7 VR Apps You Should Download | Behind the Scenes with Bottle Rocket

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a shot of bourbon? Well, you can experience that thanks to Bottle Rocket Studios’s Jim Beam Virtual Reality experience, covered here on FortuneAt the Dallas Techweek Kickoff Party, you can get a hands-on look at Immersive Reality and what innovators like Bottle Rocket are doing – you can even get in for free on Monday, October 31st, just RSVP below.

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According to Forrester, the demand for VR technology and experiences is expected to increase nearly 16 times by the year 2020. The technology is ready to activate — from tether-less solutions like VR videos to fully immersive experiences that create a virtual world to explore.Bottle Rocket got together with some of the greatest minds in Virtual Reality to discuss current opportunities for brands and to answer key questions including:

  • How are brands primed for this technology right now?
  • What are the key successes of the platform to date, and how might brands start to capitalize on this success?
  • How has 360 video impacted the industry and what are some best practices for building great VR content?

See the results of this all star panel’s discussion on Bottle Rocket’s website here. Calvin Carter : Moderator, Founder & CEO, Bottle RocketPaul Bettner : Founder & CEO, PlayfuMatt Johnson : EVP Innovation, Bottle RocketLance Loesberg : CEO, Big Look 360, and Andy Mathis : Business Development & Partnerships, Oculus.

Need more VR? Scroll down to learn about and download some of Bottle Rocket’s favorite VR experiences for your Google Cardboard or preferred VR viewer.

This article was re-purposed from the original post on BottleRocketStudios.com.


Star-Wars-VR-Google-CardboardStar Wars VR

Of course one of our favorite VR experiences is the new Star Wars App. With this VR experience, you’ll be able to look around Jakku, see yourself as a Storm Trooper and more!

app-store Google-Play


Hyundai-VR-2Hyundai VR+

Hop in the driver seat of a Hyundai  Rally car, get a your own private tour of the interior of several vehicles, and learn more about Hyundai Motorsport.

app-store Google-Play



This app features several 360 movies ranging from a test drive in a Mini Coup to a hot air balloon ride and a day in the life of individuals from across the world.

app-store Google-Play


End Space VR

End Space VR’s crisp, colorful visuals and creative integration of the HUD in the cockpit makes this an easy choice for a top virtual reality experience. This is the only app on our list that is not free, but once you play it you’ll wonder why it doesn’t cost more.

app-store Google-Play


Within – VR

There are a multitude of 360 video apps on the market, but Vrse is easy to use and allows you to download your favorites so you’re not stuck waiting to stream massive video files. It has a collection of concerts, music videos, and other experiences such as the NYT VR stories.

app-store Google-Play


app-titans-of-space-2Titans of Space

Take a look at our solar system and more with this guided VR tour. You don’t have to watch it all once; simply back out of the app and resume the tour whenever you like.

app-store Google-Play


Google Cardboard

You can’t have a list of top mobile VR apps without Google Cardboard. It’s a great example of user experience in VR, and it features a lobby that allows you to watch 360 YouTube videos, download apps, and explore the world in VR.

app-store Google-Play




Please join more than 500 of the Dallas tech community at the Kickoff Party: Behind the Scenes with Immersive reality. With VR apps like these, Virtual Reality Film Screenings, a tech-themed costume contest, drinks and great networking, this will be an event not to miss.


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Virtual Reality: More Than A Game for Autistic Individuals

What if your most daunting aspiration was to make a friend?

As a part of the Kickoff Party for Techweek, the Brain Performance Institute™ at the Center for BrainHealth®, at University of Texas at Dallas, is presenting a scientifically-based social cognitive training program with a virtual-learning platform for individuals that face social cognitive defects. Let’s go behind the scenes with the Center for BrainHealth® to see how they’re using virtual reality to change lives.

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For many on the autism spectrum, with social cognitive deficits, or who struggle socially, reading facial expressions and knowing how to respond are daily challenges that interfere with relationships and career goals. Since 2008, researchers at the Center have been investigating how Virtual Reality skills training provides realistic opportunities for social success.

A research collaboration between the Center for BrainHealth and Yale University led to a scientifically-validated, brain-enhancing therapy that is a fun, high-tech game. It has state-of-the-art graphics, real-time face tracking and personalized avatars that may also have implications for combating bullying.

“If you can succeed in virtual reality, you can do it for real. I wouldn’t have been able to interview and do what I’m doing if it weren’t for the training. I have also made real long-lasting friends. I now truly understand what friendship means and value its importance.” – Carly McCullar, social cognition research participant

How does it work?

  1. In each session, participants are immersed into a live, interactive training session that uses face-tracking technology and is designed to stimulate social-cognitive reasoning skills.
  2. In the virtual world, face-tracking technology allows users to see their own and others’ facial emotions and reactions in real time.
  3. Expert clinicians coach these participants through real-life scenarios in a video game-like environment, providing a safe place to practice social interactions in a VR school, home, playground or coffee shop.
  4. This clinician initiates non-scripted conversations that instill social cognition brain strategies to help these individuals reach their goals.

Why Do It In Virtual Reality?

The virtual reality technology used is a promising tool that provides a safe, inviting and effective platform for improving social skills, cognition, and functioning for those on the autism spectrum. (Source: Journal of Autism Developmental Disorders)

Traditional role-play therapy is limited by a lack of realism as the clinician’s appearance and location are fixed. Virtual reality allows for changeable identities and adaptable surroundings, which help create limitless scenarios. Click here to view the virtual world the Center for BrainHealth has built.

brainhealth vr screenshot

What’s the Result?

  • According to Center for BrainHealth research, participants significantly improved the ability to recognize other’s emotions, to understand what someone is thinking or feeling, and to respond.
  • Additional research shows that individuals with autism spectrum disorder who participated in a virtual reality training program improved social cognition skills and reported better real-world relationships.
  • Neurocognitive testing showed significant gains in emotional recognition, understanding the perspective of others and the ability to problem solve.


“We live in a highly social world that puts more emphasis on knowing somebody than work or brainpower. The best thing about this program is that it’s a very low-stakes way to practice interacting in everyday ways with others. It provides five or six years of social training in just a few sessions.” –Clark Thurston, social cognition research participant

Real-World Results from a three-month follow-up show:

  • 71 percent reported improvement in starting a conversation
  • 100 percent reported improvement in maintaining a conversation
  • 86 percent reported improvement in understanding other points of view
  • 86 percent reported improvement in establishing relationships

This article was re-purposed from the original post on http://www.brainhealth.utdallas.edu/.

Recently featured on the TODAY show, The Brain Performance Institute at the Center for BrainHealth demonstrates how the applications of virtual reality go far behind gaming and entertainment. This solution can build social-reasoning skills and real-world confidence to change the lives of participants.

Meet the Center and its Brain Performance Institute™ team at the Techweek Kickoff Party: Behind the Scenes With Immersive Reality, and experience this life-changing tech firsthand.



7 Virtual Reality Headsets | Behind the Scenes with 900lbs

Techweek is coming to Dallas for the very first time starting on October 31st, and Tech in Motion is hosting the official Kickoff Party. Tech in Motion will take you behind the scenes of immersive reality for the Kickoff Party (RSVP and see details here), but before the event, let’s take you backstage with the companies providing all the action. Meet the experts behind demo company 900lbs as they walk you through the VR headset options on the market – but first, check out this awesome Dallas Cowboys Jumbotron project they worked on recently…



If we’re talking Chinese Zodiac, 2016 is the year of the Monkey, and if we’re talking wearable technology, 2016 is the year of Virtual and Augmented Reality headsets. If you’re new to the game, check out our old blog post which explains the similarities and differences between virtual and augmented reality.

Because this wearable tech is still in the introduction stage of the product life cycle, there are a lot of options to choose from. So, which headset should you pick? At 900lbs, we’ve found creative uses for many of them. We’ve compiled a list of the coolest, mind-blowing headsets so you can decide for yourself how you can enter a new reality, from the most affordable to the swankiest.

Virtual Reality Headsets

google cardboard VRGoogle Cardboard – $16.99

Google Cardboard, at the low price of $16.99, styles itself as the every man’s virtual reality headset. All you need to do is fold the cardboard, insert your smartphone into the slot, and off you go into another dimension. On top of the low prices and tons of fun Cardboard designs, Google will soon be offering the Daydream platform. Daydream will allow users to bring the applications they already know and love into virtual reality, such as YouTube and Facebook, on top of hundreds of new exciting apps to come.

samsung vrSamsung Gear VR – $99

The Samsung Gear VR works in a similar fashion to the Google Cardboard, you only need to slide your Galaxy phone into the headset. Just like Google Cardboard, the visuals delivered from these two systems will be grainier than some of the options further down this list, because you are essentially just looking at your phone screen really, really close up. Samsung also offers a 360 degree camera for as low as $25, so you can film, edit, and upload your own 360 content all for under $200.

Samsung will be at the event giving you a first-hand look at this, get a ticket for the Kickoff Party here.

sony playstation vrSony Playstation VR – $399

Sony Playstation VR connects to your Playstation for a whole new gaming experience. The headset is designed so you forget you are wearing it, and the 5.7 inch OLED display has a 120 Hz refresh rate, so you definitely are in no danger of any queasiness. The Playstation VR is likely the easiest way for consumers to enter the VR market, as it hooks directly up to the most popular gaming console. This option was JUST released on October 13, 2016.


oculus riftOculus Rift – $599

Oculus Rift, developed by Palmer Luckey, funded by Kickstarter, and purchased by Facebook for $2 billion, is the technology that brought virtual reality back to the center stage of the gaming and technology world. The screen has a 2160×1200 resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate, so again, no motion sickness. There are Oculus Touch hand controllers in the making, which will throw users even further into the action.


htc viveHTC Vive – $799

The Vive, a collaboration between HTC and Valve, the makers of the popular PC gaming platform Steam, offers a more immersive experience. Thanks to motion tracking stations and a chaperone guidance system, users can actually walk around while wearing the headset, instead of just chilling on the sofa. The Vive has also a 90Hz refresh rate, so there’s no reason to worry about contracting motion sickness. There are also two wireless hand controllers available, with 24 sensors each, which makes interacting with the virtual world extremely easy.

RSVP for the Kickoff Party and you’ll be able to experience the Vive yourself!

Mixed Reality Headsets

microsoft hololensMicrosoft Hololens – $3000

The Microsoft Hololens allows the wearer to manipulate digital content and the real world simultaneously. Instead of completely immersing the user in a new world, the Hololens presents a mixed reality with interactive “holographic” images (here’s why it’s not actually holograms) layered on top of reality. The Hololens stands out from the others because it is completely wireless. The tech is battery powered; there is a fully operational Windows 10 system in the headset. Sensors on the headset lend to simple control of the device through the direction of your gaze, hand gestures, and voice activation.

meta 2Meta 2 – $949

The Meta 2, while not currently on the market yet, is a huge step up from its predecessor. It offers a 90-degree field of view, and a 2560×1440 display with positional tracking for your hands. These glasses are not wireless like the Hololens, but they do offer a larger field of view.



Just recently announced, the Intel Project Alloy aims to create a headset that works with merged reality. Similar to augmented reality, but instead of blending virtual objects into reality like the Hololens, Project Alloy mixes real objects into virtual reality. The headset will be cordless, and Intel plans to use an open source model with the hardware in the future, so any third-party can develop headsets of their own. This new take on headsets could change the virtual reality industry completely.

Fove VR, another company taking the technology even further, is creating a headset with super accurate eye tracking. The headset can read the movement of your eyes to an accuracy of 1 degree, which means while wearing this headset, characters in virtual reality will actually react and respond to your eye contact and head movements. Eye tracking could potentially increase the viability of other platforms rendering capability as well. Since we can track where the eye is looking the headset would only have to dedicate resources to a specific portion of the screen, rendering the rest of the screen at a lower resolution while maintaining visual fidelity in the user’s field of view.

This article was originally posted on 900lbs.com and can be seen here.

Come join Tech in Motion on October 31st at the Techweek Kickoff Party: Behind the Scenes With Immersive Reality to meet the 900lbs team and experience some of these headsets for yourself.

Grab a free ticket for both Techweek and the Kickoff Party – see all the information here.

invite 2 VR

GoPro, Acorns and Eturi Recognized at Orange County and San Diego Timmys

Second Annual Timmys Returns in 2016 to Name Region’s Best Employers and Managers for Tech Professionals

IRVINE, CA (October 19, 2016) Tech in Motion announced the winners of the 2nd Annual Orange County and San Diego Timmy Awards today, after recognizing top local employers of IT professionals in front of 250 of their peers during an awards ceremony at UCI Applied Innovation in Irvine. Submitting more than 7,700 votes, the local tech community selected the winners from 30 remarkable finalists, including noteworthy first runner-ups GoPro, Appletree and Mike Selberis of Glidewell Laboratories, to represent the best of tech work culture, startups and management in the region.

The 2016 Orange County and San Diego Timmy Award Winners are:

  • Best Technology Manager: Jim Magner, President and Chief Operating Officer of Eturi Corporation
  • Best Tech Startup: Acorns (pictured below)
  • Best Technology Work Culture: Technossus

Acorns-accepting award4-web

“We are honored to recognize the growing tech community in Orange County and San Diego with our second annual Timmy Awards here,” said Tech in Motion Organizer Jaime Vizzuett, Division Manager of Workbridge Associates Orange County. “This year, we were able to highlight finalists who were nominated by their peers because they are companies that are growing daily not only in size, but in the number of innovations they are sharing with the community.”

“The entire event really celebrated local leaders and innovators creating the best tech workplaces,” said Tech in Motion organizer Kevin Gabrielson, Division Manager of Jobspring Partners Orange County. “It was an added thrill to hear emcee Richard Sudek, a lifelong entrepreneur, experienced angel investor and Executive Director of UC Irvine Applied Innovation, praise the progress of the community here.”

Last night presented a first in Timmy Awards history: this is the only time a company was recognized two years in a row. Last year, Eturi as a company won the Best Tech Startup Award under the name ParentsWare, since rebranding  to better reflect their growth and potential. This year, the Best Tech Manager award went to Jim Magner, President and COO of Eturi, making them the first employer to be acknowledged twice (pictured below receiving his Timmy Award).

Eturi-accepting award2-web

According to his coworkers, Magner is the silent hero behind Eturi Corporation’s success, involved with every element of its operation. Every day, he spends time in the ticketing system talking personally with users, while still managing to coordinate engineering, product, design and marketing decisions without hesitation.

Winner for Best Tech Work Culture, Technossus (pictured below), regularly provides a myriad of technical learning opportunities as well as tuition reimbursements for the training courses that their technically curious staff are always wanting to take. They make the latest in technology hardware and software available, from Augmented Reality to Cognitive Computing environments. They challenge their teams to leverage these cutting edge tools and shine by frequently sending them to compete in hackathons all over the world.

Technossus-accepting award1-web

The Timmy Awards are presented throughout the year in cities across North America, including Boston, NYC, San Francisco and Chicago. Previous winners include innovators such as Jet.com, LearnVest, Venmo, Trip Advisor, Gilt, Constant Contact, Casper and Instacart. The next ceremonies are the 2nd Annual Timmys of both San Francisco and DC on December 8. Please visit techinmotionevents.com/awards for more information.

Runner-ups for the 2016 Timmy Awards were also recognized at the ceremony last night: GoPro (pictured first below), Appletree (second below) and Mike Selberis of Glidewell Laboratories (third below).

go pro runner up Appletree-runnerup tech manager runnerup


About Tech in Motion Events

Tech in Motion, presenter of the Timmy Awards, is an international events series that brings local tech community professionals together to connect, learn, and innovate. What started as a collaborative project between IT recruiting firms Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates in 2011, grew into an organization of over 72,000 members across 11 chapters in North America including Boston, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, LA, Orange County and Toronto. Please visit www.techinmotionevents.com for more information about our notable speakers, sponsors and events.

30 Tech Leaders of Orange County and San Diego

On October 19, Tech in Motion is proud to hold their second annual Orange County and San Diego Timmy Awards at UCI Applied Innovation (5141 California Ave, Suite 250).  The “Timmys” are hosted by Tech in Motion in tech hubs across North America, with the goal of acknowledging the local companies and individuals that strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work. After all the votes are in, the finalists in each city come together for one celebratory evening where the winners are crowned as the best (1) tech startup, (2) technology manager, and (3) technology work culture. Here are OC and San Diego’s 30 outstanding finalists.

Best Tech Manager

Aaron Gibson – VP of Engineering at SabioAaron Gibson

“Brings a comforting level of humanity”

Aaron is very highly respected and admired by those he leads. He often does code reviews as team conferences, not only as a way to have people comfortable with sharing their work, but also to demonstrate that everybody makes mistakes and there’s nothing wrong with doing so. He brings a comforting level of humanity that allows people to be themselves.

Sabio nurtures exceptional tech talent and produces developers who are ready to step into a junior full-stack web role at any company that uses Microsoft stack. They also produce web prototypes for entrepreneurs who are looking for an affordable way to get their product to market.

Adam Miller – Founder of Vibrant Software LLCAdam Miller

“He’s not just our manager, he’s our teacher and mentor”

Adam is immensely respected by his staff, thanks to the work environment he creates. He spends the majority of his time with the engineers, allowing them to explore different avenues of technology and avoid feel pigeonholed into one area of expertise. Every other week, Adam’s team has learning sessions where one team member presents a topic in their area of expertise, letting the entire group  learn from one another and strengthen their own skills.

Recently, Adam led a team to work with Hyundai Motor America to develop a custom software solution that allowed the OEM to order and allocate vehicles directly from their plants.

Caleb Bradley – CTO of TradivCaleb Bradley

“Drives productivity by understanding the work-life balance”

Every month, Caleb meets with his team to go over their individual career goals and to ensure that Tradiv is doing all that it can to help make those goals a reality. By providing a platform for meaningful discussion and complete transparency, Caleb gives his team the opportunity to challenge the norm in the company and, therefore, the norm in the industry.

Tradiv is the leading online wholesale cannabis distribution platform. They are striving to demonstrate to the rest of the country that cannabis business can be a healthy part of the community.

Carlos Anchia – VP of Engineering at DistilleryCarlos Anchia

“Defines a clear strategy for how engineers can grow”

Carlos dedicates his time and energy to define a clear strategy for how engineers can grow into team leaders and architects. He provides employees with career coaching to help them achieve their goals of growth and prosperity, as well as promotes a safe place for engineers to try and fail.

Carlos’ team is responsible for producing the highly successful Tumbleweed news app that was featured by Apple as one of the top news sources in 2015.

Greg Glenn – M.E. Manager at Freedom Innovations

“Demonstrates the technical ability, solution- oriented approach, and can do attitude that is infectious”

Greg works with his direct reports to plan out their career path and develops work assignments, trainings, and weekly feedback for fine tuning. He authored their Design for Excellence (DFX) guidelines. These guidelines are the result of manufacturing issues during the launch of new products and provide systematic solutions that ensure quality control.

Freedom Innovations is a medical device company that develops microprocessor controlled ankles and knees for amputees, along with the apps to program, monitor, and adjust the prosthetic by their users.

Hossein Eslambolchi – CEO of Cyberflow Analyticshossein

“Pragmatic visionary in an ever-changing technology landscape”

At Cyberflow Analytics, Dr. Hossein is a visionary for strategic ideas around big data analytics platform and machine learning algorithms with innovative visualization techniques. He cultivates open dialog within team members, promoting collaboration and innovation through motivation and empowerment.

Hossein is the principal visionary for a real-time analytics platform built to detect security attacks on enterprise networks and data centers before intellectual property or PII data is stolen.

Jim m squareJim Magner – COO of Eturi Corporation

“The silent hero behind OurPact’s success”

Every member of Eturi’s team is familiar with every facet of the company’s operation, and that’s all thanks to a leader who is willing to open lines of communication, think outside the box, and present opportunities for his team members to deviate from their given roles. Jim gives his employees freedom through a flexible schedule that allows everyone to come to work happier, healthier, and more focused.

Eturi’s flagship product, OurPact, enables parental control to limit children’s apps and internet access remotely using MDM (mobile device management).

Jim Plush – Senior Director of CrowdstrikeJim Plush

“A passionate innovator leading his team to deliver visionary technology”

Jim has created a unique multi-track career ladder that ensures engineers are able to follow the same career advancement as a Senior Vice President while still focusing on their engineering initiative. He’s led initiatives such as “No Meeting Thursday,” “Think Week,” and “CrowdFest,” which are all part of driving the team culture at CrowdStrike. Jim has also set the cloud engineering standard for quality and resiliency.

CrowdStrike has revolutionized endpoint protection by combining three crucial elements: next-generation AV, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and a 24/7 managed hunting service – all powered by intelligence and uniquely delivered via the cloud in a single integrated solution.

Keola Malone – CTO of Underground ElephantKeola Malone

“Play to your strengths while you strengthen your weaknesses”

Keola created a team culture where everyone is empowered to innovate and think creatively. He implemented a “shark tank” style of innovation leading to a wide diversity of software platforms and a rich arsenal of technologies to use. This created an environment where a technologist of any kind, or skill level, can learn and grow.

In 2016, Keola’s team built and launched the infrastructure that thrust Underground Elephant into the FinTech space, allowing consumers to connect with dozens of financial service providers at the same time.

Mike Selberis – CTO of Glidewell DentalMike Selberis

“His endless vision and authenticity inspires each member of the organization”

Mike makes it a point to set detailed career goals with all of his employees and regularly follow up to ensure that they’re on track to meet their goals. His vision for Glidewell and sense of humor are contagious and foster a fun and innovative atmosphere. He sponsors internal hackathons and other team building activities that engage the whole company to grow together.

Using Amazon Web Services, deep learning, and cutting edge infrastructure solutions, Glidewell has achieved a digital manufacturing workflow that proposes a custom-fit crown for each patient and simplifies the rest of the manufacturing workflow.


Best Tech Startup


“Breaking down barriers”

Father and son team Walter and Jeff Cruttenden founded Acorns in order to empower millennials with the tools of wealth-making – breaking down the barriers that have traditionally made it daunting for young people to start investing.

Acorns is the fastest-growing investment app in the United States, creating more than one million investment accounts in the past two years, and is specifically designed for the millennial audience.


“Work hard, play hard”

At Appletree, forward-thinking leaders have taken innovative ideas and teamwork to rebrand the company, shifting from BuzzMob to Appletree to appeal more personally to their target audience. They are now on a path to success while maintaining a fun, work had/play hard, and support your teammates type of environment.

Appletree exists to form a bond between school and home so that students succeed through a cross-platform communication tool teachers use to send class-wide updates and message parents directly on any of their synced devices.

Eturi-LogoEturi Corporation

“Driven by leaders”

Eturi empowers their employees to be leaders in his or her own way. An example of this is when their team created a brand new solution to a known mobile device management issue that eliminated scrambling, tremendously improving overall user satisfaction..

Eturi’s flagship product, OurPact, enables parental control to limit children’s apps and internet access remotely using MDM (mobile device management).

FoxTalesfox tales

“Non-traditional thinking and seasoned creativity”

The team at FoxTales includes seasoned creatives and leaders in the marketing, events, and communications space. They empower employee autonomy, promote non-traditional thinking, and host weekly cross-functional review sessions to ensure team collaboration and constructive feedback drive their business objectives.

FoxTales creates compelling custom visual experiences for brands such as Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft, GoPro, Nike, and many more. Their StoryStudio has the ability to act as a 360 degree movie studio set while integrated with GoPro to create their Burst GIF feature.


“Brainstorm consistently”

This startup encourages its lead software architects to think outside the box by meeting every two weeks to reassess their application and determine the life expectancy of the current technology and structure. The team is encouraged to brainstorm with new ways of building the application with new technology or structure to increase the health of the application.

Insellerate’s product is the only CRM in the market that allows workflow customization, integration with other systems, a very easy user interface, extensive lead distribution engine, and a product that caters to the mortgage industry.


“Pushing boundaries”

Seeing the market shifts in entertainment to more immersive and interactive media including virtual reality, augmented reality, and gaming, OSSIC knew it was time to introduce their technology. VR and AR need immersive audio to be successful and OSSIC X provides it.

Integrating sensors, beam folding array of eight audio drivers, and smart audio algorithms, the OSSIC X enables accurate and immersive 3D audio playback that instantly gets tailored to the unique anatomy of the listener.

PeopleSpace OCpeoplespace

“We, not I”

PeopleSpace OC offers free programs for the start-up tech community, including classes and workshops led by local entrepreneurs and professionals, free meet-up space, quarterly innovation speaker series, and training.

PeopleSpace offers a startup program, iLab, that is completely community based, and provides startups the opportunity to meet with advisors and investors throughout their startup journey.

SpringboardAuto.com, Inc.SpringBoardAuto.com_blue-2

“Find your inspiration”

SpringboardAuto.com, Inc. requires a great deal of creativity to solve their technical challenges. They encourage their engineers to collaborate, white board, and huddle in any area where the lightning strikes them. They also set aside part of their corporate budget for technical learning, which ensures that their engineers continue to grow and evolve in their roles.

SpringboardAuto.com wants to fundamentally change the auto lending experience through their platform that leverages advanced analytics and data to enhance the consumer experience.

underground elephantUnderground Elephant

“Collaboration and empowerment”

Central to the development process at Underground Elephant is the company’s open culture of collaboration and empowerment, which makes it possible for the team of 32 technologists to access and reset their creative thresholds in order to build better roads that lead to organic sales conversations for large enterprises. Underground Elephant’s collaborative team environment, renowned company outings, and robust benefits package have earned several awards and nominations.

Underground Elephant uses proprietary technology to automate the marketing process, enhancing the connection between large enterprises and their prospective clients by delivering a highly efficient route to organic sales conversions.

Urban WorkshopUrbanWorkshop-Clear-410x155

“The startup that creates startups”

Urban Workshop was created to provide tools and equipment for people to use on their own projects. Their community now includes more than 650 people with more than 200 small businesses operating fully out of Urban Workshop generating over $12M in revenue annually.

Urban Workshop provides more than $1M of current state-of-the-art tools and equipment along with hands-on training, allowing people to make virtually anything.


Best Tech Work Culture


“One team, one dream”

The AutoGravity leadership team promotes the use of different types of technology in order to widen their employees’ skill set. Tech experts are regularly brought in to educate their team about specific problems so that they don’t have to face issues on their own. They also push for diversity on their team and respect family time by awarding flexible schedules, telecommuting, and employee children are encouraged to come to the office to do their homework.


AutoGravity creates a user-friendly platform to help people finance their car-buying process right from their smartphone.


“Changing the physics of business”

BIZX internally recognizes and rewards outstanding technical contributions. As a team, they attend several local tech camps and regularly host internal seminars where team members present their insight and best practices, fostering growth and collaboration.

Bitz office

BIZX develops an HTML5 broadband speed test that works on all devices and screen sizes without the need for any browser plug-in.

CIE Digital Labs

“Applying Startup Know-How to Your Business Challenges”

CIE Digital Labs has a fantastic web team that is consistently learning new things and making them part of their tool belt (Gulp, Bower, Node, SASS, and everything in between). They are rolling out a tuition reimbursement program to help those who decide to get a degree in a specific field, have partnered with the engineering program at UC Irvine, and intend to continue their partnerships with reputable college programs.


CIE Digital Labs is a true, one-stop shop. They provide strategy, ideation, design, and execution in the realm of web development.

CrowdStrike Inc.

“We Stop Breaches”

In June 2016, CrowdStrike led the investigation and public disclosure of the high-profile breach of the DNC. With the unique CrowdStrike technology, their innovative tech team identified and attributed the intrusion to Russian intelligence agencies in less than two hours. This capability would have been simply impossible if it wasn’t for the unparalleled creativity, ambition, teamwork, and vision of the technical team.

crowdstrike small

CrowdStrike has revolutionized endpoint protection by combining three crucial elements: next-generation AV, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and a 24/7 managed hunting service – all powered by intelligence and uniquely delivered via the cloud in a single integrated solution.


“Redefining the enterprise endpoint standard of security”

Cylance’s top talent produces and publishes numerous research projects at industry-leading events such as RSA and BlackHat. The team enjoys a flexible work-life balance, is motivated to learn and inspired to have fun all while creating some of their industry’s leading software.


By coupling sophisticated math and machine learning with a unique understanding of a hacker’s mentality, Cylance provides the technology and services that are predictive and preventive against advanced threats.

Dark Rift Entertainment

“Creating games that are engaging, dynamic, and most of all… awesome”

Dark Rift Entertainment is an advocate for technical exploration. If a team member has an idea for their project, even if it’s outlandish, Dark Rift harbors a space for them to test it. Recently, their team decided to upgrade to a new texture and material solution called Substance, a significantly more complex pipeline that requires their entire team to work together to solve both predicted and unforeseen issues along the way.

dark rift ent.

Dark Rift Entertainment is currently producing a revolutionary game, Embers of War, with radical new mechanics never before seen in the Tower Defense space.


“Encourages employees to get out and pursue their passions”

GoPro prides itself in strongly confiding in their employers as they strive to be the leading innovator within the action camera industry. They have employed a “Live It, Eat It, Love It” program that encourages employees to take two hours every Thursday afternoon to get out and pursue their passions while capturing it all on GoPro and getting paid to do so.


Recently GoPro has launched their best action performance camera yet, the HERO5 Black as well as their own Karma drone, which allows users to capture amazingly smooth footage in the air, handheld, or mounted to their favorite gear.


“Dreamers and innovators with a passion for changing the way people interact with their health”

Hart’s core values (craftsmanship, ingenuity, and change) revolve around fostering creativity. They encourage their employees to not be afraid to question the current technology in place or even to build their own. Hart takes monthly field trips to visit other companies and get new ideas to incorporate into their company culture. They’ve also created Hart University, which hosts three classes a week on pressing topics and engineering challenges.


Hart is a medical software company with an open API platform, HartOS, used to solve many of today’s healthcare challenges. It allows consumers to access their health data from their doctors’ EMR, schedule appointments, send direct messages to their doctor, and soon also share data with family.

Surfline / Wavetrak

“Surfline champions the balance of life and work”

Surfline’s headquarters are located on the beach and employees are encouraged to take time to surf and get outdoors. Their products serve surfers, fishermen, and mariners, and their employees actually spend the time participating in these recreations in order to build great technical solutions to user problems.


Their technology is at the forefront of marine weather modeling and forecasting by combining complex weather models with human curation to provide the most accurate forecasts for ocean-related activities including surfing, offshores fishing, sailing, offshore cruising, and more.


“Thank God it’s Monday!”

Technossus promotes technical creativity by applying a number of strategies throughout the organizational chart. Frequent new hires bring in energy and enthusiasm to seasoned veterans who, in turn, mentor and educate them. They also challenge their team to leverage the cutting edge tools they use daily to compete in hackathons all over the world to continuously hone their skills and master new technologies.


They pride themselves on providing a cutting-edge set of technology solution services that sit precisely in the sweet spot in the continuum between “obsolete” and “bleeding edge.”


Your votes will decide who takes home the Timmy Awards on October 9th. In 2015, Sheim Edelbrock, CTO of the Control Group won Best Tech Manager, Parentsware won the Best Tech Start Up, and Tickets.com took home the Timmy Award for Best Work Culture. Who will win this year? You decide!

Winners will be revealed on October 19th in front of a live audience. RSVP now to attend the celebration!