Recap: Tech in Motion NY Wearable Tech Fashion Show

When hearing “wearable technology” many people automatically conjure up an image in their minds of a smart watch, smart glasses, or even something out of sci-fi movie, but wearable technology is a lot more—especially when mixed with fashion.

Tech in Motion: New York hosted a Wearable Tech Fashion Show on Wednesday, February 19th at Highline Stages as participation in Social Media Week with the purpose of changing peoples’ perspective on wearable technology, and introduce our audience to growing companies and designers in the wearable tech industry.

OliviaCPhotography_TechInMotion_2014 (144)
Photo by: Olivia Christina Photography


Over 300 people showed up for our Wearable Tech Fashion Show which consisted of a networking & cocktail hour, a fashion show and concluded with each participating company demoing their products and speaking with attendees after the show. The crowd of attendees consisted of developers, entrepreneurs, students, fashion & tech enthusiasts, and more.

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Photo by: Olivia Christina Photography

During the fashion show models featured wearable tech products from: Acustom Apparel (NYC) Asher Levine (NYC), Atlas Wearables (Austin), Augmate (NYC), BrickSimple (Philly), Continuum Fashion (NYC), Leslie Birch (Philly), Ministry of Supply (Boston), Sensoree (SF), & TheLaserGirls (NYC).

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Photo by: Olivia Christina Photography

Some of the most talked about products from the evening included:

FLORAbrella by Geisha Teku

“This Bladerunner inspired LED umbrella uses 144 LED’s to display three color patterns, including a rainbow and raindrops.  Through its color sensor, it can match the user’s clothing, making any outfit special on a rainy day.  It gets it’s name from Adafruit’s FLORA microcontroller, and was the winner of the international Element 14/Adafruit “Get Closer” Challenge” – Leslie Birch

OliviaCPhotography_TechInMotion_2014 (88)
Photo by: Olivia Christina Photography

The Grenade Bag by Asher Levine

“The Grenade Bag is a new bag from designer, Asher Levine, that integrates innovative materials and bluetooth technology into a futuristic modern design. The bag is made in Neoprene Rubber and can be traceable with Phone Halo’s Trackr technology. Made in NYC.” – Asher Levine

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Photo by: Olivia Christina Photography



3D Printed Nails by TheLaserGirls

“The nails are 3d printed in multiple materials and colors through and all the designs shown are available for sale on our store. The inspiration for the nails comes from almost everywhere including fashion prints, science fiction, geometry, robots, flowers, witches and weapons.” – TheLaserGirls

OliviaCPhotography_TechInMotion_2014 (122)
Photo by: Olivia Christina Photography

NEUROTiQ by Sensoree

“NEUROTiQ is a knitted, 3D printed, EEG brain sensor that maps thoughts and exhibits brain states with color. Sponsored by Emotiv Epoc we have 14 sensors that read brain activity and exhibit 14 light points. The design shows brain activity and location and the color corresponds to brain states – Theta state or “Meditation” is orange, beta is green, Gamma is multi sensory brain state, so it is blue purple and red.” – Sensoree

OliviaCPhotography_TechInMotion_2014 (139)
Photo by: Olivia Christina Photography

A big thank you to our companies for their participation, and to our gracious event sponsors who made it possible to host this event: Crowd Reactive, Pixafy, Microsoft, Grasshopper, Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates.

In addition to our event sponsors, big thank you to La Voila Beauty who provided makeup artists for the modeling team. Also, big thanks to Asher Levine and TerrelleTerrelle who provided clothing for the fashion show.

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Recap: Tech in Motion DC Demos and Drinks

On Wednesday, January 29th, our DC chapter held their second successful Demos and Drinks event at Rumors, a well-known venue located in the bustling neighborhood of DuPont. The event brought together 150 tech enthusiasts and professionals and featured SocialRadar, FiscalNote, and LeagueApps: three local startups currently making waves in the DC metro area.

As attendees braved the cold and began to arrive, they were greeted by the Tech in Motion team and provided with a complimentary drink ticket. The night quickly became animated as attendees milled about the bar, networked, and flocked to the simultaneous demos.

SocialRadar pic_

SocialRadar’s station was piled high with t-shirts and swag for attendees, while representatives showed off the beta version of the app on their personal phones. SocialRadar is a location-based services app that allows users to connect with the people around them. Representatives walked attendees through the app’s ability to merge their phone’s geo-locational abilities with their social media accounts to provide users with real-time information of who is around them and how they are connected. SocialRadar’s privacy solution allows for complete control over account privacy settings with the option of being invisible to others, anonymous, visible to friends, friendsof friends, or sharing your information publicly. SocialRadar officially launched their app the day after Demos and Drinks, Thursday, January 30th, and have since been the talk of the town!

Fiscal Note pic_

It should come as no surprise that in Washington, D.C., just about anyone you happen to chance upon is politically attuned. So when attendees caught wind of FiscalNote, their designated demo area was immediately packed with inquisitive event-goers. The representatives of this real-time government analytics platform, that enables users to track the progress of local legislation, motions, votes and the like, were kept busy the duration of the event showing their product and explaining their predictive algorithms.

LeagueApps pic 2

The third demo company was LeagueApps, a sports community platform that provides users with the resources necessary to manage leagues and individual sports organizations. For active communities, LeagueApps would be incredibly useful in, say, organizing a kickball league in the area. Created in the Summer of 2013 and based in NYC, LeagueApps already has success stories in cities across the nation, such as Chicago and LA.

event under way

The evening was a huge success! Attendees could be seen continuing to network for over an hour after the event officially ended. Thank you for all the great feedback and please reach out to our organizers if interested in presenting at a future Demos and Drinks event.

A big thanks to our sponsors, Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners. Stay tuned for Tech in Motion DC’s next event and make sure to join our official meetup group!

Recap: Inside the Voice of the Customer Roadshow

Tech in Motion: Orange County was so grateful to be the last stop on Shervin Talieh and Thomas Knoll’s “Voice of the Customer” speaking tour!  Both of these gentlemen are co-founders of successful startups, and they spend their free time advising new startups on how to get off the ground by giving talks on why it’s important to build credible, authentic interactions for your prospects and customers.


We recently had the chance to ask them a few questions regarding the tour, trends they are seeing, and of course, their favorite city along the way.

TIM:  How did you guys come up with the idea to do the RoadShow?

ST: We were talking one night, over drinks, and reminisced about the days where we spent most of our time outside of the office. The VoC tour was an excuse to get us out, talking, but more importantly listening.

TK:  I don’t think we ever intended it to be a roadshow. Originally we just wanted share some of our observations with some friends. But, as soon as we put the word out there about trying to visit some meetups, suggestions and requests started flooding in. Next thing we knew we had introductions and hosts in twelve or more cities.

On a deeper level, we just want to live in a world where brands at least try to have a good relationship with us. We want to be loyal to brands who are willing to be loyal to us. And, since so many businesses are still acting like humans are just metrics to move around, we figured it couldn’t hurt to spread the gospel of the “voice of the customer.”


TIM:  Out of all the places you traveled over the past 4 months on the “Voice of the Customer” roadshow, which city did you enjoy speaking at the most?

ST:  I would say Boulder and Minneapolis were my two favorites, although they all were amazing. Both of these cities had thriving startup communities, an appreciation of the arts, culture, food and music… all necessary ingredients to be amazing towns.

TK:  Are you trying to trick me into be a jerk? Well, it will work. While–obviously–all the cities were unique and interesting, going back to Minneapolis (which was home for 10 years) was the best. It was so great reconnecting with the folks I haven’t seen very often over the past 5 years.

TIM:  Shervin, what would you say was the turning point for you to break away from the corporate scene, and branch out on your own?

ST:  I had been unhappy for a few years, but the money in management consulting was really good. Finally, I went to a retirement party for another partner and learned just how miserable he was, how little he knew of his own children’s lives, how unhappy he was in his relationship with his wife. That night I decided I had to do something else.


TIM:  So, both of you are Startup Advisors for very different areas, Las Vegas and Orange County. What challenges do you see in your area that you wouldn’t see if you swapped places with each other?

ST:  I think OC is a driving/freeway community, and really big! I love the fact that Vegas has a downtown hub, with coffee shops and co-working spaces that act as organizing points for the community. Love the density of people in the smaller footprint.

TK:  Wow, great question. And I honestly have no idea how to answer it. When I visit the OC tech scene, I’m inspired by the access to huge businesses that have gone before and have the opportunity to support and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs. And, they also have a very strong CS program in their backyard at UCI that is pumping out talent.

Vegas is an amazing community, and regardless the industry, customers and clients are going to be in Vegas at least one or twice a year for industry conferences or trade shows, or just for fun. It’s exciting that the world comes to us.

TIM:  In a few words, what is the #1 things that makes an authentic interaction with a client?

ST: Putting their interests ahead of yours.

TK:  Be human. Act human.

TIM:  One of the concepts that you go into during your presentation is how Mobile is changing the way we communicate. How would you counteract that as mobile use becomes more and more prevalent?

ST:  You can’t counteract nature and human behavior. Instead, you should focus on giving people what they are craving, irrespective of the technology or channel: authentic engagement.

TK:  The fact people are receiving more and more of their communication in their hands, wherever they are, whenever it is convenient, is a great opportunity. Just to give you an idea of how significant this is, consider that 98% of SMS messages sent are opened, and 90% of them are opened within 3 minutes. Now, guess how fast you’ll get deleted from someone’s life if you abuse that relationship. But, if you’re focused on adding value, that is a *very* meaningful way to communicate with people.

And, on the social end, this means people are more likely to channel specific conversations around content, rather than sitting and reading long chunks of marketing material. So, there is an opportunity for brands to embrace the mobile customer by being willing to have short, conversational interactions with the people who are actively engaging with their brands. If you (a brand) are ignoring those channels, you’re slowly losing touch with your customer.

You Voted…And Apparently You Wanted to Be Paid in Bitcoin!

Our Bitcoin poll was recently mentioned in Business Insider. Check it out:

Article by Julie Bort:
Can you imagine getting your paycheck in Bitcoin? That would be just dandy for a lot of IT professionals.

Events company Tech in Motion polled 847 IT pros about accepting Bitcoin as payment for work, and more than half, 51%, said yes; another 18% said maybe. Only 10% think Bitcoin won’t last.

Tech in Motion: Bitcoin PollIt probably helps that the value of Bitcoin is really high right now. As of Tuesday, one Bitcoin is worth about $850, according to Coindesk.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on Bitcoin in the comment section below!

Tech in Motion LA Hosts Demos & Drinks

Tech in Motion: LA hosted their December Demos & Drinks event at NextSpace – a local co-working space in Venice.dd1

The evening was focused around 5 high-quality LA-based tech companies, including Topspin Media, Vyclone, Nearwoo, ISBX & Aspera. Each company had a designated table to display their technology outlet (i.e. monitors & iPads). The guests mingled with the company representatives while enjoying tasty appetizers and a large variety of drinks!


The mood of the evening was relaxed and casual, which allowed for more effective networking and knowledge about the technologies that were demonstrated. The venue was very conducive to easy flow throughout the room which maximized the interactions between the demo-ers and guests.


Each booth had a constant crowd of inquiring techies, all curious about the companies’ demonstrations. The mood was light and Vyclone, a video app that automatically and intuitively syncs video taken on your phone with footage taken by others, brought a ukulele to serenade the visitors to their demo. Nearwoo, a mobile advertising platform, had a constant huddle of techies throughout the night thanks to their colorful & vibrant banners, user-friendly monitors and the charming representatives there from Nearwoo. Topspin & ISBX came equipped with some serious swag such as T-shirts and personalized koozies with company logos! The 5 companies all represented a specific and unique tech niche which contributed to the overwhelming success of the Demos & Drinks!


Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make Tech in Motion: LA’s December event a blast!

Recap: Engaging your Startup Community in the Digital Age

Tech in Motion: Orange County kicked off 2014 with hilarious and brilliant startup advisers, Shervin Talieh and Thomas Knoll.  Since the dynamic duo met through a discussion on Quora, they have been busy helping companies across the United States through their four-month-long speaking tour, Voice of the Customer. They finished off their tour right here in Orange County at the brand new tech hub and co-working space, the Eureka Building, in Irvine.



After an awesome hour of networking with startup enthusiasts and tech professionals, the group sat down to hear Shervin and Thomas speak about how everyone from small startups to huge companies need to make an effort to build relationships with customers. In a world of automated messages, they stressed the need to leave behind scripts in exchange for unique dialogue with customers. For example, next time you drink a sip of your favorite drink at Starbucks, think about how you felt when they made the extra step to know your name. As Shervin and Thomas explained, Starbucks does not take your name to increase efficiency, but rather to release the bonding hormone, Oxytocin. The nationwide addiction to Starbucks is a great example of how building a personal emotional connection with a customer will ultimately make the customer spend more money and refer more customers.


Taking an extra step to care about your customers doesn’t have to be difficult either. Thomas explained how his voicemail greeting requests that everyone who leave a message also answer a short question. Callers were asked to leave the title of their favorite book. Learning this small fact about everyone who called allowed a more human side of each individual to be revealed. By the end of the night, everyone in the audience was excited to try these new tips to make their own startup more successful!


Tech in Motion: Orange County would like to thank Shervin Talieh, Thomas Knoll, the Eureka Building, Workbridge Associates, and Jobspring Partners for one great event! Want to hear more from Shervin or Thomas? You can find them on twitter @calitalieh and @thomasknoll.