Recapping Techtoberfest

The last week of October was shaping up to be an exciting time in Boston; the president was coming to town, Halloween was here, and the Red Sox were a game away from winning the World Series. In the middle of it all, Tech in Motion: Boston decided to celebrate Halloween a few days early with their Wearable Technology mixer, Techtoberfest, at the very appropriate Baseball Tavern, just outside of Fenway Park. Starting at 6:30, techies from across Boston came out showing off their own wearable tech and eager to get up close with our demos.

Don Schwartz, Google Glass Explorer, was with us demoing Google Glass.  Don is the founder of the Google Glass New England Meetup and has worked as Chief Tech and Web Platform Developer for for almost 10 years. Our techies had a great time trying on Glass and testing out all of it’s features.

Don Schwartz

We also had Dan Wilson, Founder and CEO of AfterDark Technologies, on site with us. As a fairly new company, Dan was excited to be at the event and show off what he and his team had been working on. AfterDark Technologies is revolutionizing team sports by enabling them to play anywhere, anytime. Through their fiber optic jerseys, LED cones and line lasers defining the playing field, games are no longer limited by daylight or finding a lighted field at night. His equipment really looks like something out of Tron, and was surprisingly and extremely lightweight.


Lastly, there was Ben Cooper, CEO and Co-Founder at My Sensible Baby who was demoing their wearable tech, designed for infants and toddlers, called the Smart-One. This is a safe and easy to use passive monitoring solution that only sends alerts to parents’ smart devices when it senses an unsafe change in the baby’s sleeping environment. Although our techies couldn’t squeeze themselves into this bit of wearable tech, the software behind it drew a crowd all night long.


Our Boston Techies were able to enjoy drinks, free appetizers and networking all night long, and the demos had constant crowds around them. It was a great night and we thank everyone who was able to make it out, and The Baseball Tavern for hosting!


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Recap: SF SpookTECHcular Demos and Networking Event


Tech in Motion: San Francisco did it again! The San Francisco branch held their 13th event at the Crocker Galleria. The event focused on eight startup companies showcasing their new products. Let’s meet the companies!


Meeple is revolutionizing the way people meet and dine in San Francisco. Meeple is an exclusive two-on-two social dining experience where users bring a friend and enjoy great food and company with less pressure. Four-Play with Meeple makes it easier to meet new people of all sorts with the support of their “Wing”, who makes it easier to relax and be themselves. When two pairs meet, the experience is less about making an impression, and more about having a good time. Grab a friend, get excited, and Let’s Meeple!


PubNub is the leading provider of real-time technologies. They provide the core building blocks for developing and scaling real-time applications. Supporting over 60 frameworks and SDK’s and in over 12 data centers across the globe, PubNub powers thousands of highly scaled real-time applications.


InfoScout captures offline consumer purchase activity, down to the item and household level, via receipt submissions on mobile devices. The resulting dataset is the largest consumer purchase panel dataset available to-date and empowers brands and agencies to better understand consumer purchase behavior at a granular level. With a growing panel base and transaction dataset, InfoScout is prepping a release of a ‘real-world’ analytics product allowing anyone to track consumer purchasing for brands and retailers.


Sparkcentral is a software company that enables enterprise-level companies to conduct high-volume, one-on-one, real-time customer service over social media. Founded in early 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Sparkcentral (formerly known as TwitSpark) is backed by leading venture capital firms such as Sigma West, The Social+Capital Partnership and Founders Fund.Sparkcentral recently secured $4.5 million in Series A funding to fuel market expansion and continue to revolutionize the way companies and consumers communicate.


Youbetme is a one-of-a-kind peer-to-peer betting experience that allows you to place a friendly wager with anyone, about anything, at any time. Youbetme tracks all of the bets you place against your friends, the bet terms, and the outcome of the bet in a few easy steps. Socialize and share your crazy bets, talk smack, and become a betting machine by choosing from a custom bet, or their live Vegas sports lines for college and professional leagues.


YoPro Global is a community of recent graduates and young professionals that support each other’s success through shared resources and advice. the YoPro-file allows young professionals to tell their story and stand out from the crowd whether for the job search or making social and professional contacts. Networking is the key to a better job and a better life and YoPro helps with that, online and in-person.


Tipbit is the world’s first smart inbox for people on the go. Tipbit creates a personal index for you and automatically brings you relevant messages, appointments, contacts and documents as you browse your email and calendar inside our app. You are also just a tap away from full social profiles including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Tipbit is a seed-funded startup founded in San Francisco and Seattle. The Tipbit service is in beta, and their iPhone app is available on the App Store today.


Crooked Tree Studios is the convergence of wearable devices, healthcare, and gaming. They’ve wired an EEG headset that reads your brain into their video game to give you Jedi-like super-powers controlled with your thoughts.  The core game mechanic is crushing your enemies by throwing trucks at them with your mind.  The techniques that they have the player perform to become more powerful in the game are pulled straight from clinically proven techniques in neurofeedback therapy to treat ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  They’ve made that fun and competitive.


The Fountain Café kindly kept their door open for the members to enjoy a delicious pint of beer or a glass of wine. The event was filled with lots of networking and learning what the newest products are on the market.


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