them to try new things, step out of their comfort zone, and learn and grow with the support of her expertise.

Scoop leverages today’s advance technologies to create commute relationships between neighbors and co-workers.

Eva PagneuxEva Pagneux – Product Manager of Hexo+ by Squadrone Systems

“Common values and vision are key to success”

Eva focuses her energy on empowering her team to deliver smart devices that simplify people’s lives, setting product vision and supporting their needs. She recently used the design thinking methodology on a purpose exercise where each of team member listed what defines them, what drives them, what the world needs, and then led the exercise to realign together on key themes for their future developments. She also organizes a lot of events – team games, contests, etc. where they have the opportunity to play together and spark ideas.  Because they’re about creating the intelligent systems that do not exist yet, it’s part of her role to stimulate out of the box thinking.

Hexo+ is the first self-flying camera, following and filming you automatically while you focus your energy on the action. After a very successful Kickstarter raising $1.3million in June 2014, they managed to create and deliver 3000 units within a year.

Joanne PonsJoanne Pons – Senior Director, Software Engineering of MyVest

“All should share their opinions, whether they have been with the company for years or they are on day one.”

At MyVest, all team members are paired with a mentor, so they have the opportunity to learn from more experienced team members and  peers. MyVest provides a very generous professional development budget for all employees, and Joanne strongly encourages her team to take full advantage of outside learning and  development opportunities, such as conferences and technical workshops, to build their domain expertise.

MyVest helped an existing customer take advantage of the emerging robo-advisor trend to quickly build their own automated investing offering through their enterprise software platform.

Karl ThomsenKarl Thomsen – CSO of Infuse

“Discussing career growth openly, both formally and informally”

Karl promotes career growth  by arranging formal and informal check-ins with every Infuser. The room in these conversations for the discussion of career growth is infinite. It is up to the employee to decide how deep into the topic of career growth they want to go into with Karl. Karl is known to be extremely easy to talk to about anything, especially career advice. He wants every team member to succeed in their role and his or her  professional career.

One of the products Karl and his team have created for clover is Charity Checkout: Clover’s first and only charity app. This app enables merchants to accept $1 on top of each transaction to donate any of the 60,000+ charities in our database.

Mark TowfiqMark Towfiq – SVP, Product Engineering of UserTesting

“Always looking for ways to improve”

UserTesting’s Engineering Team is based in many different locations (Mountain View, San Francisco, Atlanta) and yet the team is consistently engaged and productive in the company.  Every week the Product and Engineering squads sit down and talk openly with each other. This fosters a culture of comfortable and candid communication.

UserTesting’s Product and Engineering Team are working on perfecting transcriptions of user behavior analytics videos.

Minnie IngersollMinnie Ingersoll – Founder of Shift Technologies

“Striving to be a  role model”  

Minnie created a “management rotation” program for associates one to two years out of school modeled off of Google’s APM program. She leads both the Shift surf trip to Pacifica before weekly All Hands meetings, and  Shift’s running club (while pushing a stroller).

Her team has made it easy to sell used cars from the press of a button. Shift has a sophisticated pricing algorithm that can instantly price cars simply by scanning a car’s VIN from an iphone app.

Prathibha DeshikacharPrathibha Deshikachar – Director, Engineering of AdRoll

“Dedicated and open to hearing likeminded and different minded contributors”

Prathibha leads career growth for the engineering and product team at AdRoll by encouraging outside activities within the Tech community. She is an active member of the internal Tech Ladies organization.  As the company grows she strives to continue improving and sharing.

Adroll’s platform specializes in retargeting customers and works with 15,000 advertisers around the world.

Sebastian TronSebastian Tron – CEO of Hopsy

“Contagious vision”

Sebastian promotes growth through his ecstatic attitude. He pusheshimself beyond the limits of what a manager does in the workplace, and supports personal growth by taking weekly meetings to develop strategies for each employee’s self-growth within the company. He is very attentive to personal needs. He listens to his employees and takes care of them through rewarding them and letting them take time off at any point.

Hopsy has created an intersection in tech and craft beer. Sebastian has created a company that not only supports fresh product, but one that supports the local community.

Susan MernitSusan Mernit – CEO of Hack the Hood

“A framework of innovation and social justice/racial justice”

Susan and Hack the Hood developed two processes that have been huge in creating a strong team culture: a power-sharing process where an elected member of the staff serves a six month rotation on the lead/senior team which ensures that the perspectives of grassroots staffers are heard, and a program called circling up, or clean talk, where staffers can meet in a safe space to talk openly about conflicts and issues as an entire team, without worrying about retaliation or censure. These processes have helped make Hack the Hood a place where people like coming to work and feel safe, seen, and valued.

Hack the Hood connects low-income young people of color and local small businesses through technology, in order to create opportunities for all the people who live in the Bay Area, and beyond, to take part in and lead the change that is happening around them. In 2016, they worked with 9 partners and served 220 youth around the region.


Best Tech Work Culture


“Promoting creative growth by maintaining skillsets”

AppDynamics offers a mentorship program that allows higher level employees to train and work with newer employees that are eager to gain professional insight. Their WiT (Women in Tech) initiatives  launched a program targeting  women excited about tech positions, allowing for discounted coding classes and promoting cross function from within.


AppDynamics measures application performance management and IT Operations Analytics  for small to big enterprises.  Some clients include Microsoft, Salesforce, Glassdoor, and more.

Carbon Five

“A supportive, positive work environment which allows underrepresented groups to thrive in the company; namely women, LGBTQ and people of color”

Carbon Five hosts company summits twice a year featuring a “codeo” event.  At these events, team members are presented with a    theme or a set of projects from which to pick and then implement.  There is always a wide range of resulting projects, some of which are turned into real products. When team members are between projects, Carbon Five encourages its employees to make the most of their bench time, such as writing a blog post, working on an internal project, or researching new ideas .


Carbon Five is a digital product development consultancy,  partnering with clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams.

Capital One

“Experiment and try new things”

Capital One has several programs in place that foster innovation and creativity in technology: from a yearly technology wide innovation challenge, to numerous hackathons, and other forums to experiment and display new ideas.


Capital One provides digital banking products that are continuously evolving and based on the latest technologies.  They were the first large national bank to start moving production workloads to the cloud.


“Applying design to create innovative and inspiring work cultures and redefining entire industries”

Cooper is a company that fosters technical creativity through a number of outlets, including their commitment to pair design, thought leadership, and overall work culture. Their practice is founded on striking the balance between championing designer autonomy and pushing pair design to foster a truly innovative environment for technical creativity.


Cooper is a design and business strategy consultancy, with the mission of helping organizations think big, create delight, and achieve success.


“Embracing a positive work environment and a work to live philosophy”

Each of the developers at CrossInstall get to own and design their projects end to end, bringing their vision to the development, implementation, and design of the product. CrossInstall gives its employees the freedom and they support the need to tackle hard problems.


Offering a holistic ad solution for mobile gaming companies, CrossInstall utilizes  PrePlay ads it creates with its programmatic, performance-based bidder to ensure that the ads hit the right target audience.


“Encouraging participation in a wide variety of emerging and creative technology learning opportunities.”

Stimulant’s environment is highly collaborative and creative. They hold daily company-wide “scrum” meetings where everyone is encouraged to share their feedback.  Each team member contributes creative ideas or technology solutions for all active projects. Aside from their daily meetings, they continually encourage open communication when it comes to technical creativity throughout the life cycles and in day to day activities in the studio.


Stimulant uses emerging technologies to transform static physical spaces into dynamic interactive environments. They craft human-scale, site-specific digital experiences that tell stories in unique ways, drive face-to-face interaction, and create lasting memories.

Treasure Data

“Constantly looking for ways to be more creative”

Treasure Data’s whole company is based on technical creativity. Treasure Data constantly encourages feedback on how processes are being run and management is always available to answer one’s technical questions no matter how small or large.


Treasure Data a cloud infrastructure for analytics at scale. They are able to collect data from most of a company’s inputs, store that data, and send it to a BI tool using SQL.


“Innovation is core of culture”

Employees of Trulia are always working together to create and build the next big thing, and they have a lot of fun along the way. For instance, Trulia hosts a quarterly “Innovation Week” as dedicated time for all employees to experiment with new product ideas or work on projects they’re passionate about. They postpone regularly scheduled meetings and encourage participants to instead work on big ideas and with new technologies and teammates.


Earlier this year, Trulia rolled out a brand new product for the online real estate industry, called Rent Near Transit. This new feature helps users find rental listings within a 15-minute walk of the transit stops.

WalkMe Inc.

“Fostering out-of-the-box thinking and crowdsourcing ideas”

At WalkMe technical creativity is highly valued. WalkMe has always promoted technical creativity, whether by hosting their annual hackathons or by encouraging collaboration between technical departments globally. They work to develop a customized solution using WalkMe in new ways to help clients improve their UX and reach their business objectives.


WalkMe’s platform simplifies the online user experienceby driveing users to action with an online experience that is personalized, effortless, and error-free.


“The importance of family and work-life balance is built into the culture.”

To get so much information at scale, Winnie engineers have had to be very creative — from building robots to collect some of this information to pulling in massive amounts of data from publicly available (but very inaccessible) data sources. Because Winnie is such a small startup, everyone is encouraged to understand and be involved with the entire stack. For example, the same person who works on the  website also works on infrastructure and backend. Winnie encourages employees to stretch and learn about new areas of the stack.


With a database of information on over 1 million places, Winnie gives parents the information they need to travel, explore, or even just run errands with their kids.


Best Tech Startup


 “Freedom and flexibility to execute ideas”

The CEO and co-founders of AppLovin employ an open-door policy. Team members can address their concerns or talk about sports with the co-founders. Everyone is trained and stimulated to grow and have a voice in the product.

Applovin’s  marketing platform provides marketing automation and analytics for brands to reach consumers on mobile.


“An open door to discuss ideas and challenges”

The founders of BlueCart give credit to their strong, intelligent, and supportive team as one of their main reasons for success. In the land of high-tech, forward thinkers are essential to the development of the company. Every year, the three offices (SF, NYC, & DC) gather together to conjure up new strategies and innovative ideas to take BlueCart to the next level.

BlueCart digitizes the back of house process for the hospitality industry. That includes restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, country clubs with cafes, and more.


“By nurturing the creativity, employees can  realize their greatest strengths and discover common goals”

Madefire recently announced the launch of its virtual reality comics platform at the 2016 Comic-Con in New York. The revolutionary idea to leap into the third-dimension was born of the late-night musings and tinkering of one of the company’s engineers. Inspired by some of Ben’s panoramic illustrations, Diego Medina engineered a GearVR prototype of comic panels whizzing through the blackness of space. They immediately recognized the potential of VR to propel the medium. Madefire provides an end-to-end digital comics publishing platform that is available free to anyone with a web browser, an Internet connection and a story to tell.


“Create fiercely loyal employees”

The Metromile office is open, welcoming, and collaborative. The leadership fosters a work environment that is all about enabling the team. They provide context and coaching, including clear goals, defined roles, and expected metrics. Leaders are sources of knowledge, conduits for effective communication, and great coaches.

Metromile is a car insurance startup that offers pay-per-mile insurance and a driving app.

Monday and Motorbikes 2Monday Motorbike

 “Cross-department brainstorming.”

 Monday Motorbike utilizes open seating to facilitate cross-department brainstorming. This helps to increase the company’s efficiency and the implementation of new solutions across the entire company. Currently, Monday Engineers in collaboration with Intel are developing cloud connectivity that will enable riders to connect their phone directly to their bike to get instant riding metrics, remotely unlock the M-1, locate their M-1, program Geo-fencing, and performance.

The M-1 is the only e-bike with the feel of riding a motorcycle to create a bridge between bicycle and motorcycle riders. Not only is Monday Motorbikes including the newest technologies, but main parts are made in house and patented.


“Show don’t tell attitude”

PagerDuty has a collaborative work environment with a “show don’t tell” attitude.  PagerDuty champions customer experience, and emphasizes depth in building markets, driving operational excellence, and cultivating high-performing teams.

PagerDuty is the enterprise incident resolution service that integrates with ITOps and DevOps monitoring stacks to improve operational reliability and agility. From enriching and aggregating events to correlating them into incidents, PagerDuty streamlines the incident management process by reducing alert noise and resolution times.

stitchlabsStitch Labs

“Six core values: be curious, own your impact, act with integrity, love your neighbor, grit – have it, and accelerate as one.”

One of the most important traits the Stitch Labs team looks for when interviewing prospective employees is curiosity. To be forward thinking, a person must be curious about how a product, team, or even industry could be different—and then think creatively and strategically about how to create change. The Stitch Labs team is constantly iterating and expanding their product offerings.  They’ve created an advisory panel from their  product and engineering teams to work with clients  to better understand the problems,  address them , and  drive their  product in the right direction.

By automating, centralizing, and streamlining multichannel inventory and operations into a single platform, Stitch Labs provides retailers with the visibility, control, collaboration, and insight needed to drive profitability and scale growth.


“Creating a foundational change in how business is done”

Tradeshift is  committed to transparency. Traditional all-hands meetings have been kicked to the curb. Instead, they have monthly “Big Syncs” that include a different set of executive speakers and last anywhere from one to two hours. Big Syncs are highly interactive. Forty-eight hours in advance of each one, a sheet is shared with the entire company for employees to post questions principally for the CEO, Christian Lanng, but he opens the floor for others to answer and discuss/debate.

Tradeshift is taking a fresh approach to buyer-supplier processes. They help companies transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the new digital reality that’s changing business worldwide.


“Concentration, stimulation, and productivity”

The environment at the Upload Collective has the feel of working at your best friend’s loft – a vibe of relaxed concentration in a stimulating space that’s also extremely productive with access to the most cutting edge equipment available. Upload VR is the product of industry development vision and work that started well before most people were even aware that VR was finally becoming a viable technology.

UploadVR’s  product supports the entrepreneurs of the future with deep emphasis in immersive tech. The unique blend of hardware and software support they offer helps to ensure that the companies in their ecosystem succeed.


“A work environment that fosters the passion”

At VoiceBase, it doesn’t matter whether you work from the office or home, if you travel often or even the number of hours you work. VoiceBase team members are all available when needed and are expected to perform on individual goals as well as team and companywide goals.

VoiceBase is an API solution for speech recognition and speech analytics.


The Timmy Awards ceremony will celebrate the local technology community and also recognize not only the winners, but the entire San Francisco community for creating a great business environment to thrive in. The event itself will be a great opportunity to network with finalists and other members of the tech community.

RSVP here to attend the SF Timmy Awards and meet all the finalists  in person!

The Top 25 DC Tech Influencers Nominated for a Timmy

On December 8th, Tech in Motion is proud to present the 2nd Annual D.C. Timmy Awards, which will be held at 1776 Crystal City.  The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work in. After all the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for one celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) technology manager, (2) technology work culture, and (3) tech startup. Here are D.C.’s impressive finalists.

Best Tech Manager

Andrew WillisAndrew Willis – VP, eCommerce Technology of Customink

Andrew implements “blameless postmortems,” where the focus should be on the problem itself rather than the person who caused it. In addition, he supports the managers by having regular one-on-ones with the team and on a bi-weekly basis.  He also hosts a team meeting called “Gossip, Rumors, and Lies,” where employees can talk about anything in a safe place.

Andrew’s balanced look on innovation and pragmatism greatly impacted a rebuild of the Online Design Experience, using a modern stack of React w/ Redux.


David WolfandDavid Wolfand – VP, Engineering of United Income

Under David’s management, career growth is measured less by title and much more by the opportunity to learn new skill sets, hone existing abilities, and demonstrate an ability to kick ass. David has promoted the growth of his team through the use of continuous deployment of code, moving away from the typical two-week release cycle. The team is honing their Agile and Lean skills even further, delivering value to members the moment it is ready.

David and his team are developing a financial services web-based product that does not have any of its own servers, making it near-infinitely scalable (so long as Amazon has the servers) no matter the popularity of the application.

Matt HagopianMatt Hagopian – VP, Engineering of LiveSafe, Inc.

Matt is dedicated to providing growth and development opportunities for his team. He encourages employees to attend conferences, speak or present at local Meetups, and holds the team responsible to the individual goals that they set for themselves. He is also a vocal advocate for cross-team collaboration.

LiveSafe provides an enterprise-class mobile safety communications platform, comprised of a robust, cloud-based Command Dashboard and a user-friendly customizable mobile application to enable the community to engage on safety and security related issues directly on their smartphones.

Philip SchmitzPhilip Schmitz – CEO of CharityEngine

Philip has cultivated a culture of achievement recognition. Every Friday during lunch, the team reads nominations that coworkers have written based on individual successes during the week.  The individual with the most votes wins a gift card for their hard work. This has created a camaraderie across the entire CharityEngine team that encourages creative solutions, but also cross-disciplinary partnerships and appreciation.

CharityEngine was created by BIS Global as a way to help nonprofit clients by providing integrated customer relationship management email and website management, payment processing, and eCommerce tools.

Rami EssaidRami Essaid – CEO of Distil Networks

Rami is a believer in ensuring that the individual and cultural goals should always be in sync. He offers to help employees make the next step in their careers should they choose to leave Distil. He has also been instrumental in developing the company culture and works tirelessly to maintain a high company morale, whether through the implementation of unique company perks or a company trip to SXSW.

Distil Networks uses a bot detection product paired with a team of experienced security analysts to provide real-time threat monitoring, analysis, investigation and response, as well as post-incident reports and best practices to ensure a 24/7 managed security service customized to each user’s unique security policy.


Best Work Culture


Once a month, AOL engineers submit prototypes of cutting edge projects that provide a new service or application that benefits the technology teams. The project is assessed and if deemed viable, the submitter gets the opportunity to work on the project for a month to make it a reality. The engineer is even excused from dedicated project work while the prototype project is being completed.


AOL offers new and exciting applications that help streamline, reduce costs, and provide quicker software solutions to the market


Aspire’s product is built completely in-house, and consistently improved by their team. Every person is involved in product suggestions, design features, and testing. The product team spans sales, account management, and fundraising to truly solve the needs of every piece of the business. This transparency allows anyone to learn about product design and technical implementation.


Aspire’s easy-to-use platform and dedicated team of support staff lets one quickly coordinate events in their office, from catered lunches and happy hours to wellness programs.

Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital starts every week with a Monday Huddle, where 120+ employees gather together to share any relevant and interesting articles, short films, or other materials. In addition, they integrate themselves into the local DC design scene by hosting creative dev and front end technology meetups.


Deloitte Digital brings human-centered design to the federal government through workshops with clients. This collaboration allows clients to fully integrate their ideas into their products and applications.


The first rule in Leverege’s culture book is “Use your best judgement in all situations.” This approach encourages employees to take risks and approach problems in their own unique way. They further reinforce this mindset by holding a weekly Show-and-Tell where every team member shares the interesting projects they’ve been pursuing.


Leverege offers an IoT Platform that is the industry’s first fully-integrated product designed from the ground up. Their platform meets the needs of all business users from the C-suite executive focused on the corporate bottom line to the junior engineer charged with the day-to-day technical operations.

LiveSafe, Inc.

Every two weeks, LiveSafe lets the engineering team demo new features that they’ve created to the rest of the company, teaching them about the functionality and processes along the way. In addition, they explore new technologies as a team and regularly attend Washington, DC Meetups together.


LiveSafe offers an enterprise-class mobile safety platform fueled by crowd-sourced intelligence, maps, analytics and other features. Their goal is to enable the community to engage on security and safety issues directly from smartphones.


Not only is continued education encouraged, it’s expected at MapBox. Departments across the company actively engage and teach each other relevant information for the betterment of themselves. Along with this, MapBox pays ticket and travel expenses for any employee looking to go to a conference.  For example, a group of designers was sent to the NACIS Conference.


Mapbox builds and offers a multitude of tools to developers to add location-based services to their apps and websites.


MobilePosse recognizes that professional development is more than just schooling and training. Through shadowing and observing senior leads, junior level employees are able to learn in collaborative and personal ways. These collaborative and personal interactions allow employees to gain unique experiences first-hand.


Mobile Posse provides mobile carriers and OEMs a platform that delivers salient messages from the operator to the subscriber.  This provides an option for consumers to receive content they love to their smartphone’s home and lock screen.


Optoro believes that fostering an environment of autonomy and creativity is crucial to reaching groundbreaking solutions. They promote a creative culture by hosting events intended to spark innovative thinking and encourage employees to question current processes. For example, they host an internal “Hackathon” day once a month where each person in the tech department chooses a challenge facing their company and codes an original solution. The winners receive additional funding in their Professional Development accounts, enabling them to access a wide variety of resources beyond Optoro.


Optoro offers an end-to-end reverse logistics solution that helps retailers process, manage, and sell their returned and excess inventory.


SkyBitz continually encourages its employees to take professional development courses, host trainers to come in, and they encourage employees to share their technical expertise and knowledge with each other. Most recently, they provided Azure Cloud Training to some of their engineering team members.


SkyBitz offers SaaS-based solutions that provide rapidly deployable solutions for enterprise and local fleets, tank monitoring, and petroleum logistics.

Ventera Corporation

Hackathons are a great tradition at Ventera. They sponsor a variety of technology focused Hackathons called “Hack.Ventera.” Engineers also participate in similar events hosted by clients and other organizations. This gives employees an avenue to test new technologies and ideas while collaborating and innovating with people outside of current projects in a fun environment while delivering tangible proof of concepts and solutions to clients.

ventera 2

Ventera is a professional services organization that supports a variety of technology needs, such as Agile, plug and play automated testing, and AI-influenced predictive modeling across both Government and Commercial customers.


Best Tech Startup


BigParser’s team is headed up by a former Yahoo Engineering Manager. They stay focused on the goals for the day there and respect everyone else’s space and time.

BigParser is on a mission to connect the world’s data through its three main apps, Grids, Share, and Plug.







Brllnt’s goal has always been to build an open and collaborative culture inspired by thinkers and entrepreneurs. The Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer, and Director of Operations are focused on growing and supporting the local DC community.

Brllnt’s doesn’t just build platforms. The team collaborates to build brand strategies, identities, and marketing campaigns.



Gravy AnalyticsGravy Analytics

Gravy’s team is led by a serial entrepreneur and previous executives from AOL, Neustar and AT&T. They are focused on the goal of building an open-environment to foster interaction, collaboration, reward, and recognition in the workplace.

Gravy is a mobile, location-based customer intelligence platform.  Using verified attendances at local events and venues, it identifies and predicts segmentation and consumers’ preferences.

Innovators BoxInnovatorsBox

InnovatorsBox values long-term growth. With flexible hours and locations, they want their staff to constantly learn and craft their tangible and intangible skills as professionals such as how to best manage time and energy, and effectively balance multitasking.

InnovatorsBox teaches creativity, builds community, and raises public awareness of the importance of creative thinking for all individuals. By providing a supportive community and educational resources, everyone has the opportunity to integrate creative thinking into their lives and careers.


MetiStream’s leadership has founded the DC Area Apache Spark Interactive Meetup to foster community collaboration on Spark, which has since grown to 2,000+ members. The next project is to grow the DC/VA/MD Big Data Healthcare Meetup to spearhead innovation in healthcare.

MetiStream has developed a framework that integrates FHIR, a progressive API-enabled healthcare standard, with Apache Spark. This combination targets improvements in patient experience and uses genomics to provide personalized health recommendations.


NotionTheory only accepts those who are passionate. Every member of the team has either started their own venture, has former startup experience, or is mostly self-taught in their expertise. They choose their projects based on how well they will be able to leverage each team member’s expertise with the goal of making a truly collaborative effort.

NotionTheory creates custom Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for brands while also building in-house products. They spent one-and-a-half years building their own VR framework, which allows users to build virtual reality applications IN virtual reality.



Rize has always known that the company will succeed only if its customers are successful. By never losing sight of this very important truth, the work environment has never been driven by either seniority or the bottom line. Instead, each member is a consummate forward-thinker who focuses on knowing how the financial industry will evolve and unfold.

Rize’s online savings platform uses behavioral design and automation to help customers save an average of 10% of their income towards goals they care about. They help customers understand what they can achieve and provide the means and confidence to help customers reach their goals.


Senseware has effortlessly created an open community of trust, transparency, respect, support, and laughs. Everyone works in one room and they aren’t afraid to question and challenge each other. Team members push each other and help each other grow.

Senseware is a Smart Building Solution that wireless monitors performance across all Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, and Plumbing systems to run more cost-effectively. They’re building the one true smart-building.

United IncomeUnited Income

United Income runs Agile on two-week sprints. Every single person commits to work for the two week sprint and then demos what they accomplished to the entire company at Demo Day. They hold each other accountable across teams. They struggle together and they celebrate together. Everyone is responsible for their work, and everyone is responsible to the team.

United Income is building a financial technology solution to improve retirements. They offer a hybrid solution that combines web-based products and access to financial advisers to provide guidance to users and make it easy to stop worrying about finances and focus on the fun of the future.


Virgil SecurityVirgil Security

The team at Virgil Security has led multiple DARPA projects delivering next-gen technologies in cognitive radios, cross layer networking optimization, data fusion, distributed sensor networks, dynamic spectrum access, machine cognition, mobile ad hoc networks, and an array of foundational technologies.

Virgil Security is delivering software-based security building blocks to developers so that they can quickly and easily add security to their own products. Their goal is make every software developer an applied cryptologist.


The Timmy Awards ceremony will celebrate the local technology community and also recognize not only the winners, but the entire D.C. community for creating a great business environment to thrive in. The event itself will be a great opportunity to network with finalists and other members of the tech community.

Don’t miss out, RSVP for the 2nd Annual DC Timmy Awards here to meet the finalists in person.

30 Tech Leaders of Orange County and San Diego

On October 19, Tech in Motion is proud to hold their second annual Orange County and San Diego Timmy Awards at UCI Applied Innovation (5141 California Ave, Suite 250).  The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work. After all the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for one celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) tech startup, (2) technology manager, and (3) technology work culture. Here are OC and San Diego’s 30 outstanding finalists.

Best Tech Manager

Aaron Gibson – VP of Engineering at SabioAaron Gibson

“Brings a comforting level of humanity”

Aaron is very highly respected and admired by those he leads. He often does code reviews as team conferences, not only as a way to have people comfortable with sharing their work, but also to demonstrate that everybody makes mistakes and there’s nothing wrong with doing so. He brings a comforting level of humanity that allows people to be themselves.

Sabio nurtures exceptional tech talent and produces developers who are ready to step into a junior full-stack web role at any company that uses Microsoft stack. They also produce web prototypes for entrepreneurs who are looking for an affordable way to get their product to market.

Adam Miller – Founder of Vibrant Software LLCAdam Miller

“He’s not just our manager, he’s our teacher and mentor”

Adam is immensely respected by his staff, thanks to the work environment he creates. He spends the majority of his time with the engineers, allowing them to explore different avenues of technology and avoid feel pigeonholed into one area of expertise. Every other week, Adam’s team has learning sessions where one team member presents a topic in their area of expertise, letting the entire group  learn from one another and strengthen their own skills.

Recently, Adam led a team to work with Hyundai Motor America to develop a custom software solution that allowed the OEM to order and allocate vehicles directly from their plants.

Caleb Bradley – CTO of TradivCaleb Bradley

“Drives productivity by understanding the work-life balance”

Every month, Caleb meets with his team to go over their individual career goals and to ensure that Tradiv is doing all that it can to help make those goals a reality. By providing a platform for meaningful discussion and complete transparency, Caleb gives his team the opportunity to challenge the norm in the company and, therefore, the norm in the industry.

Tradiv is the leading online wholesale cannabis distribution platform. They are striving to demonstrate to the rest of the country that cannabis business can be a healthy part of the community.

Carlos Anchia – VP of Engineering at DistilleryCarlos Anchia

“Defines a clear strategy for how engineers can grow”

Carlos dedicates his time and energy to define a clear strategy for how engineers can grow into team leaders and architects. He provides employees with career coaching to help them achieve their goals of growth and prosperity, as well as promotes a safe place for engineers to try and fail.

Carlos’ team is responsible for producing the highly successful Tumbleweed news app that was featured by Apple as one of the top news sources in 2015.

Greg Glenn – M.E. Manager at Freedom Innovations

“Demonstrates the technical ability, solution- oriented approach, and can do attitude that is infectious”

Greg works with his direct reports to plan out their career path and develops work assignments, trainings, and weekly feedback for fine tuning. He authored their Design for Excellence (DFX) guidelines. These guidelines are the result of manufacturing issues during the launch of new products and provide systematic solutions that ensure quality control.

Freedom Innovations is a medical device company that develops microprocessor controlled ankles and knees for amputees, along with the apps to program, monitor, and adjust the prosthetic by their users.

Hossein Eslambolchi – CEO of Cyberflow Analyticshossein

“Pragmatic visionary in an ever-changing technology landscape”

At Cyberflow Analytics, Dr. Hossein is a visionary for strategic ideas around big data analytics platform and machine learning algorithms with innovative visualization techniques. He cultivates open dialog within team members, promoting collaboration and innovation through motivation and empowerment.

Hossein is the principal visionary for a real-time analytics platform built to detect security attacks on enterprise networks and data centers before intellectual property or PII data is stolen.

Jim m squareJim Magner – COO of Eturi Corporation

“The silent hero behind OurPact’s success”

Every member of Eturi’s team is familiar with every facet of the company’s operation, and that’s all thanks to a leader who is willing to open lines of communication, think outside the box, and present opportunities for his team members to deviate from their given roles. Jim gives his employees freedom through a flexible schedule that allows everyone to come to work happier, healthier, and more focused.

Eturi’s flagship product, OurPact, enables parental control to limit children’s apps and internet access remotely using MDM (mobile device management).

Jim Plush – Senior Director of CrowdstrikeJim Plush

“A passionate innovator leading his team to deliver visionary technology”

Jim has created a unique multi-track career ladder that ensures engineers are able to follow the same career advancement as a Senior Vice President while still focusing on their engineering initiative. He’s led initiatives such as “No Meeting Thursday,” “Think Week,” and “CrowdFest,” which are all part of driving the team culture at CrowdStrike. Jim has also set the cloud engineering standard for quality and resiliency.

CrowdStrike has revolutionized endpoint protection by combining three crucial elements: next-generation AV, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and a 24/7 managed hunting service – all powered by intelligence and uniquely delivered via the cloud in a single integrated solution.

Keola Malone – CTO of Underground ElephantKeola Malone

“Play to your strengths while you strengthen your weaknesses”

Keola created a team culture where everyone is empowered to innovate and think creatively. He implemented a “shark tank” style of innovation leading to a wide diversity of software platforms and a rich arsenal of technologies to use. This created an environment where a technologist of any kind, or skill level, can learn and grow.

In 2016, Keola’s team built and launched the infrastructure that thrust Underground Elephant into the FinTech space, allowing consumers to connect with dozens of financial service providers at the same time.

Mike Selberis – CTO of Glidewell DentalMike Selberis

“His endless vision and authenticity inspires each member of the organization”

Mike makes it a point to set detailed career goals with all of his employees and regularly follow up to ensure that they’re on track to meet their goals. His vision for Glidewell and sense of humor are contagious and foster a fun and innovative atmosphere. He sponsors internal hackathons and other team building activities that engage the whole company to grow together.

Using Amazon Web Services, deep learning, and cutting edge infrastructure solutions, Glidewell has achieved a digital manufacturing workflow that proposes a custom-fit crown for each patient and simplifies the rest of the manufacturing workflow.


Best Tech Startup


“Breaking down barriers”

Father and son team Walter and Jeff Cruttenden founded Acorns in order to empower millennials with the tools of wealth-making – breaking down the barriers that have traditionally made it daunting for young people to start investing.

Acorns is the fastest-growing investment app in the United States, creating more than one million investment accounts in the past two years, and is specifically designed for the millennial audience.


“Work hard, play hard”

At Appletree, forward-thinking leaders have taken innovative ideas and teamwork to rebrand the company, shifting from BuzzMob to Appletree to appeal more personally to their target audience. They are now on a path to success while maintaining a fun, work had/play hard, and support your teammates type of environment.

Appletree exists to form a bond between school and home so that students succeed through a cross-platform communication tool teachers use to send class-wide updates and message parents directly on any of their synced devices.

Eturi-LogoEturi Corporation

“Driven by leaders”

Eturi empowers their employees to be leaders in his or her own way. An example of this is when their team created a brand new solution to a known mobile device management issue that eliminated scrambling, tremendously improving overall user satisfaction..

Eturi’s flagship product, OurPact, enables parental control to limit children’s apps and internet access remotely using MDM (mobile device management).

FoxTalesfox tales

“Non-traditional thinking and seasoned creativity”

The team at FoxTales includes seasoned creatives and leaders in the marketing, events, and communications space. They empower employee autonomy, promote non-traditional thinking, and host weekly cross-functional review sessions to ensure team collaboration and constructive feedback drive their business objectives.

FoxTales creates compelling custom visual experiences for brands such as Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, GoPro, Nike, and many more. Their StoryStudio has the ability to act as a 360 degree movie studio set while integrated with GoPro to create their Burst GIF feature.


“Brainstorm consistently”

This startup encourages its lead software architects to think outside the box by meeting every two weeks to reassess their application and determine the life expectancy of the current technology and structure. The team is encouraged to brainstorm with new ways of building the application with new technology or structure to increase the health of the application.

Insellerate’s product is the only CRM in the market that allows workflow customization, integration with other systems, a very easy user interface, extensive lead distribution engine, and a product that caters to the mortgage industry.


“Pushing boundaries”

Seeing the market shifts in entertainment to more immersive and interactive media including virtual reality, augmented reality, and gaming, OSSIC knew it was time to introduce their technology. VR and AR need immersive audio to be successful and OSSIC X provides it.

Integrating sensors, beam folding array of eight audio drivers, and smart audio algorithms, the OSSIC X enables accurate and immersive 3D audio playback that instantly gets tailored to the unique anatomy of the listener.

PeopleSpace OCpeoplespace

“We, not I”

PeopleSpace OC offers free programs for the start-up tech community, including classes and workshops led by local entrepreneurs and professionals, free meet-up space, quarterly innovation speaker series, and training.

PeopleSpace offers a startup program, iLab, that is completely community based, and provides startups the opportunity to meet with advisors and investors throughout their startup journey., Inc.SpringBoardAuto.com_blue-2

“Find your inspiration”, Inc. requires a great deal of creativity to solve their technical challenges. They encourage their engineers to collaborate, white board, and huddle in any area where the lightning strikes them. They also set aside part of their corporate budget for technical learning, which ensures that their engineers continue to grow and evolve in their roles. wants to fundamentally change the auto lending experience through their platform that leverages advanced analytics and data to enhance the consumer experience.

underground elephantUnderground Elephant

“Collaboration and empowerment”

Central to the development process at Underground Elephant is the company’s open culture of collaboration and empowerment, which makes it possible for the team of 32 technologists to access and reset their creative thresholds in order to build better roads that lead to organic sales conversations for large enterprises. Underground Elephant’s collaborative team environment, renowned company outings, and robust benefits package have earned several awards and nominations.

Underground Elephant uses proprietary technology to automate the marketing process, enhancing the connection between large enterprises and their prospective clients by delivering a highly efficient route to organic sales conversions.

Urban WorkshopUrbanWorkshop-Clear-410x155

“The startup that creates startups”

Urban Workshop was created to provide tools and equipment for people to use on their own projects. Their community now includes more than 650 people with more than 200 small businesses operating fully out of Urban Workshop generating over $12M in revenue annually.

Urban Workshop provides more than $1M of current state-of-the-art tools and equipment along with hands-on training, allowing people to make virtually anything.


Best Tech Work Culture


“One team, one dream”

The AutoGravity leadership team promotes the use of different types of technology in order to widen their employees’ skill set. Tech experts are regularly brought in to educate their team about specific problems so that they don’t have to face issues on their own. They also push for diversity on their team and respect family time by awarding flexible schedules, telecommuting, and employee children are encouraged to come to the office to do their homework.


AutoGravity creates a user-friendly platform to help people finance their car-buying process right from their smartphone.


“Changing the physics of business”

BIZX internally recognizes and rewards outstanding technical contributions. As a team, they attend several local tech camps and regularly host internal seminars where team members present their insight and best practices, fostering growth and collaboration.

Bitz office

BIZX develops an HTML5 broadband speed test that works on all devices and screen sizes without the need for any browser plug-in.

CIE Digital Labs

“Applying Startup Know-How to Your Business Challenges”

CIE Digital Labs has a fantastic web team that is consistently learning new things and making them part of their tool belt (Gulp, Bower, Node, SASS, and everything in between). They are rolling out a tuition reimbursement program to help those who decide to get a degree in a specific field, have partnered with the engineering program at UC Irvine, and intend to continue their partnerships with reputable college programs.


CIE Digital Labs is a true, one-stop shop. They provide strategy, ideation, design, and execution in the realm of web development.

CrowdStrike Inc.

“We Stop Breaches”

In June 2016, CrowdStrike led the investigation and public disclosure of the high-profile breach of the DNC. With the unique CrowdStrike technology, their innovative tech team identified and attributed the intrusion to Russian intelligence agencies in less than two hours. This capability would have been simply impossible if it wasn’t for the unparalleled creativity, ambition, teamwork, and vision of the technical team.

crowdstrike small

CrowdStrike has revolutionized endpoint protection by combining three crucial elements: next-generation AV, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and a 24/7 managed hunting service – all powered by intelligence and uniquely delivered via the cloud in a single integrated solution.


“Redefining the enterprise endpoint standard of security”

Cylance’s top talent produces and publishes numerous research projects at industry-leading events such as RSA and BlackHat. The team enjoys a flexible work-life balance, is motivated to learn and inspired to have fun all while creating some of their industry’s leading software.


By coupling sophisticated math and machine learning with a unique understanding of a hacker’s mentality, Cylance provides the technology and services that are predictive and preventive against advanced threats.

Dark Rift Entertainment

“Creating games that are engaging, dynamic, and most of all… awesome”

Dark Rift Entertainment is an advocate for technical exploration. If a team member has an idea for their project, even if it’s outlandish, Dark Rift harbors a space for them to test it. Recently, their team decided to upgrade to a new texture and material solution called Substance, a significantly more complex pipeline that requires their entire team to work together to solve both predicted and unforeseen issues along the way.

dark rift ent.

Dark Rift Entertainment is currently producing a revolutionary game, Embers of War, with radical new mechanics never before seen in the Tower Defense space.


“Encourages employees to get out and pursue their passions”

GoPro prides itself in strongly confiding in their employers as they strive to be the leading innovator within the action camera industry. They have employed a “Live It, Eat It, Love It” program that encourages employees to take two hours every Thursday afternoon to get out and pursue their passions while capturing it all on GoPro and getting paid to do so.


Recently GoPro has launched their best action performance camera yet, the HERO5 Black as well as their own Karma drone, which allows users to capture amazingly smooth footage in the air, handheld, or mounted to their favorite gear.


“Dreamers and innovators with a passion for changing the way people interact with their health”

Hart’s core values (craftsmanship, ingenuity, and change) revolve around fostering creativity. They encourage their employees to not be afraid to question the current technology in place or even to build their own. Hart takes monthly field trips to visit other companies and get new ideas to incorporate into their company culture. They’ve also created Hart University, which hosts three classes a week on pressing topics and engineering challenges.


Hart is a medical software company with an open API platform, HartOS, used to solve many of today’s healthcare challenges. It allows consumers to access their health data from their doctors’ EMR, schedule appointments, send direct messages to their doctor, and soon also share data with family.

Surfline / Wavetrak

“Surfline champions the balance of life and work”

Surfline’s headquarters are located on the beach and employees are encouraged to take time to surf and get outdoors. Their products serve surfers, fishermen, and mariners, and their employees actually spend the time participating in these recreations in order to build great technical solutions to user problems.


Their technology is at the forefront of marine weather modeling and forecasting by combining complex weather models with human curation to provide the most accurate forecasts for ocean-related activities including surfing, offshores fishing, sailing, offshore cruising, and more.


“Thank God it’s Monday!”

Technossus promotes technical creativity by applying a number of strategies throughout the organizational chart. Frequent new hires bring in energy and enthusiasm to seasoned veterans who, in turn, mentor and educate them. They also challenge their team to leverage the cutting edge tools they use daily to compete in hackathons all over the world to continuously hone their skills and master new technologies.


They pride themselves on providing a cutting-edge set of technology solution services that sit precisely in the sweet spot in the continuum between “obsolete” and “bleeding edge.”


Your votes will decide who takes home the Timmy Awards on October 9th. In 2015, Sheim Edelbrock, CTO of the Control Group won Best Tech Manager, Parentsware won the Best Tech Start Up, and took home the Timmy Award for Best Work Culture. Who will win this year? You decide!

Winners will be revealed on October 19th in front of a live audience. RSVP now to attend the celebration!  

The Inaugural Silicon Valley Timmy Awards Recognize Region’s Rising Stars in Tech

First Annual Timmys Name the Best Silicon Valley Employers and Managers for Technology Professionals

Silicon Valley (September 23, 2016) Tech in Motion officially announced the winners of the First Annual Silicon Valley Timmy Awards today, after recognizing top local employers of technology professionals during a ceremony last night at the San Jose Women’s Club. After submitting almost 7,000 votes, the local tech community selected the winners from 25 notable finalists, including runner-ups Shipwire, Avegant and CEO Han Jin of LucidCam, to represent the best of technology work culture, management and startups in the region

The 2016 Silicon Valley Timmy Award Winners are:

  • Best Technology Manager: Venkat Rangasamy, Principal Software Architect at Equinix
  • Best Tech Startup: Loop Commerce
  • Best Technology Work Culture: Drawbridge

“With more than 150 nominations and 25 finalists, we were delighted to hold the first-ever event honoring top tech employers of Silicon Valley, as chosen by the local community,” said Tech in Motion organizer Bryan Kaye, Regional Director of Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates Silicon Valley. “As Silicon Valley continues to grow, these are the companies that will continue to make the area an attractive place for IT professionals to work. We look forward to celebrating similar innovators at the Timmy Awards every year.”

An audience of more than 200 gathered last night to see the winners announced by presenters such as emcee Katie Roof of Tech Crunch, Kerry Davis of Engadget, and Mix106.5 DJs Marc Acton and Jeff Pope.

“We are also thrilled about last night’s celebration, from the turnout to the presenters,” said Scott Purcell, another Tech in Motion organizer and Division Manager of Jobspring Partners. “Our emcee Katie Roof is a Senior Writer and Video Host of Tech Crunch, and she did an outstanding job of keeping everyone on their toes throughout our Inaugural Timmy Awards ceremony.”

The Timmys are presented throughout the year in cities across North America, including Boston, NYC, San Francisco and Toronto. Previous winners have included innovators such as, LearnVest, Venmo, Trip Advisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper and Instacart. The next Timmy Awards ceremonies are the 2nd Annual Timmy Awards of Orange County & San Diego on October 19, followed by both San Francisco and DC on December 8. Please visit for more information.


About Tech in Motion Events

Tech in Motion, presenter of the Timmy Awards, is an international events series that brings local tech community professionals together to connect, learn, and innovate. What started as a collaborative project between IT recruiting firms Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates in 2011, grew into an organization of over 70,000 members across 11 chapters in North America including Boston, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, LA, Orange County and Toronto. Please visit for more information about our notable speakers, sponsors and events.

The 25 Tech Leaders of Silicon Valley Nominated for the Timmy Awards

On September 22, Tech in Motion is proud to present their 1st Annual Silicon Valley Timmy Awards, which will be held at The San Jose Women’s Club (75 S. 11th St). The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work in. After all the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for a celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) technology manager, (2) technology work culture, and (3) tech startup.

Here are Silicon Valley’s impressive finalists, get to know them and vote for your top contestant!

Best Tech Manager

Bill HuBill Hu – CEO of Kika Tech

“Open environment for creativity”

With the lack of middle management frequently seen in most startups, Bill’s management style allows talent to succeed and gives the utmost degree of authority to each team leader. Bill has created an open and transparent environment allowing individuals vitality and
creativity to be fully mobilized.

Kika Tech builds keyboard applications to support human expression powered by machine learning.

Erik Kostelnik

Erik Kostelnik – Founder & CEO of TextRecruit


No matter position or level, Erik promotes career hyper growth at TextRecruit. He entrusts his employees with immense responsibilities and ensures a great team culture leading by example. Erik actively engages each team’s activity and is willing to help out at any capacity to ensure each team’s success.

TextRecruit is a global, mobile recruiting platform that engages candidates and employees via text message.

Han Jin

Han Jin – CEO of LucidCam

“Purpose with direction”

Han’s main focus is career growth and believes that top performance can only come from employees feeling fulfilled and having a purpose with direction. He ensures team culture by storytelling and reminding his team of where hard work has gotten them and to keep going.

LucidCam is 180° 3D stereoscopic camera for virtual reality.

Venkat Rangasamy

Venkatachalam Rangasamy – Principal Software Architect at Equinix

“Fostering discussion”

Venkatachalam creates opportunities to meet developers in Silicon Valley and fosters a good environment to discuss technology for all the members of the team.

Venkatachalam led the next generation architecture for the Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) portal and the APIs. He has helped accommodate growing needs of the platform and authored a well-acclaimed micro-service design principle based framework which will help developers develop an API with minimal coding.

Waqaas Al-Siddiq

Waqaas Al-Siddiq – CEO of Biotricity

“An environment for growth”

Waqaas focuses on creating a work environment that caters to its employees’ interests and career goals along with utilizing their wealth of knowledge in different backgrounds, and offers support to assist in reaching their goals.

Biotricity is a biotechnology company that is focused on providing intelligent diagnostic and post-diagnostic solutions for both physicians and patients.

manager cta

Best Tech Startup


“Fun and work married”

Avegant has successfully married work with fun involving quarterly team events, including Giants games, wine tastings, cooking classes, etc., as well as weekly games of ultimate Frisbee and basketball.

Avegant created the Glyph, a vivid reality near-eye display that projects images directly into your retinas. It can be worn on your head like headphones, or flipped down becoming your “personal theater”, making it the winner of the “Best of CES” Award 2016.

Blue River TechnologyBlue-River-Logo

“Collaboration across disciplines”

Blue River Technology’s work environment is very collaborative, with folks from every discipline pitching in when needed. This collaboration across disciplines is one of the company’s greatest causes of success. One great example of Blue River’s passion and collaboration occurred when a critical supplier was late in delivering components needed for an order of five Blue River machines. Rather than miss the shipping deadline, the entire team, and even several spouses and children, volunteered to work Saturday and Sunday assembling the machines to keep on schedule.

Blue River Technology produces the See & Spray machine which is a robot that identifies plants in farmer’s fields and targets weeds which reduces environmental impact and saves about 80% of the herbicide cost.


“Work hard, play hard”

Cloudian prides themselves on taking calculated technology bets on the future and puts innovation at the core of their culture. They want people to liking coming to work and have incorporated monthly birthday celebrations, free snacks and lunches, and quarterly offsite parties. They also created a peer award system where anybody can be recognized for excellence.

Cloudian Hyperstore is a smart data storage platform that is 100% Amazon S3 compliant and allows customers to scale as their needs grow with a simple user interface.


“Openness, positivity, and collaboration”

DataVisor fosters a culture of openness, positivity, and collaboration. They hold bi-weekly tech talks that are run by an engineer as an example of innovation and empowerment of employees. In addition, lunch is brought in every day so the team can eat “family-style,” relax, laugh, chat, and recharge.

DataVisor builds and restores trust for consumer-facing websites and mobile apps, by identifying hidden fraudsters lurking inside online services before they are able to conduct any damage.

Datos IODatos IO2

“Drive, ambition, and intelligence”

Datos IO hand-selected a team that has led seminal research and delivered industry-first, market-leading products. They combine this drive, ambition, and intelligence with a family-friendly work environment (weekly catered lunches, monthly family open houses, and even post-product launch picnics.) Datos exemplifies the professional and personal collegiate ethos that Silicon Valley was originally founded upon.

Datos IO’s RecoverX is the industry’s first and only multi-platform, multi-cloud, scale-out data protection software on the market.


“Gather to learn”

Engagio’s entire office BBQs together on Wednesdays and talks about product feedback from current customer and prospects. They have the product team demo new features while the executive teams fills them in on company and roadmap updates.

Engagio’s account-based platform compliments Salesforce and Marketo with account-centric analysis and the ability to orchestrate outbound interactions across departments and channels.

Liquid RoboticsLiquid_Robotics

“Driven by passion”

Liquid Robotics’ innovation and inventor, Roger Hine, have been recognized by many for its impact on helping the world cost effectively and safely explore, protect, and monitor the ocean. The brilliance and passion for the ocean and ocean economy are exhibited throughout every employee. Employees have an opportunity to swim with the Wave Gliders in Hawaii to monitor the product.

The Wave Glider is the world’s first wave and solar powered ocean robot which can stay at sea collecting and communicating data from the seafloor to space – running on 100% renewable energy.

Loop Commerceloop-commerce

“Innovate together”

Loop Commerce employs forward thinking leaders and hands-on contributors throughout the organization to make their vision a reality. Every employee receives a $100 monthly allowance to demonstrate the functionality of their platform to others through a new innovative and exciting experience. They then hold weekly company meetings in which the leadership shares accomplishments, challenges, and strategy with the team, and allows every team member to voice their opinion and contribute to both strategy and execution.

Loop Commerce is an online gifting platform that, when embedded in retail e-commerce sites allows customers to easily buy and immediately deliver personal gifts online in a manner that is thoughtful, stress free, and intuitive for consumers.

Primary DataPrimary_Data

“Ask an expert”

Primary Data encourages problem solving at all levels to give employees the autonomy and empowerment needed to continue to grow in all stages of their careers. They are founded by David Flynn and Rick White, the guy who brought flash memory to enterprise storage. They also have Steve Wozniak on their team serving as the chief scientist, as he sees similarities between Primary Data’s storage efficiency and his economical designs of the original Apple computer.

Using industry-standard protocols, DataSphere virtualizes different storage tiers across global dataspace.


“Encouraging continual growth”

Seeing the lack of innovation in the backup and recovery space over the last decade, Rubrik’s founding team asked themselves what these systems would look like if they were designed today. Rubrik hosts hackathons that allow employees to innovate and work together, and the employees see tangible impact from their work.

Rubrik has created the first Cloud Data Management platform for the enterprise, simplifying the data management process and modernizing the way companies store, manage, and backup their data using the public cloud.

start up cta

Best Tech Work Culture


“Growing relationships”

Branch runs a program called “Build an App Day” to teach non-technical employees how to code and allow technical employees to compete to build the best app. This program demonstrates basic app development, fosters sympathy and an understanding of Branch users (for non-technical employees), and builds relationships.


Branch provides the complete deep linking solution for brands to create an optimized mobile user experience that drives app growth, conversations, as well as user engagement and retention.


“Opening the door to all”

Drawbridge hosts weekly Tech Talks featuring their engineering team where they educate cross-teams on the technology they are utilizing every day. Along with tech talks, the CEO is passionate about ensuring that women at Drawbridge feel empowered to succeed in the field. The culture committee hosts biweekly “Women in Tech” forums which allow women engineers to come together to develop their careers.


Drawbridge is democratizing digital identity and thus becoming a universal currency for cross-device.

Identity Guard

“Take control”

Identity Guard believes one of the most effective ways to stimulate creativity is to give engineers complete ownership over their projects. By having full ownership and control over what they build and how they build it, talented engineers are much more likely to bring value and succeed. They encourage growth by prioritizing learning opportunities over schedule and for everyone to experiment with new languages, technologies, and frameworks.

identity guard culture

Identity Guard is evolving their product to discover new and innovative ways to inform consumers and to protect them from identity theft. Their team is taking advantage of capabilities on all platforms to deliver new anti-phishing technologies that protect consumers from phishing sites.


“Learn from each other”

At Kespry, no matter the department, the team is always learning from each other by discussing interesting technical topics, asking questions, and providing helpful answers. They are also full-stack, meaning they do not rely on other companies to provide a piece of product; if it doesn’t exist, they design it.


Kespry builds automated commercial drones with data intelligence that enables companies to track inventory, monitor progress, and more efficiently run their businesses.

MATRIXX Software Inc.

“Think time”

MATRIXX Software creates the opportunity for “think” time, maintaining a flat organization, hiring outside of the industry, and looking externally for ideas. They involve less experienced individuals in issue resolution meetings to participate and understand how to evaluate alternative options and learn how to become creative in finding ways to address the original requirement in the case that stumbling blocks materialize.

MATRIXX Pic 2 fixed

MATRIXX Software delivers an innovative digital commerce solution that enables always-on customer engagement. Their patented approach makes it possible for Digital Service Providers (DSPs) in the telecom industry to simultaneously serve millions of customers, and process billions of customer interactions instantly. MATRIXX enables DSPs to build long-term strategic value through high-touch, digital customer relationships while customers benefit from control over their own mobile data usage and spending.

Peloton Technology

“Solve problems creatively”

Peloton is constantly solving technical problems as they work to bring the world’s first commercial vehicle platooning system to the market. Their solutions are developed in-house with colleagues being encouraged to use their creativity, leveraging their talents, and learning new skills.

Peloton Technology is an automated and connected vehicle technology company focused on improving the safety, efficiency, and productivity of transportation.

Pinger, Inc.

“Teach each other”

Pinger offers events called “Lunch and Learn” where anyone is invited to teach others about their role and day to day operations of their position in the company or even cover topics of personal interest ranging from lock picking demonstrations to cocktail seminars.


Pinger has developed a new app called Sideline which provides a second work number for your smartphone and operates without using Wifi through your existing carrier plan.

Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi)


Retail Solutions does not have a formal technical learning program, instead they encourage all employees to utilize the vast amount of information that is on the internet, hold webinars and meetings to share technical knowledge on tools, and sponsor “Lunch and Learn” sessions to promote team-oriented approach to learning.


Retail Solutions proprietary algorithms, business processes, and suite of intelligent cloud-based applications help the world’s leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers listen and respond quickly to consumer demand to ensure the right product is in store at the right time.


“Incentivized to learn”

Any individual at Shipwire who wants to learn a new skill, language, or a new product is encouraged to do so and they offer incentives for continuing education.


Shipwire’s key is comprised of many innovative solutions  that make it easy for merchants to treat the world as a local market.

Whipsaw, Industrial Design and Engineering

“Cross pollination”

Whipsaw has a balance of men and women who are randomly located throughout the office to promote cross-pollination of ideas from different backgrounds and viewpoints. The real learning beauty for Whipsaw is that they work with a variety of industries which creates more cross pollination and leads to technical progress and innovation within their own team, their client’s business and in the market.


Whipsaw focuses on creating innovative product design, product development, UX, and branding. With some of their product creations, one may recognize many successful market hits such as the Nike FuelBand, Leapfrog LeapPads, Roku TV devices, and more.



The Timmy Awards ceremony will celebrate the local San Jose technology community and also recognize not only the winners, but the entire Silicon Valley community for creating a great business environment to thrive in. The event itself will be a great opportunity to network with finalists and other members of the tech community. Make sure you RSVP to save your spot!


Meet 30 of Chicago’s Top Tech Influencers (and 2016 Timmy Award Finalists)

Chicago TIM Header

On August 25, Tech in Motion is proud to present the 2nd Annual Chicago Timmy Awards, which will be held at 1871 Merchandise Mart. Hosted by Tech in Motion, the “Timmys” take place every year in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work. After the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for one celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) tech startup, (2) technology manager, and (3) technology work culture. Here are the 30 finalists in Chicago that you need to know.

Best Tech Manager

AdamGreuling_NCSAAdam Grueling, VP, Engineering NCSA Athletic Recruiting

“Improving business through team member growth”

Adam quickly identifies individuals who’ve shown informal leadership in the capacity of their position and puts them in a place where those talents can be better utilized. The need to maintain and improve existing business often competes with the need to innovate and find new ways to serve clients. He has achieved incredibly impressive results and managed his relatively small team in a high-pressure organization.

Adam and team developed NCSA University, an e-learning platform that allows student athletes to receive and take short interactive lessons on their recruiting. The lessons are scheduled specifically to each athlete based on their sport, place in high school, and tenure as an NCSA client. It has allowed student athletes to stay engaged in important content throughout their recruiting journey which increases their chance of realizing their dream of playing in college.

Ayo Jimoh_OpternativeAyo Jimoh, CTO, Opternative 

“Give respect, get respect”

Every member of Ayo’s Product and Engineering team was hired not only for the position list on the Opternative Careers page, but also for the position he sees them growing into at Opternative and beyond. He meets with every single member of his team weekly or bi-weekly for a one-on-one session focused on two-way feedback, professional development, and career growth. His desire is for every intern to become a full-time team member, every junior to become senior, and everyone with management desires to attain a VP, Director, or even Executive position.

In the past year, the Opternative Product and Engineering team launched the world’s first online eye exam that delivers a valid prescription signed by a board-certified Ophthalmologist. Not only did the team launch such an innovative service, it was accomplished while adhering to all regulatory bodies and legislation ranging from HIPAA/HITECH to a clinical trial and adherence to any FDA requirements.

BobHannon_UpRightLawBob Hannon, VP Technology, UpRight Law

“4-tier approach to employee career paths”

Bob believes that learning and development is an integral part of anyone’s career growth. Bob pushes not only his team, but every UpRight-er to strive for excellence, whether that means learning a new trade in the classroom, getting certified to continue to scale the network, or teaching others a better way to complete everyday tech tasks. Bob created a 4-tier approach towards career pathing for his team. Each tier challenges team members to stretch their tech muscles. A few of the milestones along their career path journey include: successful ability to create functionality entirely in code, building an end to end functioning application from scratch, complete solution design accountability for project ROI, peer mentoring, team education and development, and development of knowledge assets.

Fees are often a barrier to legal services for those most in need, and most law firms have no system for helping clients overcome that obstacle. UpRight offers flexible payment plans with automatic debits, which goes a long way toward solving the problem.

Dan Rumney_JellyvisionDan Rumney, Director Product Engineering, Jellyvision

“Building an atmosphere of mutual trust”

Dan cares a great deal about his team’s well-being and professional growth. He has been Jellyvision’s director of product engineering for 16 months, and in that time, he’s launched three programs to help pave the way for tech career growth at Jellyvision. He started the scrum program to help ease Jellyvision’s engineers into Agile software development, and he promoted three employees as scrum masters to help manage the shift and support the developers. He also piloted Jellyvision’s first engineering apprenticeship program, where they hired four junior software developers fresh out of Dev Bootcamp to a three-month apprenticeship to help them hone their coding skills in a professional environment. The program was so successful, they hired three of the apprentices on full time, helping to launch their engineering careers. And finally, Dan started a brand new scholarship program at Jellyvision to help non-technical employees move into engineering roles. The scholarship program started when an employee on Jellyvision’s production team approached him for advice about how to make the move to become a developer, and he decided to have Jellyvision spot the cost of her Dev Bootcamp tuition and offer her a full time role on the product engineering team after she finished the program.

Jellyvision creates interactive software solutions that use powerful algorithms and serious tech to help people make difficult decisions about complicated topics, like choosing a health insurance plan, saving for retirement, managing finances, and navigating a career.

Dhruv Saxena_ShipBobDhruv Saxena, CEO, ShipBob

 “Empowering team members through decision making”

 Culture is a set of values which allow middle managers in a company to make decisions in-line with the values and the ethos of the company. Dhruv rarely makes decisions for other teams. He delegates decision making to the individual teams and encourages them to use him for feedback and review. This allows individual teams to move fast and think through the company mission and values as they make decisions, thus really owning their decisions from beginning to end. This creates a lot of pride in the work and allows teams to move quickly and put in their best to their work every single day.

Shipbob provides a complete back end logistics tool for small to medium sized e-commerce businesses. In less than two years, more than 500 businesses across the country are using the Shipbob online dashboard to manage hundreds of thousands of e-commerce transactions.

Francois Toubol_ SIM PartnersFrancois Toubul, VP, Technology SIM Partners

 “Learn and discover”

Francois fosters an agile team environment, both in product development and personal development. Weekly individual meetings with his 15 team members allows him to coach his team throughout their projects and gain feedback that accelerates development and improves SIM Partners’ Velocity platform. His one-on-one coaching and openness to new technologies and ideas encourages personal development and technical development that keep the team up to speed with the latest market trends, and fosters internal collaboration. He works with each member of his team to set goals: a new technology or personal skill they wish to learn, a way to promote themselves within the company (both in the long term and short term), and a way they could improve something they recently worked on. These goals are designed to benefit the company’s Velocity technology, but also build skillsets that each of his team members will benefit from in their careers in the long-term.

SIM Partners’ local marketing automation technology, Velocity, maximizes digital marketing results for enterprise brands at a local level. In 2015 and 2016, SIM Partners’ launched innovations to its technology including Velocity Wallet, Velocity Insights, Velocity Location Data Management, and Velocity Health which was led by Francois, the Vice President of Technology.

LinwoodMa_doughLinwood Ma, CTO and Founder, dough, Inc.

 “Fostering a deep love of learning”

Linwood (Woody) Ma is fond of hiring new talent who have made the leap from other careers into technology. Linwood finds it effective to first identify what interests junior hires have, and then pair him or her with a more senior developer to help uncover their skills and reducing the occasional solitary nature of writing code. Ma describes himself as a “tinkerer” and a “maker” who has a budding obsession with woodworking and furniture design. As a fountain of creativity and curiosity about how things work, Ma’s energy fosters a deep love of learning for the whole team. uses tech to change how trading and financial services are displayed and explained to millennials. The simple, visual approach allows them to learn a complex industry and other websites are taking notice by using the platform as a benchmark.

Luke Anderson_Breakthrough TechnologiesLuke Anderson, Director, Content Platforms, Breakthrough Technologies

 “Cultivating a balance between trust and professionalism”

Luke’s encourages his team of developers to get certified in their specialty – over half are certified at the highest level possible, and all but one have at least one certification. He also makes it a priority to budget for the entire team – even contractors – to attend the annual North American DrupalCon, with no constraints on how they spend their time. They are encouraged to seek out peers and mentors, attend conference sessions and round-tables, and contribute to the open source community.  This brings back lots of learning, encouragement, and cross-pollination to keep them at the top of their game.  In the past year, Luke has also encouraged a few of his developers to work outside his department’s primary emphasis and take on projects that require them to leverage their coding skills in other languages and frameworks.

Founded in 1998 by three Chicago-based senior software engineers, Breakthrough Technologies, LLC serves clients by creating innovative web, mobile and software solutions for complex problems. Collaborating with clients and partners gives Breakthrough Technologies the opportunity to combine emerging technologies with innovative thinking to empower organizations, facilitate communication, and create positive change on a global scale.

Seth Dobbs_HS2 SolutionsSeth Dobbs, VP, Engineering HS2 Solutions

 “Using technology to make the world a better place.”

Seth is involved in a team member’s career prior to a date of hire. Because he actively participates in the recruiting process, he is able to handpick team members who thirst for knowledge, never settle for mediocrity, and are eager to innovate. Seth firmly believes that there is no one-size-fits-all career path, but an individual who hungers to grow is always propelled to deepen or expand skills no matter the role, competency, or level. If a team member is energized by being a heads-down developer, Seth provides the staffing opportunity to learn a new technology, dive deeper into an existing technology set, pair with a seasoned expert, or prep with a training session. Likewise, if a team member is inspired to lead people, Seth creates opportunities to cross-train with Project Managers, work on projects where new found leadership skills can be applied, or actively participate in skill-building workshops or roundtables. Seth doesn’t care which career path you take, but he wants you to commit and grow. His part in the process? Hiring the brightest and doing his best to equip team members with the tools and opportunities necessary to expand their skills of choice.

Relying on more than 20 years of experience in this space, HS2 crafts technical solutions around a company’s vision and business objectives. They are a full-service agency that delivers end-to-end products—from conception to experience design to development to launch.

SusieJendro_OgilvyOneSusie Jendro, Manager, Interactive Technology OgilvyOne Chicago

“Cultivating a happy, motivated team”

Susie promotes career growth with all of the developers under her management. Using a combination of Pair Programing and Peer Review’s she has helped mentor several developers to higher levels and aided in the training and development of several interns who are now successful developers in their own right. She puts in a great deal of thought and time with each developer she works with to put them on a path of success. She also takes part in running an HTML5 meet-up group in Chicago and is an active member in many company sponsored activities.

Susie’s team recently released a successful and influential Chrome browser extension for the Brady Campaign called Zero Minutes of Fame. The plugin attempts to remove fame and notoriety from mass shooters by removing their name and image from major news outlet and search sites, and replacing it with a message deserving of our attention – the victims and their stories. Users voluntarily install the plugin and become part of a movement to stop gun violence by giving the killers Zero Minutes of Fame. The plugin was featured on TIME, Reuters, Mashable, USA Today, The Washington Post, CBS, AdWeek, and several other news outlets.

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Best Tech Startup

Civis AnalyticsCivic Analytics


Civis  Analytics is an open, learning environment. Employees host lightning talks, journal club, brown bags and more. They provide an environment to help employees learn and grow, yet also socialize with a communal lunch table, happy hours, sports, and political viewing parties. Civis Analytics’ Founder and CEO, Dan Wagner, was the Chief Analytics Officer for President Obama’s reelection campaign and his department was credited for “reinventing how campaigns are run.” Dan aims to bring these same principles and methodologies to Civis Analytics.

Civis Analytics is a cloud-based platform that empowers organizations to run analytics faster, smarter, and more accurately. Specifically, their first application built on the platform, the Civis Media Optimizer, helped organizations like Discovery and GMMB optimize TV ad buying.


“Observe and learn”

Classkick’s CEO Andrew Rowland obsesses over increasing student achievement and believes technology has tremendous untapped potential to improve learning, but harnessing it effectively is tricky. All of the Classkick Team, including Andrew, constantly observe teachers and students to iterate technology that solves their greatest needs.

Classkick is a free app that allows students to work on their iPads and get instant feedback from their teachers and peers in real time.

Crowdfind, Inc.Crowdfind

“Flexible environments”

Crowdfind’s team works out of three concurrent spaces on any given day; TechNexus in the Civic Opera Building, Downers Grove or on-site at a client event. This sort of flexible environment is highly desirable for its adaptability and comfort. Crowdfind is also a part of L Street Collaborative, which grants equity ownership to all full-time employees leading to a highly motivated environment where all employees’ efforts contribute to the greater cause.

Crowdfind is a software and service provider offering tools to efficiently manage high-traffic lost and found departments of events and venues.


“Transparent and collaborative”

Earshot provides an extremely collaborative and transparent work environment for all its employees. As a 10-person startup, Earshot eschews traditional meetings in favor of “stand-ups.” Every day at 10 AM, Earshot employees stand up in the back of the office to hold a daily meeting, to discuss all daily tasks and business objectives. The stand-up lasts approximately 10-15 minutes and keeps everyone informed of what is going in the business, from sales and marketing to product and business development. This enables a highly transparent, collaborative work environment where everyone is encouraged to pitch in and contribute.

Earshot is social media marketing platform that leverages the power of dynamic data such as location, weather, image analytics, consumer sentiment, and time of day, going beyond basic keyword filtering to help marketers acquire more customers, discover new influencers, and optimize live events.

Fitness Cubed Inc.FitnessCubed

“Relationships both business and personal”

Fitness Cubed’s office space is an open concept which allows creativity to flow. Because their team consists of seven people, they all try our best to get to know one another on both a professional and personal level, and work in full transparency. They value relationships, both business and personal, internal and external.

Cubii is the first smart, under-desk elliptical that allows you to workout at your desk or even at home, and the mobile app and Fitbit enables users to track their progress and compete so every stride counts towards users’ daily step goals.

ParqExparqex logo

“The entrepreneurial experience”

ParqEx utilizes a shared working space in the West Loop. The environment is truly entrepreneurial experience where employees can interact with other companies on a daily basis and create great partnerships.

ParqEx is a technology platform, accessible via smartphone and the web, that makes it easy and safe for owners to put their parking spots on the market, and provides drivers with immediate access to this exclusive inventory.

peanutPeanut Butter

“Tackling big problems”

Millennials have tons of student loan debt — $1.3T across the country and nearly three-fourths of college grads enter the workforce with student debt. Peanut Butter has built a business that makes it easy for leading companies to help employees get out of student debt. For companies, this means an opportunity to differentiate from competitors, to attract top talent, retain great people, and keep workers engaged.

Peanut Butter helps employers structure the right student loan assistance program to meet their company’s talent goals within their budget, providing software and support to facilitate employee enrollment, loan verification, payment management, and reporting.


“An eclectic mixture”

Rippleshot is an eclectic mixture of data scientists, former journalists, finance analysts and seasoned entrepreneurs who all share a passion for mission-driven work. Located in one of Chicago’s most successful incubators, Catapult, Rippleshot is home to a team that enjoys working and learning from one another.

Rippleshot is transforming the way that banks detect fraud through a cloud-based technology solution that leverages machine learning and data analytics.


“A single mission”

Tanvas’ culture is centered around a single core mission and all projects drive towards that common goal.  All have the ability to provide input. The sense of team is complemented by the fully stocked fridge and snack bar and several common spaces in a comfortable office space, plus a flexible work schedule to ensure a healthy work/life balance.

Tanvas enables you to feel what you see on a touchscreen, unlocking an unlimited number of programmable interaction possibilities.


“Focus on individuals”

Co-Founders of UrbanBound, Michael Krasman and Jeff Ellman, place importance on cross-departmental collaboration and maintaining a startup culture that focuses on individuals and allows them to thrive. Dedication, project ownership, professional development and the ability to roll with the punches are part of the job description.

UrbanBound provides a web-based platform to fully support an employee from beginning to end, and supports a company’s HR staff with a self-service platform allowing employees to manage their own experience.

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Best Work Culture

Dom & Tom

“Experiment and build” 

Employees of Dom & Tom shape their own roles and develop their own futures, through Dom & Tom labs, which allows teams to create their own products (and put money behind these initiatives to support them). This promotes creativity and facilitates new ways for people to work together. The labs initiative financed teams to build passion projects and helps them develop internal applications.

Dom and Tom

Dom & Tom is an end-to-end digital product development studio focused on emerging technologies, with apps that support clients in their strategic initiatives through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, and cross-platform development for both web and mobile.

InContext Solutions

“Play and learn” 

InContext has a specific Research & Development team, who are tasked to play around with the latest in VR technology and see what fun, useful, and game-changing applications they can come up with. Plus, InContext encourages the rest of their employees to experience their own VR, and hold regular “office hours” in their HIVE lab, where they can play games, see the latest developments in software and get used to being immersed in virtual reality.

incontext solutions

InContext offers an enterprise virtual reality platform, ShopperMX™, which gives manufacturers and retailers the power to create engaging shopper experiences no matter the industry, through cloud-based virtual store simulations and shopper insights.


“Grow together”

kCrua believes in empowering their employees to not only enjoy and be great at their jobs, but enjoy their time with co-workers during or outside of work. There are more than 10 current employee groups. One of the rapidly growing gatherings is kDisco, a product development knowledge share series, which cover a broad range of topics, including best practices, case studies, internal tools application, security, coding and more.



kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity that helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies manage and analyze large volumes of electronic data for litigation and beyond, serving more than 130,000 users in more than 40 countries from 10,000 organizations including the U.S. Department of Justice and more than 190 of the Am Law 200.

Kenna Security

“Everyone has a voice”

All engineers on the Kenna Security team, from the most junior to the most senior, have a voice deciding what languages, tools, frameworks and patterns used to deliver software.  They ensure that a reasonable percentage of work hours are allocated for exploring new ideas and testing them out, and recurring lightning talks for engineers to share these new ideas with the rest of the team.  Kenna also schedules optional hack nights for hands-on deep dives into these new ideas.

kenna securit

Kenna Security mines billions of security incidents across the internet in order to identify critical security vulnerabilities for customers, enabling customers to focus their resources on security issues that are most likely to end in a breach and track their security risk across their entire enterprise.



As an educational software company, RedShelf encourages its development staff to brainstorm and create innovative technology for all aspects of higher education. For example, each developer works on a variety of features available in the eReader that are being used by students on over 500 college campuses to help them succeed in the classroom.


RedShelf provides affordable digital content from the world’s leading academic publishers, consumer trade publishers, self-publishers and a variety of other content creators to students across the country.

Shiftgig, Inc.

“The key to creativity is fun”

Shiftgig aims for a culture that is comfortable for all employees, with a common area for social breaks, a ping pong table, and Red Bull station for those long hours normally associated with a startup culture. Shiftgig’s company culture created an environment to be “your-Self”, allowing employees to express their creativity with a flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home. Shiftgig is a company that promotes technical creativity. The key to creativity is to have fun doing what you’re doing.


Shiftgig makes jobs on-demand possible, providing a service in this “gig economy” by matching job applicants to employers.

Shoppertrak RCT Corp.

“Develop innovative solutions”

Shoppertrack holds annual hackathons open to all members of the technology department, in which they collaborate to develop innovative solutions. In addition, Shoppertrak sponsors prototyping using a wide range of platforms and technologies. They focus on constant innovation and as such, continuously experiment with a variety of technologies. Further, because their product set is rooted in IoT, Machine (Deep) Learning, and Computer Vision technologies, they are constantly exploring sensing and data analysis technologies to maintain our competitive edge.


ShopperTrak helps retailers, malls and entertainment venues around the globe learn who is coming in their doors, where they’re going, and how to make the most of that information, thus improving effectiveness and profitability.


“Pursue your project”

SingleHop gives employees the option of spending 20% of their time (1 day per week) pursuing projects of their own choosing – anything they think would be worth exploring or would advance company goals.  It could be a new product feature, a new product entirely, a system or process improvement or whatever.  It’s limited only by their creativity and imaginations.


SingleHop is a global provider of on-demand infrastructure, hosted private clouds and managed services.

Sprout Social, Inc.

“Work on something fun”

Sprout Social empowers employees to take on projects and challenges that interest them, support their growth and are encouraged to have some fun along the way. During their annual Hack Week, all employees are encouraged to submit ideas for projects that can improve Sprout’s products team and culture. From exploring machine learning to building a Slack DJ integration, members of the team had the chance to work on something outside the box, use technologies they don’t work with every day, and ultimately see many of their efforts productized or used regularly within the company.


Sprout Social builds social media engagement, analytics, and advocacy solutions for business.

Trading Technologies International, Inc.

“Work hard. Play hard.”

TT provides a workspace that reflects the “work hard, play hard” ideals of its employee base. An open office plan fosters collaboration, seating developers alongside product managers and engineers alongside executives, including CEO Rick Lane. Stand-up desks, pop-up meeting spaces and lounge areas encourage impromptu team meetings. Whiteboard walls allow for designs and ideas to be captured on the fly. An extensive game room allows employees a place to recharge before tackling the next big project. TT’s open kitchen is loaded with snacks, breakfast items, and most recently, a cooler stocked with novelty ice cream treats. Next to the kitchen, and in the heart of the office, is the “Tech Tap” bar, which serves as an IT help desk during the day and pours craft beer and wine in the afternoon. It’s these perks that fuel employees, foster ingenuity and encourage creative collaboration between teams.


Trading Technologies develops and delivers professional trading software for a wide variety of users including proprietary traders, brokers, money managers, CTAs, hedge funds, and commercial hedgers and risk managers.

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The Timmy Awards ceremony will celebrate the local technology community and also recognize not only the winners, but the entire Chicago community for creating a great environment to thrive in. The event itself will be a great opportunity to network with finalists and other members of the tech community. RSVP today! 

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The 30 Timmy Awards Finalists Everyone in Toronto Should Know

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The Timmys are coming to Toronto on August 18th to put the spotlight on local technology companies and individuals that are creating the best places for IT professionals to work! When the votes are all in, the finalists will come together for a celebratory gala hosted at Revival Bar (783 College St.), where the winners will be crowned at the first inaugural Toronto Timmy Awards. Discover who Toronto’s 30 impressive finalists are.


Best Tech Manager

andrewAndrew Santorelli, Senior Development Manager, Kanetix

“A fun work-life balance.”

Andrew is consistently searching for new growth opportunities for his team and other business units. He also ensures that team members have opportunities to expand their skills and expertise through attending courses and conferences. Andrew is highly involved in creating a fun work life balance through opportunities such as leading the Movember charity event, promoting and attending the annual Hackathon, and running bi-weekly development meetings to promote innovation.

Andrew worked with the largest insurance company in Canada to build an the industry’s first multi-product quoter where you can get an auto and property quote with one application. Other projects include OCR driver’s license scanning, automated testing framework, improved efficiencies with third party integration and more.

Bohdan ZabawskyjBohdan Zabawskyj, Chief Technology Officer, Mercatus Technologies

“Work hard, play harder!”

Bohdan is a strong believer in building his team based on culture fit. Potential employees are carefully screened in order to maintain a cohesive culture. He values the opinions of his team leads when it comes to culture fit, especially during the interview process. Everyone in his office works hard and plays hard—including Bohdan!

Over the past year, the engineering team at Mercatus has produced a customizable white-label e-commerce solution for the grocery market, which includes a comprehensive API and front-end admin console, all while maintaining a customer base.

claudiaClaudia Navas Robleto, Senior Manager, Scotiabank

“Strong work ethic.”

Claudia provides a great team culture by promoting events outside of work, scheduling department meetings, and sharing the fun in the workplace. For example, she organizes department dinners and bowling outings in Scarborough to celebrate the implementation of a new product upgrade. Claudia demonstrates excellent work ethic, management skills, and willingness to make the workplace a fun environment for everyone.

Claudia’s team worked on a security upgrade for the ScotiaConnect electronic banking service, a platform for business clients to make electronic transfer of funds to third-party vendors and individuals around the world.

Cory ThomasCory Thomas, Vice President of Engineering, Career Cruising

“Equal opportunity to learn and innovate.”

Cory consistently spends time getting to know his people and their skills. He mentored a number of his team members to other roles whether it was moving up to a more senior position, creating specialized roles given the individuals unique expertise, or assisting them in making lateral moves by providing them with access and support. To keep his team cutting edge, Cory makes sure that everyone is given equal access and opportunity to learn, innovate, and apply their innovation.

Career Cruising’s educational software is used by 20,000 institutions (schools, libraries, and employment centers) across North America and over 9 million users (students from kindergarten to grade 12 as well as post-secondary and adults) worldwide.

Damian McCabeDamian McCabe, VP of Engineering, Connected Lab

“New perspective.”

Damian has insightful feedback that improves work across all aspects of the organization including design, engineering, business development, and internal operations. He consistently helps team members see the problems from new perspectives, while respecting and fostering their opinions and growth as practitioners.

Damian has led projects surrounding idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, execution, and shipping. Connected Lab builds products for web and mobile apps, wearables, smart cars and the connected home using “The Connected Method,” a fusion of extreme programming and design thinking.

Jason FieldJason Field, CEO and Founder, BrainStation

“Continuous career growth opportunities.”

Jason actively promotes goal setting with his team. By creating three and five year personal goals, he ensures that roles within the company are aligned with what employees want to achieve outside of the workplace. Jason prioritizes career growth opportunities and is continually guiding employees to be the best team players they can be.

BrainStation is a digital education platform empowering over 20,000 individuals through their technology training that is built around the ever-evolving digital product lifecycle.

Matt VandermolenMatt Vandermolen, Director of Technology, Momentum Digital Solutions

“Team-oriented environment.”

Matt ensures a great team culture by creating a team-oriented environment. He grants teams the authority to get their jobs done on their own terms, while ensuring they accept responsibility for the results. Most importantly, he is a great mentor and he is always available to provide support when needed.

This past spring Matt’s team, comprised of Sitecore Certified Developers and Sitecore MVP’s, delivered a large platform migration of 15 websites for a major pharmaceutical company. These websites, respectively, came from a myriad of systems and technologies such as ASP.NET, MVC, Drupal and WordPress to be recreated under one unified multi-site implementation of the Sitecore 8.1 platform.

Robert BurkoRobert Burko, CEO, Elite Digital Inc.

“Education and laughter.”

Robert is not only a leader, but a teacher as well. He has a passion for educating those around him about the topics he loves, which encompasses all things about digital marketing. The office is filled with laughter, which represents people enjoying what they do. From a relaxed work environment, to flexible hours, to their infamous “snack cupboard” to field trips, to the movies. Robert’s team truly goes the extra mile not because they have to, but because they want to!

Elite Digital Inc. specializes in digital projects including digital strategy, web site design and development, mobile apps, ecommerce, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, webinars, conversion optimization, marketing automation, email marketing, mobile text message marketing, CASL compliance, and more.

Sam WardSam Ward, Vice President, Alliants Canada

“Find your expertise.”

Alliants as a company promotes great career growth, and Sam himself makes sure that all employees are using the opportunities they provide to the fullest extent. The tech team at Alliants includes expertise in Angular, Node, Ruby on Rails, IOS, and Android development.

Sam led Alliants Canada in building a complete, end-to-end online check-in service used by 100 hotels.

Soheil SeyfaieSoheil Seyfaie, Director of Development, Achieve3000

“Remove all obstacles.”

Soheil always encourages developers to learn new technologies, suggests leveraging innovative tools and is always open to hear about new potential technologies. He pays attention to the desires of the team and seeks ways to ensure that all obstacles are removed in the work being done and shortages in technical knowledge.

Achieve3000’s flagship reporting tool built on top of one of the leading PHP frameworks has seen rapid functionality extension which has allowed it to replace anywhere from two to four other legacy applications, consolidating all functionality and implementations into a single code base.

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Best Tech Startup


ChargeMore, founded in 2013, provides stations to charge 50+ customer devices with just one 4-hour charge and they’re 2x faster than wall adapters. The company has just released its newest generation of portable charging stations that feature a sleek design with advertising value. Led by a young entrepreneur, ChargeMore aims to disrupt the mobile industry by providing a new level of customer service.

Toronto_StartupLogo_glamcard3Glam Card

Glam Card, founded in 2016, is the first and only loyalty rewards card for the salon industry, and as such they are striving to modernize and digitalize a 60 billion dollar industry that is still quite archaic in nature. Additionally, they also reward salon customers with gifts on their glam store, thus assisting in the increase usage of Glam Card at participating partner salons.


LookBookHQ is a company that started with a handful of individuals right in the heart of downtown Toronto; a pioneer in content marketing automation in the B2B technology space, helping marketers deliver content journeys to their audiences faster and more effectively, by automating the sequence and delivery of content into highly engaging, personalized experiences to cultivate and identify sales-ready prospects.




Toronto_StartupLogo_Rover3Rover Parking

Rover Parking, founded in 2014, is the shared marketplace for parking. The Rover application provides a brand new supply of shared, private parking spaces that are easy to find, inexpensive, available all over the city, and accessible from a few quick taps on a smartphone. In addition, Rover allows individuals or businesses that have empty driveways or parking spaces to share those spots for a fee, resulting in some quick extra cash in hand.

Toronto_StartupLogo_tophatTop Hat

Top Hat, founded in 2009, is introducing cutting edge mobile technologies to improve the educational experience, make it more affordable for the student, and increase the efficiency of learning. Top Hat is a market leader in classroom engagement.  Millions of students and most of the larger universities in North America use their platform.





TribalScale, founded in 2015, develops custom software from mobile apps through to web-based solutions whilst helping their customers innovate and adapt to the digital age. The leaders at TribalScale are not “Yes Men,” they challenge the traditional way of thinking and executing on software-based projects and are a “tribe” of like-minded individuals all aligned to a common goal to empower each other and their clients to be the best they can be.




Turnstyle, founded in 2013, helps brick and mortar stores compete against e-commerce by leveraging in-store Wi-Fi networks to help retailers understand and engage with customers based on their behavior and demographics. Their location-based customer engagement platform enables retailers to interact with customers at the appropriate times, increasing relevancy of messaging and customer loyalty.



Toronto_StartupLogo_uXpUXP Systems

UXP Systems, founded in 2011, is the industry leader in User Lifecycle Management for operators. The company was founded on the realization of the dramatic transformation taking place within the service provider (Fixed & Wireless Telecom, Cable, and Satellite) marketplace. Simply put, UXP Systems exists to allow operators to create and manage a relationship with every digital user.




Wealthsimple, founded in 2014, is the first mobile and online application in Canada to allow customers to sign up and set-up an entire investment account through their smartphone or computer. In their first year of business, they have built an entirely new category of investment management in Canada, calling it “on-demand advice”, which combines technology and real people to deliver a smart investment service, personalized client experience, and lower costs.




Xocial, founded in 2012, is a social network that supports and inspires social change. Their online platform connects people and organizations to causes they care about, then measures the positive social impact of their actions through a unique (and patent pending) algorithm. This startup believes that by building a movement of competitive kindness, they will inspire the next generation of social responsibility.

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Best Tech Work Culture


“Empowering 1 million by 2025.”

BrainStation embodies the digital spectrum from an internal and consumer standpoint. With a lean and young team, they have been growing exponentially and embody everything that a technology startup thrives to be. They define themselves are a tech-education school, with a goal to empower 1 million people by 2025.


BrainStation part-time and full-time courses in tech education including digital marketing, product management, web development, iOS development, UX design, UI design, data analytics, SEO/SEM, and Google analytics.

Connected Lab

“Continual innovation.”

Connected Lab ingrains technical creativity in everyday life as employees are continually challenged to solve today’s problems using the technology and practices of the future. Technical learning is a quintessential part of Connected Lab culture and the desire to continually learn and explore is a mandatory trait that is held by every team member.

connected lab 2

Connected Lab works on idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, execution and shipping. They build products for web and mobile apps, wearables, smart cars and the connected home.


Always striving to become better.”

Experience Point is continuously encouraged to think of new solutions to problems. They thrive by the mantra, “what works now isn’t always going to be the best solution in the future.” By continuously improving how we do things and not afraid to fail, they capitalize on what they have learned to become better.

experience point

ExperiencePoint produces technology-driven workshops on both Change Management and Innovation. These workshops feature engaging web-based simulations and expertly guided seminars by leaders in the field.


“Technical creativity in the DNA.”

Technical creativity is a part of Klick’s DNA. Every moving cog within Klick’s daily operations can be found on Genome – the ever-changing intranet that helps employees connect better, work faster, and get inspired. Within Klick, a dedicated Genome team maintains the platform, ensures it changes with users’ needs, and develop new tools all the time. The amazing thing about Genome is that any employee can suggest changes and see it come to life. Ownership over the continuous improvement of the technical functionality of the tool resides with the users – the employees of Klick.


Klick entails everything from learning platforms to product campaigns to intranets. Klick focuses on creating tools to help people work faster and deliver higher quality work. In 2014, Klick’s principals wrote the New York Times Bestseller “The Decoded Company” to profile how data can be used internally to empower people and give companies a competitive edge. Based on the success of the book, Klick created Sensei Labs in 2015 and commercialized the Genome platform into SenseiOS to help other companies’ people work and learn faster.

Questrade Financial Group

“Rewarded for ideas and contributions.”

Every year, the Questrade Technologies Group hosts a year-end awards ceremony during which team members who go above and beyond are recognized and rewarded for their ideas and contributions. The Questrade Technologies Group encourages technical learning to help employees achieve professional success via various programs.

Questrade financial group

Questrade’s most well-known cutting edge service is the Questrade platform, an intuitive proprietary trading system that comes in three flavors (IQ Edge, IQ Web, and IQ Mobile) and is fully responsive. This feature enhances the client experience by allowing the user to move seamlessly between their devices, whether that be their smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. The platform also has intelligent market data and research built into it so clients can make informed decisions.


“Communication, collaboration, and synthesis.”

Universe provides an environment where driven engineers are free to incorporate the new technologies that passionate individuals seek out organically. There’s no program to artificially encourage that technical learning – but when an engineer at Universe is passionate about a new technology, they are free to act on that passion. Universe promotes a culture of communication, collaboration, and synthesis, inviting every team member’s ideas with an open mind, and encouraging everyone to remain current in our competitive space.


Universe culture

Universe makes the fastest growing DIY ticketing platform. It is known as the social marketplace for events. Their mobile apps are strictly native, aligning architecturally with web clients, but also leverage the speed and cutting edge of APIs provided directly by Apple and Google.


“Think outside the box and push boundaries.”

Uberflip is constantly encouraging individuals to think outside of the box and to push boundaries. The company offers a collaborative environment with an open concept office, promoting brainstorming, group sessions and creativity. Every month, they hold an “Uberflip Town Hall” meeting to chat about business challenges and updates to work on as a team. Flip the Switch is a company-wide event, similar to a hackathon, where the company breaks into teams that are each given a challenge or problem to solve to test their technical creativity.


Uberflip is a content experience platform that aggregates all of the user’s content (blog articles, eBooks, videos, whitepapers, and more) so it can create, manage, and optimize tailored content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey.


“Address problems and find creative solutions.”

TWG creates hundreds of new digital products each year and has been doing so since 2002. The company promotes technical creativity in several ways. They often conduct a “Sprint Zero” with clients to identify what problems the software should address and prototype many creative solutions. Their technical team members have experience across a broad range of platforms and tech stacks, so they can be creative in suggesting solutions. Internally, TWG promotes creativity with team-led lunch and learns, Club Ed and Club FED (after work design and front-end development seminars), and weekly demos.

TWG replacement culture

TWG creates digital products for companies from the startup stage to mature enterprises, such as Globe and Mail’s iWatch app, RBC’s wealth management site, and SCR’s Carrot app that incentivizes healthy living.


“Creativity and endless limits.”

TouchBistro believes that promoting technical creativity is an essential element to the company’s success. The company’s Research & Development team evaluates new technology routinely. Tracer bullets (minuscule pieces of code) are utilized to validate or test assumptions on new engineering options or framework to determine if they will work (like programming language). This procedure opens up the door to more creativity as it allows for managing the process in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Offsite code-a-thon retreats for the engineering team are held where, besides enjoying leisurely comradery pool-side or hiking, the free flow of ideas and code concept applications are encouraged. Developers are challenged to think about what else engineering could be working on, or what pet project or passion they might have that is within the TouchBistro space. Engineering design creativity and performance are also rewarded through stock options, job promotions, and training courses.


TouchBistro today is ranked as the #1 iPad Point-of-Sale Software Solution specifically designed for restaurants in 37 countries, used by over 6,000 restaurants.


“Sharing, learning, and experimentation.”

The core values of the engineering culture at theScore are sharing, learning and experimentation. It all starts with the job interview process. In addition to evaluating the technical skills and experiences, the company ensures that the people they hire are smart, self-starters, and ambitious. Once on board, they invest in the career development of their people. From conference and training budgets to internal mini-conferences and regular knowledge sharing events (like demo days, pair programming sessions, and tech talk videos at lunch), theScore’s goals is to create a continuous learning environment that refines the skills of the teams and improves the productivity of the company as a whole.


theScore, a tech-focused sports media company, is the second most popular sports app in North America – second only to ESPN – with 4.3 million monthly active users. It is also a leader in competitive sports and video game coverage via theScore’s e-sports web and mobile platforms.

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