Tech Gets Social in Philadelphia with Drinks & Demos

Has technology made people more antisocial? Walking down the street, sitting in a restaurant or riding public transit, the most common sight is someone with headphones on and eyes glued to a screen. With the increasing questions about technology making us less connected in person, Tech in Motion gathered several innovative companies to learn how tech can do just the opposite. Philadelphia techies came out to Field House in Center City for the Social Tech Drinks & Demos to see what the next step is in social tech.

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Dating app Instamour promises its customers no more bad dates by allowing them to get to know other users while still maintaining their privacy. This is different than your average dating app in that it utilizes real time video chat, virtual calls & instant messaging – all in-app to protect your information. Founder Jason Sherman, says that the next step for social tech, “is for people to interact with each other, or the public, and truly get to know each other. That’s where our technology comes in.”


The founder of BarWithMe.TV, Peter Tarrant, thinks that mobile is the most important component in making any social tool. “Businesses are creating apps, running mobile campaigns, and focusing more and more on the user who is constantly on the move”.

BarWithMe.TV brings fandoms together to common viewing locations like local bars. The platform provides a place for people of similar interests in sports or television shows to meet and talk about it as they watch what is going on. Not only does BarWithMe.TV organize and display the information for watching parties, they also negotiate bar specials for users to enjoy during the programs.


Spotlight is a new mobile social network that uses contests with cash prizes to engage users across the platform. Along with other smaller competitions, Spotlight hands out $10,000 per month to the member with the most likes on a single post. In August, Spotlight presented their first lucky winner with a big, fat check to commemorate their first month on the app store. Users can create up to five posts a day so download the app and get started – you could win big.


In addition to communicating more,the founder of HootBoard, Satyajeet Shadade, believes “there is also a definite push towards more effective communal communications. By communal, I mean communications that happen amongst communities.”

HootBoard comes in to facilitate those needs by providing a place for people to give ‘a hoot.’ It provides a platform that is essentially a website for specific communities use like a cork board in a lobby. They focus on connecting communities while cutting out the spam. Additionally, members can create digital flyers and other promotional materials.


According to founder Earl Knight, “GoBabL is an iOS app using the GPS signal in phones and APIs”. GoBabL connects people and their social media platforms to the community. It allows you to see posts of people that are geographically close even if you are not friends with them. Which means not missing out on local trends showing up on social media, a way to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) for life.

This is just a glimpse of all the tech chatter that goes on at drinks & demos events in Philadelphia. Thanks to sponsors Capital One and Verizon, both drinks and conversation were flowing all night. Don’t miss the next Tech in Motion event – find a chapter near you!

How to Succeed in Technology: A Chat with TrueCar’s John Williams

Tech in Motion LA hosted a tech talk with TrueCar‘s Senior Vice President of Platform Operations, John Williams, on all things tech and TrueCar – a company that is making sure car shoppers never overpay again. John gave attendees some valuable insight into how to stand out in the tech industry and what’s most important for success in going mobile, getting capital and beyond.LA tech talk

Here are a few highlights of the advice he shared with Tech in Motion LA during his tech talk this fall:


  • Look at what other companies are doing and improve upon their concepts, strategies and execution
  • Be aware of interaction models and how users are engaging in the mobile technology
  • Think about data
  • Real-time capabilities are extremely important in mobile


  • Start with a great product that users are interested in
  • Make it as flawless as possible upon public release
  • Figure out what other businesses you can partner with for increased success
  • Relationships with investors & VC’s are key!

Other areas:

  • Execution is most important
  • Competition drives the product demand but isn’t necessary to succeed
  • Uniqueness is desirable
  • Be ready to exploit trends in technology

For more insight from top tech execs, join Tech in Motion LA and get invited to the next event.


About John Williams: John Williams has over 20 years of experience designing, building and operating large scale Internet infrastructure. After joining TrueCar in March 2011, John is responsible for the technology, security and operations strategy that facilitates explosive growth while still meeting strict requirements for performance, security and reliability. Before TrueCar, John was a consultant for numerous world-class technology, financial services, entertainment, military and government organizations. Previously, he was the CTO and co-founder of Preventsys (acquired by McAfee) where he created the world’s first automated security policy compliance system for large enterprise networks. Prior to that he founded and led the network penetration testing team for Internet security pioneer Trusted Information Systems. At the start of his career, John co-founded and built one of New York City’s first Internet Service Providers.

San Francisco’s Health and Fitness Demo Event

Earlier this fall, over 250 San Francisco techies gathered at WeWork SOMA to discover the hottest wellness technologies at Tech in Motion’s Health and Fitness Demo event. They weren’t disappointed as the night kicked off with a bang; Demo company, fitmob, started up the event with a Tech in Motion group workout. It got all the attendees moving as top 40 hits bounced off the WeWork walls. The workout got the energy in the room up – everyone was laughing and high-fiving strangers by the time the music stopped.


After completing the workout, guests were free to peruse the demo booths. There was no escaping exercise that night, because no matter what table members went to, all 12 companies were all about keeping it fit.

Two fitness companies, Vint and Tribesports took over one area with a jointly-led planking contest. The two had worked together before and definitely brought the energy, which is no surprise since they both specialize in community fitness. In addition to the plank contest, Vint and Tribesports handed out freebies to the Tech in Motion members together, all night long.

techinmotion-53 - Copy

The next table included SweatGuru and fitmob. Both companies connect people with workouts and trainers. fitmob showed members how they can make group workouts more fun than the gym while SweatGuru introduced their app and how it can connect members with trainers. The two companies wowed members with their exciting apps and brightly decorated booths.

techinmotion-67 - Copy

Next up was Lumosity and Spire. These two companies appeal to different interests, but together they pulled in a great crowd. Lumosity showed members how to use tech to improve their mind through brain testing activities. On the other end of the table, Spire, showed off a new type of fitness wearable that connects your body and your mind.

As members rounded the corner they were able to check out Fitbit and Fitt. Much like Vint and Tribesports, these two companies have collaborated in the past. Fitbit, a fitness wearable, showed how its different products gather health information like steps, weight and sleep quality. Fitt worked off Fitbit with an app that showed members how to set up challenges against their friends using wearables. The two companies drew a large crowd with their free swag – raffles and t-shirts.


Another duo of the night was Keas and Runtastic. Keas was the social sponsor for the evening and showed members how fitness can improve the work environment significantly. They gave away free vegetable shaped stress balls while Runtastic demoed their newest wearables.

The last table was Misfit Wearables and FYTNS. Misfit showed off their very popular wearable and got members excited about a raffle of five Misfit Shines at the end of the night. FYTNS introduced members to group workouts and handed out fruit and coconut water at their end of the table.

techinmotion-40 - Copy

As members finished their rounds in the demo room they stopped for food and drinks. They enjoyed a variety of wines, beers and cheeses as they networked with other members. Lighthearted debates over favorite demos filled the air.

The raffle kicked off around 8:15PM and huge prizes were given away. A large handful of lucky Tech in Motion members walked away with Fitbit scales, Fitbit wearables, fashionable Misfit Shines, numerous free workout plans with personal trainers and 3-year-long subscriptions to Lumosity!


Everyone was a winner that night! Whether it was sniping the raffle or just having a great time, members walked away with smiles on their faces and new apps loaded on their phones. Be one of them by signing up for Tech in Motion SF today!