Tech in Motion DC features local startups at Summer Demos and Drinks

With summer in full swing, Tech in Motion DC thought it would be an excellent time to host their popular Demos and Drinks event featuring local startups. On Wednesday, July 30th, techies gathered at The Advisory Board Company to view live demos from FoundationDB, nVisium, and Contactually. It was a packed house as soon as the doors opened!

dc crowd

FoundationDB provides their own data storage technology that allows you to focus onproblems other than building out your data stack.


nVisium is a mobile and web application security software that can be used throughout the development life cycle.


Contactually provides software created to build stronger relationships with the people that matter most to your current profession or career.


As the conversations were flowing, attendees were also able to view Microsoft’s new Ventures program catered towards assisting startups in fundraising, etc. no matter what development stage they are in. It is a free service that provides the proper software, developer tools, and cloud technology in addition to a free space to build your business!

Microsoft Ventures

Additionally, Fundrise, demoed their direct investment real estate and crowdfunding platform that eliminates the middle man. They are able to reduce the costs associated with real estate investment and makes the process more efficient.


We’d like to thank our generous sponsors, Microsoft, Fundrise, Workbridge Associates, and Jobspring Partners, for without whom, this event wouldn’t be possible.

Mobile Security and Scalability: The Future (From Chicago)

Tech In Motion Chicago hosted a panel this summer to discuss the future of mobile in regards to security. A recent Cisco study showed that “by the end of 2014, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth, and by 2018 there will be nearly 1.4 mobile devices per capita.” With all this growth, companies are taking larger strides in determining how to make sure their mobile sites and applications are both secure and scalable in order to meet demand. Tech in Motion members in Chicago got to hear about the topic from some top mobile security experts in their field:

  • Richard Rushing is the Chief Information Security Officer of Motorola Mobility.
  • Andrew Hoog is CEO/co-founder of viaForensics, a mobile security firm whose mission is to advance mobile security worldwide.
  • Amit Shah is the Co-Founder and CTO at Vaporstream.
  • John Storozuk is a Senior Security Product Manager for Product Security at BlackBerry.

To kick the event off, Andrew with viaForensics did a live cell phone hack of an iphone where he was able to go into the phone’s pictures, contacts, emails, etc. He essentially downloaded a corrupt RSS feed and gained access to that secure data through it. According to Andrew “Your phone knows you better than your spouse. How well do you know your phone?” Because of this, it becomes all the more necessary to take precautions to guard yourself against an attack.

photo 5One of the attendees asked our panel the pertinent question of how, as a mobile user, you can best secure your data. Our panelists answered “iOS (iPhone) encrypts by default. Always make sure you use a passcode – this is just a basic precaution. For Android, turn the encryption on in the settings. Only about 1-3% of Android users use this feature.”

photo 1

According to Richard, there is a general lack of concern about security in some sectors. The devices that we use know us so well and if someone is a hacker, it’s a dream that all of the info that we cherish is kept in one spot that goes with you from place to place. Take a look at security – even with PCs – they have had the same problems forever. Mobile has better platforms for security than PCs ever did.

photo 2Another topic that seems to be a buzzword right now in mobile is the idea of BYOD (bring your own device). According to John, BYOD allows users to choose their own device but in order to implement this in the most secure fashion, the best practice is for the corporation to tell its employees which devices are more “secure” and more easily managed by the IT department. Andrew suggested that companies take BYOD one step further and implement BYOS (bring your own security) which allows companies to turn their employees and customers into the first line of defense. He feels that BYOS is a game changer.

photo 10

Amit was able to give his opinion regarding security from a startup perspective. Basically, startups look at the security dilemma as “I need security but I need money.” Most startups aren’t evaluated on security until it’s too late. They have real decisions that have to be made as an app developer, and these decisions need to be made based on a balance between security and functionality. His advice was to be sure to at least protect yourself (your app) against the most basic attacks.

photo 18

After the panel discussion wrapped, there was some great Q&A from our attendees and the event ended with additional networking. Thank you to everyone who came out to our mobile event! Please check out what Tech In Motion was up to in August while exploring the ed tech field in Chicago.

As always, a huge thank you to our sponsors Workbridge AssociatesJobspring PartnersChicago SmallBizDev Hackathon and headline sponsors Microsoft and BlackBerry for their generous financial support. Also thank you to Bonfire Wines who was onsite sampling.

Demos & Drinks Take Over Downtown LA

Tech in Motion LA recently hosted another edition of its popular event, Demos & Drinks. While many of the LA chapter’s events are held near Silicon Beach, this month added an enticing twist by taking place in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). DTLA has an exciting, up-and-coming tech scene that Tech in Motion was happy to be a part of. Hot companies like Postmates, Saucey and Causecast each had their own booth set up, where they demonstrated their products, mingled with guests and even gave attendees discount codes for their services.


Postmates is an app that’s transforming the way local goods move around a city by enabling anyone to get any product delivered in under one hour. Their urban logistics and on-demand delivery platform connects their customers with local couriers, who purchase and deliver goods from any restaurant or store in a city.


Saucey is an on-demand alcohol delivery service, which makes it easier, faster and safer for customers to purchase drinks and have them delivered in 20-40 minutes. Saucey has been referred to as the “Uber of Alcohol!” They were a definite hit at the event, and even delivered the beer and wine for Tech in Motion that night.


Causecast is a “Corporate Social Responsibility” SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) organization. They develop the leading CSR platform, which drives employee engagement, reduces paper-pushing and helps their clients impact the communities where they live and work.


During the event, Tech in Motion organizers had the opportunity to pick the mind of a few guests in reference to the participating companies, and it turns out that attendees were pretty pro-Saucey that night.

TIM: Of the companies you’ve seen tonight, which would you use in your personal life and why?

Wilfred: “I think Saucey because they helped me visualize the product. They had a tablet where you could actually see the app and pricing, which was more informative for me.”

small wilfred

TIM: “Of the companies that you saw tonight, which do you think is the most innovative and why?”

Dean: “I think Saucey, because they seem to have everything together – their target audience, their packaging, their app looks great…”

small dean

Lastly, we want to give a big thank you to our sponsors Jobspring Partners,Workbridge Associates and One Medical. Without their support, our events would not be possible!

Check out the events that Tech in Motion LA has lined up for fall here.

Recap: Tech in Motion SF’s Panel Discusses The Future of Mobile

This summer, Tech in Motion San Francisco hosted over 200 attendees for The Future of Mobile Panel Event at Tagged HQ, home of the social network for meeting new people.The panel of experts included talented mobile developers from San Francisco and New York: Jeanine Swatton, Technology Evangelist; Bill Magnuson, Co-Founder & CTO at Appboy Inc.; Tom Anderson, Senior Developer Evangelist; and Alex Gaber: Mobile App Technology Developer.


The night began with a full hour of networking prior to the panel, proving very productive and fun due to the color coded name tags. Name tags were divided accordingly between networkers, job seekers and hiring managers, so everyone had the inside scoop as to who was attending and why.


With Tagged HQ’s cozy couches, Tech in Motion’s home-made sangria and a keg filled with Hefeweizen, the evening felt like a comfy tech talk at a buddy’s house. Once the moderator Owen Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of ReadWrite at Say Media, kicked off the discussion, the panelists were on point and engaged in talking tech.


Owen initialized the discussion with the broad yet appropriate question of “what does the future hold for mobile development?”  The overall response was that the future of mobile is clearly seen in the amount of control mobile devices have over every aspect of one’s life.  Controlling your house, your health and even your business are all platforms mobile technology will have substantial advances in over the next years.

“The potential of mobile has just begun,”  claimed Bill, CTO of Appboy, Inc. “Mobile will continue to find new form factors, new populations and enable products and services to touch our lives in unexpected and fantastic ways.”


He also pointed out how wearable tech is becoming a normal part of life. Simple yet complex gadgets can be worn while doing daily activities – and give data results that have never before been possible. Bill illustrated with the example of racing against friends down a mountain at a ski resort, and being able to track speed, location and video. Wearables and mobile smart phones are the commonalty nowadays. Although everyone has their limits on how many wearables one can wear at one time; Owen joked that the max is three wearables at once.


Our dependencies and safety are increasingly becoming an even bigger issue as mobile technology advances. The gravity of how much information our devices hold and how we share our information has extreme pitfalls in addition to the extreme advantages.


Jeanine, a Technology Evangelist, stated a startling truth: “People fear losing their phone more than death itself!” This comment won a shared laugh, as well as a genuine acknowledgement among Tech in Motion attendees.


“For me, the take away was to remove the limits,” shared Tom, the Senior Developer Evangelist, on his view of breaking limitations in mobile. “People should stop thinking that the future of mobile is tied to the handset. It may be a watch, a TV, a car, a train table, tablet, almost anything you can think of.”

“Mobile is about getting access to your data and performing the tasks you want wherever you are with whatever device you have. Even going so far as to have the devices around you anticipate your needs and wants and perform those actions for you (i.e. a car that reroutes to avoid traffic).”

TechInMotion-35 TechInMotion-69

With BlackBerry as the headlining sponsor, guests were given the opportunity to win a free device, the Z30 mobile. They were also introduced to the state of the art technology BlackBerry has to offer.


Sinch acted as the social sponsor for the night and had prizes at their table too.  Sinch understands the needs of developers who want to create the next big thing. Apps are better when they are more social and with their tried and tested SDK, integrating communication features into yours is quite literally a Sinch!


The guests finished out the evening with a question and answer session, sending the discussion flying. Tech in Motion members played off each other’s questions and concerns about the future of mobile. Each of the panelists stressed the importance of security, especially when building an app. They even incorporated personal stories of triumph and failure.

Tom made jokes about how long he’s been in the tech industry, and how he genuinely holds a strong optimism for this ‘new revolution of mobile technology’ that is happening right now.  Upon closing the formal portion of the night, guests mingled and networked over a final drink before heading home. To read some more live tweets visit MobileFOMO mobile marketing news, titled Tech in Motion Hosts Future of Mobile Panel at Tagged HQ: Recap.


Don’t forget to check out the Tech in Motion event lineup for a chapter near you, or join San Francisco’s meetup to be at the next event there!