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Best Tech Awards

Timmy Award Winner
Best Tech Startup

This award recognizes a local startup with an entrepreneurial spirit that employs forward-thinking leaders, possesses a great work environment, and produces an innovative product that aims to disrupt the market. Nominees may include any company that self-identifies as a startup and is based in any of the Timmy Award locations.

Timmy Award Winner
Best Tech Work Culture

This award recognizes a technology work culture that actively promotes technical creativity, innovation, and learning. Companies that instill these values acknowledge that great ideas can come from anywhere, and reward contributions from the whole tech team. Nominees may include any organization that has a technology team based in any of the Timmy Award locations.

Timmy Award Best Tech Manager
Best Tech Manager

This award recognizes a leader who goes beyond requisite duties of a manager to empower their team through a clear and communicated vision. This person promotes career growth, ensures a great team culture, inspires innovation, and leads their team to produce a great product. Nominees may include, but are not limited to, Technology Managers, Directors, VPs, or C-Level Executives based in any of the Timmy Award locations.

Timmy Awards Diversity
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity

This award recognizes a technology company that treats diversity as a necessary ingredient for creativity and success. This company implements diverse hiring practices, promotes collaboration and diverse thinking to produce an innovative product, and provides tools and resources to explore and celebrate differences. Nominees may include any organization that has a technology team based in any of the Timmy Award locations.


The Timmy Awards were created by Tech in Motion, an international event series with a mission to bring local tech communities together to meet, learn, and innovate. The Timmy Awards aim to celebrate regional tech communities and the companies and individuals leading the way to create the best places for tech professionals to work. The Timmy Awards are now celebrated in 11 cities across North America thanks to our sponsors Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates.

Nominations for the 2019 Timmy Awards are now closed.

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What to Expect

Timmy Awards
Nomination Process

The Timmy Awards nomination process allows you to either complete the entire application in one sitting or come back to it at a better time! The nomination form first collects general company information and then dives deeper into why your company deserves to win a Timmy Award. You should have the following information available when filling out your nomination: company logo and/or manager’s headshot, company details (such as location, website etc.), and specific insight into why your nominee deserves to win.

We encourage you to nominate a company or tech manager in any applicable award category, free of cost. You’ll also have the option to decide if you want to compete for recognition by our expert panel of judges, the local community, or both.

Please Note: Nominated companies and/or managers must be located in the city you are nominating for..

Tech in Motion Event
How finalists are chosen...

Once nominations close, finalists will be chosen in each category based on application quality and relevance. The likelihood that a nominee is chosen as a finalist does not increase based on the number of applications, but rather, is based on merit and quality of the application.

Tech in Motion Timmy Awards
How winners are chosen...

Timmy Award winners are determined by a panel of expert judges and the local tech community. Unless specified otherwise, all finalists will be placed in a pool of two award types: Judges’ Choice and Community Favorite.

The panel of local judges will evaluate and score finalists based on the answers provided in their nomination forms. The public community will simultaneously vote on which companies/individuals they think should win each award through an open voting platform.

The finalist with the highest score determined by the local expert judges will win the Judges’ Choice Award in each award category. Likewise, the finalist with the highest number of votes within each category will win the Community Favorite Award.

Community Voting Rules: Individuals are welcome to vote once every 24 hours. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Therefore, any bots created to vote multiple times on a finalists’ behalf or the use of any third party platform to pay individuals to vote will result in disqualification.

Tech in Motion Timmy Awards
Recognizing the best tech employers in 10 cities

The Timmy Awards Ceremony will kick off with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music, and product demos from some of the most engaging companies in your local tech community. The ceremony will take place mid-evening to reveal the Judges’ Choice and Community Favorite honorable mentions & winners in all award categories. A celebration will follow spotlighting the best and the brightest in tech – especially our Timmys’ finalists and recipients!

All finalists are highly encouraged to bring their unique company spirit to the event: Feel free to come decked out in company apparel, bring swag to share, designate a cheering squad, or anything else you can think of that underlines what sets your team and company apart from the rest!


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2019 Winners

Congratulations to all individuals and companies recognized at the 2019 Timmy Awards. View a full list of all Finalists, Winners, and Honorable Mentions here.

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