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Best Tech Awards

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Best Tech Startup

This award recognizes a startup built by forward-thinking leaders with a product or service that aims to disrupt the market. A 2020 best tech startup exemplifies agility, innovation and resilience, as well as an ability to foster an outstanding work environment in trying times. Whether demonstrated by a major funding round, a recent product launch, a successful business pivot or another ground-breaking development entirely, winners of this category have identified what it takes to succeed in light of today’s challenges.

Nominees may include any startup with no more than 500 employees, that have been in operation for 10 years or less.

Best Tech Work Culture

This company offers more than great “perks”; it successfully unlocks employee potential through a shared mission and sense of community, inspires performance, and rewards contributions at every level of the tech team. Recipients of this award have an exemplary tech work culture (both in the office, and at home) that actively promotes technical creativity, inclusivity, learning and meaningful recognition.

Nominees may include any organization that has a technology team based in any of our participating Timmy Award locations.

Timmy Award Best Tech Manager
Best Tech Manager

A 2020 Best Tech Manager personifies leadership, innovation and positive influence. This award celebrates technology leaders and visionaries who go beyond the requisite duties of a manager to empower their team in a changing world. This person promotes career growth, ensures a great team culture, inspires performance, and successfully leads their team through unexpected territory, all while ensuring the highest quality product and/or service.

Nominees may include, but are not limited to, Technology Managers, Directors, VPs or C-Level Executives based in any of the Timmy Award locations.

Best Tech Workplace for Diversity

Recipients of this award are determined to build and sustain an inclusive culture from the top down, encouraging employees to bring their authentic selves to work every day. This category celebrates companies with active strategies, programs and initiatives in place to ensure a diverse and inclusive tech work culture. They implement strategic hiring practices, explore and celebrate team member differences, encourage diverse thinking to produce an innovative product and/or service, and promote diversity at all levels of leadership.

Nominees may include any organization that has a technology team based in any of our participating Timmy Award locations.

Best Tech Enterprise Employer (NEW)

New to 2020, this award celebrates an enterprise-level employer that fosters technological growth, inclusion, and invention at all levels. Whether marked by a high volume of tech hiring, impressive retention rate, world class employer satisfaction ratings, or unanimous approval of leadership – top enterprise employers go above and beyond to keep their tech talent engaged. Recipients of this award leverage cutting-edge technology tools, encourage creative thinking and champion professional development and work-life flexibility.

Nominees may include any large corporation with 1000+ employees that has technology team members based in any of our participating Timmy Award locations.

Best Tech for Good (NEW)

Also new to 2020, the Tech for Good Award recognizes those leveraging technology to connect, support, inform or lift up our communities amid current global challenges and uncertainties. Whether through a product or service, winners of this category successfully answered the call to serve, using technology to organize solutions, improve quality of life, and help others adapt to our current reality. Recipients will be honored for their outstanding efforts to give back, and lift people up, during such unprecedented times.

Nominees may include any organization that has a technology team based in any of our participating Timmy Award locations.


The Timmy Awards were created by Tech in Motion, an international event series with a mission to bring local tech communities together to meet, learn, and innovate. Our 2020 program will be a very special, entirely digital experience honoring this year’s best tech startups, managers, and employers, as well as those who are using technology to support our communities through today’s global challenges and uncertainties.

Although this year looks different, we feel it’s more important than ever to acknowledge – and celebrate – the incredible innovation and resiliency shown by the tech community during these unprecedented times.

Join us virtually on Thursday, October 29th for a celebration complete with guest speakers, National Timmy Award announcements, and more.

What to Expect

Timmy Awards
Nomination Process

The Timmy Awards nomination process allows you to either complete the entire application in one sitting or come back to it at a better time! The nomination form first collects general company information and then dives deeper into why your company deserves to win a Timmy Award. You should have the following information available when filling out your nomination: company logo and/or manager’s headshot, company details (such as location, website etc.), and specific insight into why your nominee deserves to win.

We encourage you to nominate a company or tech manager in any applicable award category, free of cost. The deadline to submit is Tuesday, September 8th.

Please Note: Nominated companies and/or managers must have a tech team in one (or more) of the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, Washington, D.C.

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How finalists are chosen...

Once nominations close, finalists will be chosen in each category based on application quality and relevance. The likelihood that a nominee is chosen as a finalist does not increase based on the number of applications, but rather, is based on merit and quality of the application.

2020 Timmy Finalists will be announced and notified on Monday, September 14th, 2020.

Tech in Motion Timmy Awards
How winners are chosen...

The Timmy Awards now presents two honors in every category — The Regional Community Favorite Award and the National Timmy Award.

From September 14th through September 30th, all Timmy Finalists will compete for the Community Favorite title in their respected category and city. Regional winners are voted on and selected in each of our participating Timmy locations by you, the local tech community. Each year, our esteemed finalists bring in tens of thousands of votes from technologists all over North America. Companies and managers with the highest number of votes in each category will win.

This year, all Regional Community Favorites will advance in consideration for a National 2020 Timmy Award, selected and presented by our expert panel of judges. This year’s panel will evaluate and score all Community Favorites based on answers provided in their nomination, those with the highest average score will win.

Community Voting Rules: Individuals are welcome to vote once every 24 hours. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Therefore, any bots created to vote multiple times on a finalists’ behalf or the use of any third-party platform to pay individuals to vote will result in disqualification.

Tech in Motion Timmy Awards
Recognizing the best tech employers and managers, virtually

The 2020 Timmy Awards Ceremony will be a very special, entirely digital experience honoring this year’s best tech startups, managers, and employers, as well as those who are using technology to support our communities through today’s global challenges and uncertainties.

All regional Nominees, Finalists, and Community Favorites are encouraged to join us virtually on Thursday, October 29th for a celebration like no other. We’ll hear a few words of wisdom from this year’s host and expert judges, announce the 2020 Timmy Award Winners in each category, and more.

More information on this year’s ceremony and how to reserve your (digital) seat coming soon.

Ceremony Speakers & Judges

Additional 2020 speakers and judges will be announced soon.

Denise Reed Lamoreaux

Global Chief Diversity Officer @ Atos

    Shelton Banks

    CEO @ re:work training

      Adam Cheyer

      Co-Founder @ Siri & Viv Labs

        Harry Hurst

        CEO @ Pipe

          Nirmal Srinivasan

          Software Engineering Director @ PayPal

            Dr. Anita Jindal

            Senior Director of Engineering @ VMware

              Benjamin David Novak

              Angel Investor @ Delaware Crossing Investor Group

                Michael Kinnavy

                Head of Global 5G R&D @ Nokia

                  Erin Liao

                  Vice President, E2E 5G Systems @ Ericsson

                    Anastasia Simon

                    Managing Director @ Shadow Ventures

                      Erica Van

                      Venture Capitalist @ Charles River Ventures

                        Ian Suttle

                        Engineering Director @ Google

                          Bruce Wang

                          Engineering Director @ Netflix

                            Josh Torres

                            Chief of Staff @ Out in Tech


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